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Rising electric vehicle adoption drives fleet managers to seek tailored tools for effective management.
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What Matters Most To EV Fleet Operations?

  • EV Charging Infrastructure

    EV Charging Infrastructure

    Striving for operational excellence entails guaranteeing the reliability of your charging stations and offering drivers convenient and accessible charging options to meet their needs effectively, both in terms of reliability and availability.
  • Energy Management

    Energy Management

    Smart energy management requires a balance of power between charging depots and the grid, guaranteeing timely energy supply for vehicles. A robust energy plan is essential to secure uninterrupted driver access to power when they need it.
  • Financial Management

    Financial Management

    As with fuel expenses, tools are essential to reimburse drivers for electricity costs. If drivers charge fleet vehicles at home, fleet managers must ensure accurate tracking and fair calculation methods, fostering a balanced driver-fleet rapport.

Streamline Operations, Optimize Efficiency, and Embrace Sustainability with Our Cutting-Edge Fleet Management Solutions.

How You Benefit

  • Reduce Fleet Fuel Costs

    Reduce Fleet Fuel Costs

    Fleet managers acknowledge the expense of fluctuating gasoline prices, and shifting to EVs offers a solution due to electricity costs typically being lower. Fleet management software helps estimate potential savings based on fuel usage and costs per mile.
  • Cut Maintenance Requirements

    Cut Maintenance Requirements

    EVs simplify maintenance with fewer fluids, saving time and costs, especially for larger fleets. Battery replacement and EV-specific parts are considerations, often covered under warranties for around 100,000 miles.
  • Lower Total Cost Of Ownership

    Lower Total Cost Of Ownership

    Initial EV costs may seem high, but long-term benefits from incentives and lower operating expenses, like fuel and maintenance, lead to decreased total ownership costs. Testing EVs can validate savings before transitioning the entire fleet.

Insight from our industry expert:

Steve Ratcliffe
"Electric vehicle growth is accelerating, with increasing sales in both cars and light commercial vehicles. As heavier electric vehicles gain traction, MiX's global experience with electric buses reveals both benefits and drawbacks. Key to a successful transition is driver engagement. Proper training and coaching significantly improve efficiency and reduce wear and tear in our heavy EV fleets. Changing from diesel to electric takes time and encouragement, but a well-trained driver becomes an advocate and champion for the electric future."
Steve Ratcliffe, Global Product Manager, MiX by Powerfleet

Optimizing Electric Fleets

Enhance Efficiency and Sustainability Through Proven Electric Fleet Optimization Strategies.
  • Video Telematics

    Video Telematics

    Video Telematics can help identify and improve poor driver behavior – the leading cause of crashes and fatalities on our roads.
  • Optimize Trips

    Optimize Trips

    Determining the optimal routes and optimizing driving habits can result in fuel-savings of up to 15%.
  • Integrated ELD

    Integrated ELD

    In the US and Canada, an integrated ELD (electronic logging device) solution can facilitate compliance with the ELD Mandate, saving you thousands of dollars in safety-related claims.

Proven Results

With deep-rooted experience, MiX by Powerfleet specializes in effective fleet management solutions. We prioritize safety, sustainability, and efficiency, offering tailored solutions to ensure regulatory adherence and secure operations. Our customers benefit from:
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Your Complete Guide To Fleet Sustainability

Discover how focused telematics can substantially lower operational expenses and boost fleet sustainability by aiding you in conserving fuel and reducing harmful CO2 emissions.

Why Choose MiX by Powerfleet

For your Electric Vehicle Fleet

  • Global Leaders

    Global leader in connected fleet telematics according to ABI Research

  • Unparalleled geographic coverage

    Unparalleled geographic coverage in more than 120 countries

  • Key Vertical Segments

    Specializing in key vertical segments

  • Award-winning SaaS platform

    Leading user experience and user interface via an award-winning SaaS platform

  • 98% customer retention rate

    98% customer retention rate

  • More than 30 years' industry experience

    More than 30 years' industry experience

  • 4000+ global fleet customers

    4000+ global fleet customers

  • 130+ channel partners

    130+ channel partners

  • Connect and Protect Fleet Operations

    We move the world forward by connecting and protecting customers' fleet operations

  • 540,000 tons of CO2 saved

    Technology that helps save 540,000 tons of CO2 annually

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    Helping to avert 23,500 Collisions per year

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    Solutions that ahciece safety, sustainability, compliance and efficiency targets

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