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Optimize Your Fleet's Performance and Efficiency

Avoid inefficiencies that drive up costs and erode time with a telematics partner who transforms data into actionable intelligence to maximise efficiency.

Our customers trust us to help them save even the smallest amount of time and money in competitive markets, where telematics solutions can turn up the dial for the most efficient fleet management. With fuel having one of the biggest impacts on annual running costs, some may be surprised at how effective telematics is in reducing fuel-associated costs.



On average about 25% of a fleet’s operating costs are attributed to fuel consumption. By reducing your average fuel bill by 10%, you reduce your overall operating costs in an inherently challenging environment.

MiX by Powerfleet provides accurate fuel data based on usage, as well as driver behaviour data showing events and trends that further impact excessive fuel use. All of which work synergistically to provide fleet leaders with the information they need to make decisions, where and when it’s needed the most.

Fuel Efficiency


Actively save on fuel by up to 10% on average, annually. This often equates to a sizable portion of a fleet’s annual running costs. We put fuel-saving theory into practice by specialising in:

  • Trend analysis.
  • Goal setting.
  • Vehicle utilisation.
  • Driver engagement.

Our solutions portfolio can be tailored to the unique requirements that cut across industries and fleet sizes. Each customer is different, and their fleet management needs are unique, but MiX by Powerfleet connected SaaS technology works to actively improve fleet fuel efficiency at every level.”

Time Saving


Protect your brand reputation by delivering on your customers’ targets, on time and within schedule. Our system enables you to save precious time by helping plan more efficient routes, monitor driver hours to better track actual hours worked and preemptively schedule vehicle maintenance to avoid any downtime in your operations.


The two main methods of fuel theft within commercial vehicle fleets are fuel skimming and/or fuel siphoning. Claims are that 99% of fuel theft is carried out in these ways. MiX offers several solutions to prevent fuel theft from occurring, including:

  • Accurate GPS tracking of vehicles and telematics data about fuel use in each vehicle.
  • Anti-siphoning devices.
  • Fuel cap sensors.

Real-time alerts.


Fleet maintenance is another key driver to improving efficiency. Vehicle wear and tear can be extremely expensive, not to mention the implications caused by the resultant downtime.

Similarly, to fuel costs, reducing a fleet’s running costs is achievable by way of using telematics to monitor the way that vehicles and assets are driven and operated. Fleet managers are alerted to maintenance schedules for upcoming services, as well as real-time alerts to driver-related events that directly impact a vehicle.

Reducing harsh driving events, such as acceleration, braking, and cornering can significantly reduce maintenance costs by up to 20%. We help you utilise your data in the following ways:

    • Trend analysis.
    • Closely monitor fleet activity.
    • Schedule downtime ahead of time to manage workflows efficiently.
    • Plan around maintenance to avoid unforeseen downtime.


Effective telematics is about being proactive, not reactive. By understanding critical events that happen day-to-day across your fleet, you can anticipate trends and plan maintenance more efficiently. This reduces vehicle downtime and increases fleet utilisation, as well as saving on costs.

Our solution alerts you in real-time to vital events and provides you with high-level management information to understand what is happening to your fleet and plan accordingly. Typical events include oil and brake level warnings, tyre pressure management system integration, and engine warnings.


Avoid inefficiencies that drive up costs and work towards actionable data to better manage your fleet and drive positive change. Improve efficiencies in:

  • Vehicle utilisation.
  • Reduce administrative costs.
  • Improved planning.
  • Automating business processes.
  • Reducing mileage by optimising routes.
  • Industry-specific navigation.
  • Efficient communication between driver and manager.

Automated and paperless workflows.


Fleet running costs vary depending on the nature of a business and the industry in which it operates. How do you ensure that all areas within your fleet operation are being optimised?

Having access to your fleet data offers valuable insights into daily activities that could contribute to substantial financial and practical savings.

The data we provide can help you to:

  • Optimise routing and enable better planning.
  • Optimise vehicle utilisation.

Automate paperwork routines.


By tapping into aggregate data with MiX by Powerfleet’ system, you can reduce your costs and increase efficiency, helping you to maximise overall fleet efficiency and utilisation. This can also improve customer experience and satisfaction.

Metrics you can use to improve fleet efficiency include:

Vehicle arrival and departure times.
Travelling time of a vehicle between different jobs.

Vehicles not being used for some time of the day, or at all.

Duration of stops on jobs.
Crashes that can cause downtime.


By implementing and utilising MiX by Powerfleet’ fleet management technology, BAT is improving key performance areas within its global operations.

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