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Advancing Fleet Capabilities with OEM Telematics Integration

OEM telematics solutions are integrated systems installed by original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) directly into vehicles during production. These systems combine various technologies such as GPS, cellular communication, sensors, and onboard diagnostics to gather data on vehicle performance, location, and driver behavior. This data is then transmitted to a central platform where it can be analyzed and utilized to optimize fleet management processes.

Advanced integration goes beyond mere data collection. It involves seamlessly incorporating telematics data into existing fleet management systems and workflows to enhance efficiency and decision-making. Rather than operating as standalone solutions, integrated OEM telematics platforms integrate with fleet management software like MiX OEM Connect, allowing for a unified view of fleet operations.

Unlocking the Power of OEM Telematics

The fleet telematics system you need, without additional hardware installation.

MIX OEM Connect offers fleets instant, direct integration to relevant and powerful telematics data without the cost or downtime associated with device or hardware installations.

Our cloud-to-cloud system integrates with manufacturers across all industries, including light, medium, and heavy-duty vehicles, as well as, assets, trailers, and construction vehicles.

Harnessing the Power of Data with OEM Telematics

OEM telematics solutions continuously collect a wealth of data from vehicles, ranging from engine diagnostics and fuel consumption to driver behavior and vehicle location. However, the true value lies in the ability to extract actionable insights from this raw data.

Key Steps to Utilize Data Collected from OEM Telematics

Data Aggregation and Integration

The first step is to aggregate and integrate data from OEM telematics…

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Descriptive Analytics

Descriptive analytics involves examining historical data to understand past…

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Real-time Monitoring and Alerts

Utilizing real-time data streaming from OEM telematics systems, fleet manager…

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Harnessing the power of data with OEM telematics solutions, empowering fleet managers to make informed decisions, optimize operations, and drive business success.

We integrate with industry-leading OEM partners for a unified platform that connects and protects your fleet.

Benefits of OEM Telematics

Our software modules and driver safety expertise add value to the customer experience above and beyond the vehicle telemetry
  • Embedded Telematics for Real-time Insights

    Seamlessly integrate OEM asset data to improve the operational output for your customers with secure OEM data that’s delivered to MiX by Powerfleet via the OEM API.
  • Instant Access to Vital Fleet Data

    With factory-installed telematics hardware, you have access to capabilities from the get-go. No need to search for your fleet’s perfect match or budget for additional costs.
  • Preserved OEM Warranty

    Hardware installed after the OEM process has a limited warranty period. Benefit from extended warranty periods provided by the manufacturer.
  • Enhanced Vehicle Trade-in Value

    Vehicles fitted with equipment to monitor vehicle telematics have a higher trade-in value and a monitored maintenance record.

The Distinctive MiX by Powerfleet Advantage

  • Real-Time Api Data Share

    Get immediate access to telematics data from pre-installed software. Track and analyze vehicles and equipment seamlessly and securely.
  • MiX’s Saas Platform

    Optimize your fleet’s efficiency, safety & sustainability through MiX’s SaaS platform.
  • Maximize Vehicle Uptime

    MiX by Powerfleet understands the power of accurate data and data insights to improve your fleet’s performance. Your vehicle and asset lifetime will increase when leveraging telematics data to optimize safety, maintenance, and overall operations.
  • Mix Fleet Manager

    All the telematics data collected from your vehicles and equipment are available through a single, easy-to-use platform called MiX Fleet Manager. One account gives you visibility and detailed information on all your assets historically and in real-time. Data is analyzed by sophisticated software so you know where drivers or vehicles need to improve, and can identify problem areas.
  • Guaranteed Quality & Performance

    MiX by Powerfleet hardware and software have gone through a rigorous development process to ensure performance. Continuous research is being carried out across all industries on a global scale.
  • Direct Link To Personalized Support

    With a team dedicated to researching and developing the telematics in your vehicles and equipment, you have a direct line to immediate and personal support staff who will assist you with issues, queries, or suggestions.
  • Exceptional Customer Service

    MiX by Powerfleet partners with our customers to reach KPIs and provide valuable insights to set and achieve goals.
  • Mixed Fleets For Industry-Leading OEMs

    MiX by Powerfleet works with mixed fleets from industry-leading OEMs across the globe.

    Download A Complimentary Guide To The Collaboration Between OEMS And Telematics

    View from our Industry Expert

    "Our strategy is to leverage OEM’s connected vehicle and connected ecosystem to more efficiently provide our fleet customers with our core services."

    - Bjorn Svinterud, Head of OEM Strategy

    Successful Partnerships with Leading Brands

    Watch how Hino Edge gives customers the competitive edge and premiere customer experience using no additional hardware with MiX by Powerfleet OEM Connect.

    An Expert Partner for OEM Integrations

    Partner for life

    Improving customer experiences, reducing costs, and consistently assessing key metrics for our OEM partners is what drives us forward.

    We aim to make roads safer, more efficient, and sustainable using real-world data delivered and stored securely.

    We value our OEM partnerships and strive to be a partner for life.

    Future-Proof Your Fleet with OEM Connect

    At MiX, we understand the importance of staying ahead of the curve in fleet management. That’s why we offer a comprehensive suite of telematics solutions designed to help you optimize your operations, enhance safety, and maximize efficiency.

    MiX OEM Connect takes fleet management to the next level by seamlessly integrating OEM telematics data into our advanced platform. With OEM Connect, you can harness the full power of your vehicle’s onboard systems and unlock a wealth of actionable insights to drive your business forward.

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