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HVAC Fleet Management & Tracking

When the AC or heating goes out, it's almost always at the worst time. During a summer holiday weekend or winter snowstorm. You need your technician to get there faster than fast.

MiX by Powerfleet has your back. Our GPS HVAC fleet tracking solution keeps your team on schedule. And it helps you to reschedule quickly when emergency situations arise. With our telematics services, you can track the locations of your entire fleet at a glance.

HVAC Businesses Under Pressure

On the best day, HVAC businesses are under pressure to meet the extreme needs caused by extreme weather. When there's a heatwave, suddenly every air conditioner breaks down. When there is a cold front, suddenly everyone remembers they didn't check their heating system, and it is not working.

This is when you need to be able to jump into action. You need your HVAC technicians to get there quickly, and you can't afford to have any breakdowns or other delays when your customers are waiting. With the MiX by Powerfleet HVAC fleet management system, you don't have to worry. You can send your trucks exactly where they need to be while also managing fuel and maintenance costs. All from your smartphone or desktop. We'll help you give a higher level of service to your customers when they need it the most, while also helping you manage your day-to-day operational costs.

hvac fleet management & tracking

What Is Fleet Tracking Software for HVAC?

MiX by Powerfleet HVAC Fleet tracking management solutions give you more than GPS tracking capabilities. We provide you with complete visibility into your fleet, real-time alerts, and additional tools to improve customer satisfaction.

GPS tracking software for HVAC fleets gives you information about where your vehicles and employees are located, all on a convenient and easy-to-use dashboard. You can stop unwanted or risky behavior, reward good behavior, and manage travel routes, all in real-time. It's a practical choice for HVAC companies whose business success depends on responding to house calls promptly.

How Can GPS Tracking Help HVAC Companies Improve Profitability?

Fleet expenses are some of the most significant expenses a company has, excluding payroll. But these expenses can be avoided with MiX by Powerfleet tracking software.

  • Wasteful fuel practices
  • Scheduling mishaps
  • Vehicle wear and tear
  • Labor costs

Here's how MiX by Powerfleet fleet management solutions can reduce expenses and improve your business.

Reduce Fuel Costs with Driver Behavior Reports

Fuel is a major cost for any fleet, and in some ways, the one you have the least control over. Fuel prices rise and fall due to circumstances you have nothing to do with, making them a constant headache for your budget. However, with HVAC fleet management software, you can get a better insight into how much you are spending on fuel, and ways to reduce the costs.

One of the most common ways your technicians waste fuel is by excessive idling. Fleet tracking software can tell you how often the vehicles in your fleet are idling, and help you determine if it is too much. You can easily pull a report on all your vehicles to keep track of which ones, and which drivers are using too much fuel. You can also pull reports on things like speeding, harsh braking, and more. These reports will help you to improve fuel efficiency over time.

Optimize Your Fleet's Routes

GPS fleet tracking helps you optimize your routes so your drivers will be taking the fastest, most efficient way to reach their customers. Not only does this keep them on time, but it also helps them avoid excess traffic, which can also help save on gas.

You can also quickly and easily reroute your drivers to ensure on-time service, even if traffic is congested, drivers get lost, or a detour delays them. You can either reroute them or deploy a different technician if the original one can't make it. This also comes in handy if a technician gets delayed on the job by an issue that requires extra time or equipment. This also helps you improve your relationships with your clients.

In addition, route optimization helps you serve more clients in the same amount of time. When your technicians are spending less time driving, and more time on the job, you free up time to schedule more jobs. Which means more customers. Which means more profits.

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Stay on Time with Two-Way Messaging

When your technicians are on their way to a job, you expect everything to go smoothly. But, we all know that doesn't always happen. They may run into traffic due to road construction or an accident that stops traffic completely. You can't just hope for the best, you have to plan for the worst. That's where two-way messaging comes in. By coordinating with two-way messaging, you can let your technician know there is trouble ahead and reroute them. Or send in an on-call technician to start the job until the original one gets there. Two-way messaging lets you coordinate with your technicians better and uses fleet tracking GPS data to inform your decisions, overcome challenges and obstacles, and give your customers the service they expect.

Improve Safety by Tracking Driving Habits

Not only do driving behaviors such as speeding and harsh braking burn through fuel, but they are also very dangerous. The majority of accidents and crashes are due to driver error, and you don't want the erring driver to be one of yours. That's not only unsafe for others on the road, it's also bad for your business. In addition to putting people in danger, it increases your expenses by incurring traffic fines, causing your insurance premiums to rise, and can damage your vehicles.

You can avoid these risks with real-time alerts. These alerts, either audio or visual, let the driver know they are speeding, for example, and give them the chance to correct the behavior. In addition to keeping your technicians from getting a ticket or possibly causing an accident, you can use driver behavior reports to create a safety incentive program that helps train drivers and rewards them for safe driving.

Mileage Tracking for Vehicle Maintenance

Another way fleet management can save you money is to help you keep your vehicles in tip-top shape. A well-maintained vehicle runs better, more efficiently, and for longer. Proactively scheduled maintenance not only keeps your vehicle on the road longer, but it also prevents them from being out of commission unexpectedly. With HVAC fleet management software, you can set up maintenance alerts based on mileage. This way, you can schedule maintenance at a time that is convenient for your business, rather than having a vehicle breakdown unexpectedly and keep your technician from getting to their jobs. In addition, because telematics hooks up to your vehicles' engines, it can alert you when there is an emerging problem so that you can repair it before it does more damage.

Improve Customer Service and Satisfaction

You could install an efficient, top-of-the-line HVAC system for your customer and get a bad review if your technician showed up late. Wait time often seems longer than it really is, so providing accurate estimated arrival times, and communicating with your customers if they may change, is key. For HVAC businesses, getting to clients on time can make or break your reputation.

Few things can impact your HVAC business more than customer service. And in the age of online customer reviews, highly satisfied customers are more than a nice-to-have, they are a necessity. There's nothing worse than a review that starts with "Great work, but they kept me waiting."

Scheduling issues are a significant pain point for customers and HVAC businesses. Late arrivals, poor communications, and worst of all, no shows can cause big problems, even if, in the end the price and the service are excellent. One way to improve communication and scheduling is to implement an HVAC fleet tracking solution from MiX by Powerfleet. This can help provide a better customer experience and improve your bottom line by giving you an accurate, real-time view of what's going on. It lets you spot potential issues and reschedule jobs based on technician and vehicle location.

Boost Profits with GPS Tracking

Effectively implementing a telematics system can boost your profits dramatically. Positive reviews, word of mouth, and referrals are the lifeblood of the HVAC industry, and a GPS fleet tracking solution can help you maximize all of them.

Effective Fleet Tracking for HVAC

Learn how MiX by Powerfleet can help improve HVAC fleet efficiency and security, while reducing costs

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