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Achieve operational excellence across your job sites by effectively managing your assets.


Iberdrola chooses MiX as its global telematics partner


- Energy Management Sector -
MiX by Powerfleet solutions are helping to optimize Iberdrola’s fleet safety, efficiency, and utilization by blending a global standard of fleet metrics with expert local customer success management. Driving behavior enhancement tools are also being incorporated and the company is being provided with advanced vehicle telemetry, fuel efficiency, and key engineering data.
MiX by Powerfleet

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Construction operations thrive in safe environments. Your site drivers and operators play a crucial role in how well your operation functions. Therefore, communicating with remote workers is critical and monitoring hours of service help keep drivers safe. Our telematics technology is well-suited to the Construction sector as it's built to monitor high-risk driving events like excessive idling, harsh braking, distraction, fatigue, and speeding - all of which can be detrimental to maintaining critical site safety targets. Our driver monitoring solutions are a sophisticated and easy answer to getting the valuable data that helps you make preemptive decisions about your site operations by addressing driver safety as a key aspect.


Efficient utilization of our fleet and asset management technology can connect you directly to an engine to monitor crucial diagnostics and help to ensure that services and repairs are done timeously, preventing costly and inconvenient downtime. In Construction, there is always a demand for quicker project completion with greater efficiency and safer operations. Project and Site managers have an indispensable partner in MiX by Powerfleet. When it comes to construction equipment fleet management software, our technology removes the burden of maintaining expensive equipment and preventing unnecessary downtime with preventative vehicle maintenance alerts and automatic schedules for repairs. You also have a full view of how vehicles and assets are being utilized at all times, giving you the full picture to make decisions and plan in real-time.


With audible and visual in-cab feedback and reliable satellite communication, you can notify your drivers of any critical events they need to correct. For example, if a worker is on-site and idling their vehicle while waiting, an alert is sent to the driver to switch off their engine to reduce fuel consumption and emissions. These frequent communications help build good habits that ultimately benefit your fleet’s efficiency, sustainability, and safety. In addition to in-cab communication, you can implement an emergency button that workers can push to notify the head office if they need help - this is especially useful when working in remote locations.


We take pride in maintaining a high level of service to our Construction customers around the globe. Construction leaders like Camex and Clive Barford trust us to provide them with accurate and highly responsive communication to validate the data they receive from our SaaS platform. All intel via data is delivered in accessible reports and engaging dashboards. Reduce pressure on Construction duties and maintain site levels, providing centralized managers with accurate information at all times. In addition, driver-related reports give you an in-depth view of behaviors and areas to improve.


MiX by Powerfleet is committed to helping our Construction customers achieve their sustainability targets with our progressive technology that monitors and alerts excessive fuel consumption in real-time. The Construction industry is particularly sensitive to the impact that operations can have on the environment, and it’s our objective to demonstrate the efficacy of telematics to improve the health of employees on-site and help companies reduce carbon emission tax.
Asset Management

Asset Management

Asset management within the Construction sector is a critical component in terms of security, costs, and efficiency. Knowing where your heavy equipment, tools, machines, trailers and building infrastructure are at all times and how they are being utilized is top-of-mind for risk-averse operations where monitoring costs and utilization can avoid common issues like late project deadlines and missed targets.

Holcim strengthened its commitment to safety and sustainability by using MiX technology to achieve:

  • 83% reduction in at-fault road crashes
  • 75% of drivers are training course-approved
  • 56% of drivers receive real-time, in-cab feedback

Connects the vehicle protects the operator and provides actionable insights for fleet managers.

Protecting Your Vehicles

Connected And Protected Vehicles

  • Geo-Location Tracking

    Construction operators are often working on high-risk sites, often in remote regions. The ability for site managers to locate their drivers and vehicles is paramount for safe operations. Our GPS tracking capabilities offer advanced satellite communication to keep drivers connected to their base of operations at all times by providing fleet managers with a host of options to choose from.

  • Actionable Intelligence

    Use our software-as-a-service solutions to upgrade your fleet's safety, efficiency, compliance, and security. With actionable intelligence derived from your vehicles, you are able to make informed decisions that help management aspects like utilization planning, maintenance, license monitoring, fuel usage, diagnostics to help improve carbon emissions and keep ahead of important compliance regulations.

GPS Tracking

Location Tracking

Eliminate guesswork with an accurate view of your vehicles and assets in real-time. Manage your operations with unlimited access to information and a host of features, tools and support.

Vehicle Telematics

Vehicle Telematics

With either plug-and-play or self-install GPS tracking options, you get full visibility of both driver and vehicle location. These options monitor movements on a map in real-time while offering the opportunity to also look back at historical trips for analysis and decision-making. By simply logging in to a user-friendly, cloud-based platform, you gain access to advanced vehicle and driver data, tracking information and, fuel and energy usage.

Keeping Drivers And Operators Safe

Protected Drivers

  • Driver Safety Alerts

    Monitor driver performance and implement an effective scoring system to help drivers develop and maintain safe driving habits. Our vehicle telemetry alerts management and drivers to events that can impede safe driving on Construction sites. By developing a targeted driver training program, you can maximize driver safety throughout your business and keep drivers accountable.

  • Driver Engagement App

    Construction operators on a Construction site can view their driving performance with our engaging mobile app designed to score driving performance based on driving time and events that trigger alerts. This helps to improve their driving style and identify problem areas that need addressing. Site managers are able to develop safety programs that are more targeted and accurate based on the information that it stored in the SaaS platform via the app.

  • ADAS Alerts

    AAdvanced Driver Assistance Alerts powered by machine-learning algorithms detect road-facing safety events like lane departure without signaling, risky following distance, and potential forward collision. This is beneficial for operators after a long day on a site to protect them from life-threatening situations and help daily operations maintain crucial safety targets.

Vehicle Telematics

Vehicle Telematics

With either plug-and-play or self-install GPS tracking options, you get full visibility of both driver and vehicle location. These options monitor movements on a map in real-time while offering the opportunity to also look back at historical trips for analysis and decision-making. By simply logging in to a user-friendly, cloud-based platform, you gain access to advanced vehicle and driver data, tracking information and, fuel and energy usage.

MyMiX App

App-based tracking

A key component of successful fleet management is the monitoring of driving style and recurrent risky driving behaviors. Not only is MiX by Powerfleet a trusted software provider but also a pioneer in the area of app-based tracking. This innovation delivers all the expertise of full-featured tracking technology in a simplified, easy-to-access app.

Dashboard Cameras

Dashboard Cameras

Operators and fleet managers receive real-time alerts for risky driving behavior as captured by our road- and in-cab facing dash cams powered by Artificial Intelligence. The road-facing camera detects events like imminent collision, lane departure without signaling and too-close following distance. The in-cab facing camera tracks driver-related events such as fatigue, seatbelt usage, phone usage, distracted behavior and smoking while driving. Our video solution aims to improve fleet safety and efficiency.


Operational Insights

  • Connected SaaS Platform

    Connect your entire operations from drivers to vehicles and assets with a powerful SaaS platform for a complete view of your fleet’s data in a single pane of glass. Your MiX by Powerfleet customer success team works proactively with Construction leaders to adequately understand risks, advise on how to use your operational data to implement proactive safety and driver coaching programs, as well as decipher the information for transferrable value across all aspects of a Construction business.

  • Fuel Utilization

    Access your Construction operations’ fuel usage reports easily to accurately identify fuel usage patterns within your Construction company that adds to excessive fuel use. For instance, you can access and use historial project information to plan faster and more efficient routes that are shorter and use less fuel. Drastically reduce CO2 emissions and save on fuel costs with reliable information about driver performance, asset utilization (I.e. how many hours each piece of equipment is being used), and vehicle data.

MiX Fleet Manager

MiX Fleet Manager

Fleet management solutions that offer fleet operators unlimited access to information about their vehicles and operators, with a host of features, tools and reports to help maximize return on investment.




Innovative telematics technology helps Construction leaders better understand where instances of excessive fuel use are occurring.


Construction businesses operate in hazardous and often remote locations where access to reliable communication is critical for safety.


We have a hands-on approach when it comes to customer service, and our Construction customers rely on our customer success team to provide them with the insights to translate complex data.


In Construction, safety, environmental sustainability and efficiency are incredibly important, but we also help our Construction customers stay compliant.


Connect your Construction sites to a cloud-based SaaS platform that drives maximum efficiency with actionable insights about any facet that matters to your business.


Solution alt text

GPS Tracking

Simplify your fleet management and tracking with a wired or non-wired device delivered straight to you for self-installation. Monitor and manage the behavior and performance of vehicles and drivers with instant mobile and web alerts.
MyMiX Solution Switcher Item

Vehicle Telematics

MiX 4000
Robust hardware that tracks the precise location of vehicles using GPS and GSM technology to reach even the most remote areas. Includes onboard accelerometer, geofencing capabilities, driving event notifications, long-life backup batteries, driver ID, and more.
MyMiX Tracking

Driver Monitoring

MyMiX App
MyMiX is an app that utilizes cellphone technology to help you accurately track vehicles in real-time while also monitoring all driver behaviors that may be unsafe or inefficient. Send notifications to drivers on important events. No hardware installation is required, and thus no vehicle downtime! Just download and go.
MiX Vision AI

Video Telematics

MiX Vision AI
Turn on the power of AI- and ADAS dashcams within your fleet. Get intelligent insight into risky driving behaviors, like fatigue, distraction, speeding, seatbelt usage, and more, to prevent accidents and reduce fleet risk. This in-cab and road-facing camera solution also includes a driver coach device with which you can communicate with drivers in real-time to help them improve their driving style.


MiX by Powerfleet has been in business for decades and in that time we have seen consistent results across all types of industries with fleets of all sizes:
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Success Stories

How Gamification Can Help Improve Driving Behaviors

Gamification is a term that’s been doing the rounds for more than a decade. Put simply, it’s the application of game mechanics, such as point scoring and rules of play, to non-game contexts – like fleet management.

Why Choose MiX by Powerfleet

For your Construction Fleet

  • Global Leaders

    Global leader in connected fleet telematics according to ABI Research

  • Unparalleled geographic coverage

    Unparalleled geographic coverage in more than 120 countries

  • Key Vertical Segments

    Specializing in key vertical segments

  • Award-winning SaaS platform

    Leading user experience and user interface via an award-winning SaaS platform

  • 98% customer retention rate

    98% customer retention rate

  • More than 30 years' industry experience

    More than 30 years' industry experience

  • 4000+ global fleet customers

    4000+ global fleet customers

  • 130+ channel partners

    130+ channel partners

  • Connect and Protect Fleet Operations

    We move the world forward by connecting and protecting customers' fleet operations

  • 540,000 tons of CO2 saved

    Technology that helps save 540,000 tons of CO2 annually

  • Cone Icon

    Helping to avert 23,500 Collisions per year

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    Solutions that ahciece safety, sustainability, compliance and efficiency targets

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