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Advanced Safety Systems
for Optimal Fleet Protection

Reduce the risks of driving for work with fleet management solutions that track and report on unsafe driving behavior, maintain compliance with safety regulations and ensure roadworthy vehicles.

MiX by Powerfleet understands the importance of reducing accidents within your fleet. Not only does doing so ensure the safety of your employees and other workers, but it also reduces operational costs.

MiX by Powerfleet has decades of experience working towards improving the safety of both small and large fleets in a variety of industries.

This hands-on experience has allowed us to develop tools that assist in:

Improve Fleet Safety
  • Identifying unsafe driving behaviors that lead to accidents.
  • Reporting on which drivers and areas within your fleet are high risk.
  • Training drivers on exactly how to reduce daily risk on the road.
  • Engaging drivers more to help them take control of their driving performance.
  • Developing customized driver safety policies.
  • Maintaining vehicles appropriately to always keep them serviced and safe.
  • Reducing the number of miles needed to travel.


Reducing risky driving behavior is consider one of the main ways you can improve the safety of your fleet, but do you know the other factors that also come into play? See what they are:

Safety is the number 1 concern of fleet managers with the annual commercial fleet accident rate at 20% and growing.


Our tools not only collect a large range of vehicle and driver data, but also the right type of data. This is what we call “Actionable Safety Data”. From years of working with fleets and monitoring what the main causes of accidents are, MiX by Powerfleet has managed to pinpoint which behaviors put your drivers, and thus your fleet, at risk and can report on critical events as soon as they happen for immediate action. This real-time monitoring of and reporting on unsafe driving behaviors, such as speeding and harsh braking, helps highlight problem areas so that appropriate training can be provided to prevent future accidents.

Real-Time Driver Coaching

It’s not always possible to stay in constant communication with your drivers at all hours of the day. This is where MiX by Powerfleet’ in-cab coaching aids come into play. These devices are installed in vehicles to unobtrusively monitor driver behavior in real-time and provide visual or audible notifications to drivers as soon as a critical driving event occurs.

This offers drivers the opportunity to self-correct any risky driving behavior in the moment and be more aware of how they’re driving. Not only can this prevent a series of events from turning into an accident, but it also trains drivers in real-time. Continuous exposure to certain stimuli can help drivers subconsciously develop habits that help them to drive more safely.

Driver Engagement and Scoring

Driver engagement is crucial to fleet success. The more engaged your drivers are, the more invested they are in their job and the better they will perform. MiX by Powerfleet has driver-focused telematics solutions that help drivers and other workers track their performance while driving or operating equipment. Our driver engagement solutions lets drivers see in which areas they need to improve and see how they rank against their peers for extra motivation.

MiX by Powerfleet also offers driver scoring systems, such as RAG, where scores are assigned to critical driving events such as speeding. These scores are then used to identify which drivers are performing well and which drivers need additional, targeted training. Driver engagement and scoring can be used to develop incentive and reward programs to further motivate your employees to do better for the good of your fleet and company.

Visual Evidence

We offer in-cab camera solutions that use intelligent AI technology to track unsafe driving behaviors, including:

  • Distraction
  • Fatigue
  • Not wearing a seatbelt
  • Phone use while driving
  • Speeding
  • Lane departure without signaling
  • Following too closely to other vehicles
  • Harsh braking, acceleration, and cornering

As soon as a driver engages in any of these behaviors, a warning goes off for the driver to self-correct and video footage is collected of the event for future reference.

Should an accident occur, in-cab cameras are ideal for seeing what caused the accident and what drivers can do differently to prevent another accident from happening. Video footage from dash cameras also serve as a great driver coaching tool as most people learn better visually. Furthermore, visual evidence offers protection to drivers by proving their innocence in accidents where they were not at-fault.


Reducing risky driving behavior is consider one of the main ways you can improve the safety of your fleet, but do you know the other factors that also come into play? See what they are:
83% reduction in at-fault fatal road crashes
80% decrease in collision rate within 6 months of telematics solution implementation
80% reduction in accidents
Driver safety score improvement from 81.70 to 96.46 (maximum score is 100)
Accident rates reduced by 70%

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