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All-In-One Fleet Management Platform

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MiX by Powerfleet

Powerfleet & MiX Telematics Announce Transformative Business Combination.

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Introducing MiX KPI Manager. Set KPI targets and actively monitor progress for proactive fleet management at your fingertips.
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Drivers and fleet managers get real time alerts for risky driving with road and in-cab-facing integrated AI dashcams that help improve safety.

Why MiX by Powerfleet Stands Out

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MiX by Powerfleet develops and implements Connected & Protected fleet telematics data and mobile asset management solutions for customers across the globe. We focus our energy on creating hardware and software specific to our customers’ requirements and aim to build long-term partnerships.

No matter how big or small your fleet is, what vehicles or assets you own, or in which industry you operate, we have the expertise to solve your unique problems and upgrade your fleet operations using state-of-the-art data collection methods and intelligent reporting.

Fleet & Asset Management

Benefits of MiX by Powerfleet

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  • Keep Vehicles Serviced

    Keep vehicles serviced and safe for the road.

    Monitor Driver Fatique

    Monitor driver fatigue and distraction.

    Monitor Driver Performance

    Monitor driver performance and implement a scoring system.

    Develop and Apply Targeted Driver Training

    Develop and apply targeted driver training programs and customized safety policies.

  • Enhance Route Planning

    Enhance route planning and real-time delivery scheduling.

    Lessen Carbon Emissions

    Lessen carbon emissions and environmental impact.

    Reduce fuel costs and usage

    Reduce fuel costs and usage by identifying and correcting inefficient driver behaviors.

    Optimize Vehicle Uptime

    Optimize vehicle uptime by monitoring licensing and scheduling pre-emptive maintenance electronically.

  • Gain access to accurate electronic records

    Gain access to accurate electronic records on region-specific compliance requirements.

    Track Maintenance and Licensing

    Track maintenance and licensing to ensure vehicles are roadworthy and safe.

    Ensure Drivers are Trained

    Ensure drivers are trained, certified and fit to work.

    Get real time notifications and alerts

    Get real-time notifications and alerts regarding violations and compliance obligations.

  • Reduce asset theft and abuse

    Reduce asset theft and abuse via real-time and historical tracking.

    Implement video monitoring

    Implement video monitoring to assess unsafe driver behavior and road risks.

    Identify drivers to protect your fleet

    Identify drivers to protect your fleet against misuse.

    Implement vehicle access control

    Implement vehicle access control and geofencing.

  • Monitor fuel use

    Monitor fuel use

    Fleet management for Electic Vehicles

    Fleet management for EVs

    Energy Management

    Energy management

    Data management

    Data management

    Driver Monitoring

    Driver monitoring


Enterprise Fleet Solutions

Complete and secure vehicle, driver, and asset data on one platform.

Solutions for all Fleets


Fleet Management

70 %
-60 %
-65 %
-80 %
Frost & Sullivan’s 2020 video telematics white paper cites that video telematics can lower driver distraction by 80%, reduce speeding by 65%, increase seatbelt use by 70% and reduce collisions by 60%.

Secure Fleet Connectivity with MiX by Powerfleet

With more than 30 years of industry expertise and SaaS solutions that provide the gold standard in driver safety and fleet efficiency, entrust MiX to help propel your business.
OVER 120+
1.8+ million Global
Construction Vehicle

Frisch & Sons

We rely heavily on MiX solutions to help us keep tabs on our vehicles and staff, and to ensure everyone is driving safely. .

Our Global Partnerships

Mix is rated a global leader by Abi research

ABI Research, commercial telematics vendors competitive ranking, QTR 3, 2022.
Top innovator
Top implementer
Vertical segments
Vehicle, driver and cargo monitoring


Understanding Telematics
What is telematics?

Telematics is the synergy between telecommunications and information technology to contact, track, and monitor remote assets such as fleet vehicles. Telematics software collects and sends data analytics remotely. To achieve this, sensors and connected telematics devices are installed in vehicles to collect and send data. This vehicle telematics data typically includes information about where the vehicle is, how fast it is going, how fast it is accelerating, how fast it is stopping, how well the engine is working, how much fuel it uses, and other important parameters. The data received is sent to a central system or computer, where it is processed and examined.

Learn more about telematics

Why do you need a fleet management system?

A fleet management system is a complete solution designed to assist businesses in properly managing and monitoring their fleet of vehicles. It offers various advantages, including higher operating efficiency, cost savings, improved driver safety, better vehicle maintenance procedures, and increased customer satisfaction. Fleet management systems give you the tools and telematics data to manage your fleets and optimize operations.

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What solutions does MiX by Powerfleet offer?
With over 30 years of experience in the industry, MiX by Powerfleet offers a wide range of solutions for fleets of any size. From GPS tracking and AI dashcam solutions to KPI management and OEM integration, MiX’s products are designed to simplify and optimize your fleet to boost safety and maximize your ROI.
Is MiX by Powerfleet Right for Your Fleet?

Fleet telematics solutions enable a wide range of applications including vehicle tracking and fleet management as well as remote diagnostics and maintenance. Our products can improve driver behavior, optimize routes, reduce fuel consumption, and prevent dangerous driving events that can lead to losses and lawsuits.

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MiX by Powerfleet

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All our departments are comprized of highly skilled staff that are passionate about customer service and technically familiar with every one of the MiX by Powerfleet products. This includes the entire range of software and telematics services as well as all the hardware devices that MiX by Powerfleet designs and manufactures.

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