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Increase Fleet Security

MiX by Powerfleet partners with customers from various regions and industries to protect their drivers and mobile assets.

Real-time and historical tracking, vehicle recovery services and trailer tracking are our key security offerings that are all designed to enhance personal safety and security, as well as security for commercial fleets.
Increase Fleet Security

These services enable:

  • Reduced asset theft and abuse.
  • Vehicle and trip monitoring.
  • Identification and protection of drivers.
  • Vehicle access control.
  • Driver behavior monitoring and improvement.
  • Eyes on screen for monitoring high-value cargo.

In South Africa, MiX by Powerfleet provides customers with peace of mind through Beame and Matrix, two leading tracking and recovery brands.

3 ways to improve your fleet’s security

Drivers, vehicles and assets like tanks, generators and compressors are vital components of any fleet business. Fleet tracking offers at least three ways to improve your fleet’s security.

Ways MiX by Powerfleet Improves Fleet Security

Fleet security is an important part of fleet management and is usually an important part of why a business decides to implement vehicle telematics as a way to improve it. Telematics can give your fleet real-time information on the operation of its vehicles, insight into how your drivers drive, and help you implement a predictive maintenance system, all things that can improve your overall fleet security and safety.

5 Ways to Improve Fleet Security with Telematics

Fleet security and safety are intertwined in such a way that one depends on the other. This means that your driver's behavior and training, vehicle maintenance schedule, accident reduction, and driver safety compliance all work together to improve security. Here are five ways you can improve fleet security by using telematics to improve its safety.

1. Identify and Correct Driving Behaviors

Unsafe driving is one of the biggest dangers to your fleet. It can increase your business costs due to employee accidents and injuries, reduce productivity, damage your assets, and increase the likelihood you will incur expensive fines and litigation.

MiX by Powerfleet gives you access to analytics and data that help you assess risks by identifying drivers who engage in risky behaviors, hone in on areas of concern, and create a training program to help them improve. This helps you reduce costs and keeps your fleet safer and more secure.

2. Create a Targeted Driver Training Program

MiX by Powerfleet gives you the insight into your drivers' behaviors that you need to create an effective, targeted driver training program. You'll be able to see how drivers behave while on the road and which behaviors increase risk. This actionable data lets you identify trends among driver and the analytics tools we provide let you coach each driver in a way the helps them improve.

In addition, drivers can be alerted about risky behavior or mistakes as they happen, in real-time, with an in-vehicle alert. This gives them the opportunity to correct their actions immediately and form better driving habits in the long run.

3. Better Vehicle Maintenance

Vehicles that are well maintained perform better and offer less risk to your drivers and your business. When you implement a MiX by Powerfleet solution, you can keep track of each vehicle's maintenance records, so that they will always be road-worthy. In addition, you will see fewer delays from unexpected maintenance needs, and you won't be kept waiting on a mechanic's schedule.

With a fully integrated telematics solution, you can set up schedules and alerts that let you know when it is time for safety inspections and regular maintenance based on the vehicle's odometer readings. This helps you avoid unexpected repairs and downtime.

4. Reduce Occurrence and Costs of Accidents

MiX by Powerfleet can also help your drivers make better decisions when they face unfamiliar terrain, traffic, or weather events. These situations can put them at risk, and our telematics solutions with GPS technology can alert them to adverse conditions and help them navigate around them or reroute them to avoid accidents and delays.

5. Improve Driver Safety Compliance

When drivers get tired, they make mistakes. Add unfamiliar territory as well as long and winding roads, and you have a potential recipe for disaster. With MiX by Powerfleet, your fleet has the tools it needs to stay on top of all aspects of Chain of Responsibility, avoid potentially dangerous events, and maintain compliance with health and safety standards.

You can set up alerts to remind your drivers to adhere to safety regulations, such as taking regularly scheduled breaks that help them avoid becoming too tired to drive safely. These features give you peace of mind about the safety and security of your fleet and drivers. It also helps you avoid expensive fines that happen if your drivers are not in compliance.

Effective fleet security solutions

Contact us today to discuss how MiX by Powerfleet can increase your fleet's safety, while also improving efficiency and more.

How to Establish a Proactive Fleet Safety Program

Conducting risk assessments, making sure that your vehicles are well-maintained, that work routes and journeys are safe, and that your drivers have everything they need to safely operate their vehicles is a big part of the fleet manager's job. Using a MiX by Powerfleet solution is a great way to achieve this. An integrated telematics solution can collect and organize driver and vehicle information, making it easier for you to analyze driver behavior, vehicle performance, accident information, and more.

Just as crucial as implementing telematics is establishing an effective fleet safety program. There are many things a fleet manager can do to proactively create a fleet safety program.

Focus Safety Efforts on Prevention

Focusing your safety efforts on prevention requires identifying and correcting unsafe driving behavior before an accident or incident happens. There are two ways you can do this with MiX by Powerfleet. First, with live streams of information. You can define the events you want to monitor and set up real-time alerts for both you and the driver.

Keep the Conversation Going

In addition, you can set up training programs that track driver performance, score and rank their improvement, and let them see how they rank in comparison to other drivers. These programs increase driver engagement and improvement.

Reward Driver Improvement

Using the driver scorecard and ranking, you can reward and celebrate drivers who are improving and setting examples for the rest of your drivers. This will help everyone recognize what exceptional safety looks like.

Learn more about the essential elements of a telematics policy.

How Does MiX by Powerfleet Solution Work?

Once our telematics devices are installed on your fleet’s vehicles, they collect data and use machine learning to combine it with historical information to recognize patterns. They then use this information in predictive analysis to:

  • Create a maintenance warning system
  • Determine the best routes
  • Predict driver behavior
  • Maximize the overall use of your fleet

The combination of machine learning and predictive analysis gives you valuable insights that help you know what actions to take. Contact us today to learn more ways MiX's solution increase fleet security, efficiency and more.

Fleet security solution
at your fingertips

MiX by Powerfleet can help you cust costs, increase revenue, increase driver safety, and so much more.

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