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Maximize Fleet

By working with a telematics partner that transforms
data into useful insights, you can save time and money
while maximizing efficiency
Our customers trust us to help them save even the smallest amount of time and money in competitive markets where telematics solutions can turn up the dial for the most efficient fleet management. With fuel having one of the biggest impacts on annual running costs, telematics is highly effective in reducing fuel-associated costs.
Fuel Saving


Fuel your fleet's financial success with MiX by Powerfleet' advanced fuel management strategies. Experience tangible savings of up to 10% annually, significantly reducing your overall fleet expenses.

Time Saving


Protect your brand reputation by delivering on your customers’ targets on time and within schedule.

Fuel Theft


The two main methods of fuel theft within commercial vehicle fleets are fuel skimming and fuel siphoning.

Fleet Maintenance


Fleet maintenance is another key driver to improving efficiency. Vehicle wear and tear can be extremely expensive, not to mention the implications caused by the resultant downtime. Similarly to fuel costs, reducing a fleet’s running costs is achievable by way of using telematics to monitor how vehicles and assets are driven and operated.

Critical Events Alerts

Critical Events Alerts

Effective telematics is about being proactive, not reactive. By understanding critical events that happen day-to-day across your fleet, you can anticipate trends and plan maintenance more efficiently. This reduces vehicle downtime, increases fleet utilization, and saves considerable costs.

Operational Efficiency

Operational Efficiency

Optimize fleet safety and reduce costs seamlessly with our telematics solution. Take proactive control using actionable data to eliminate inefficiencies.

Fleet running costs

Running Costs

Fleet running costs vary depending on the nature of a business and the industry in which it operates. How do you ensure that all areas within your fleet operation are being optimized?

Leverage Useful Data

Leverage Useful Data

By tapping into aggregated data with MiX by Powerfleet’ system, you can reduce your costs and increase efficiency by maximizing overall fleet efficiency and utilization. This can also improve customer experience and satisfaction.

Proven Methods to Boost Your Fleet's Performance

Optimize Arrival and Departure Times

Use real-time tracking and historical data for scheduling adjustments.

Reduce Travel Time Between Jobs

Employ GPS Tracking software for efficient route planning.

Minimize Idle Time and

Track and analyze idle periods to eliminate fuel-wasting behaviors.
Driver Identification

Efficient Management of Job Stops

Analyze data for optimal stop durations, provide tools for streamlined processes.
Driver Identification

Prevent Downtime Due to Crashes

Monitor risky driving behaviors and conduct regular safety training for drivers.

British American Tobacco Improves Safety And Efficiency With Mix

By implementing and utilizing MiX by Powerfleet’ fleet management technology, BAT is improving key performance areas within its global operations.

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