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MiX Insight Agility Glossary

Definitions of important terms that will help you on your journey towards getting acquainted with the MiX Insight Agility solution.

  • Driver scoring

    Driving behaviors – such as speeding, harsh acceleration, harsh braking, harsh cornering and more – are scored individually and then combined to produce the overall driving score. The algorithm incorporates a number of factors and each factor is weighted by the level of risk it poses.
  • Ranking

    Using total daily or weekly driver scoring, drivers are sorted from best to worst in each category. This helps fleet managers determine which drivers require training and what type of training should be offered.
  • Driving event

    This refers to unwanted driving behaviors (such as speeding), unplanned activity or activity taking place outside of a predefined area.
  • RAG scoring

    Driver scoring based on the RAG system. Scoring is assigned to drivers based on the number of Red, Amber and Green alerts they receive across a specific time period. That total is then used to determine which drivers require training based on how many offences have occurred, the type of offences and how risky the behavior is.
  • RAG system

    Using Red, Amber and Green LED status lights on an in-vehicle display, drivers are alerted on how they are performing on the road. Green means the driver is doing good (no driving events are occurring), Amber shows that the driver is close to committing an offense and Red means that the driver has offended.

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