Driver engagement is the key to streamlining your processes

Customers who embrace and implement MyMiX with their drivers gain various returns.

Engaged drivers have proven to have improved driver performance which has a direct impact on fleet safety. This, in turn, will help reduce accidents. Safer driving, such as reducing speed and minimizing driving violations also impact fuel usage and a decrease in fuel expenditure and reduced maintenance costs by minimizing wear and tear on vehicles.

The task management add-on module helps to facilitate effective communication to make your fleet work smarter and more effectively. It offers access to streamlined job scheduling, two-way messaging, live tracking, navigation and electronic forms.


Driver performance dashboard. High-level snapshot of scores, ranking and related events.
Scoring and ranking

Daily and weekly score analysis are available as well as six-month trends. Drivers see how they rank compared to their site and organization.


Details are available on recorded driving events, such as speeding or harsh braking, and drivers can view events on a map.

Communication with mobile workers

Broadcast messages to either single or all mobile workers at any time.

Multiple vehicle visibility and comparisons

Scores and details are available for multiple vehicles driven by a particular driver. Performance and fuel consumption variances are also available and a driver can see how his driving style compares to other drivers who operated the same vehicle.

Supervisor reporting

Driver login activity reports are available for supervisors to monitor levels of driver engagement.

Task management platform

Create, scheduled and assign jobs/tasks to mobile workers on the go.

Trip Classification

Trip Classification’ is a popular MyMiX feature, providing drivers with the ability to easily classify completed trips as ‘business’ or ‘personal’ directly via the app. Once logged into the mobile app, drivers will receive push notifications to warn them about unclassified trips. They will have the option to manually classify all their trips. These classifications are sent to MiX Fleet Manager™ and stored where reports can be generated for logbook purposes.


  • Options to manually or auto-classify trips
  • Ability to reclassify at any time
  • Pre-defined business reasons
  • Push notifications to drivers – warning about unclassified trips
  • Classification window setting
  • Supervisor can perform trip classification in historical tracking
  • Logbook report available in Insight reports
  • Daily Movement report includes trip type
  • Bulk enable feature on driver level
  • All features are permission-based
  • Billing report

How to Enable Trip Classification

Step 1
Enable database for trip classifications in ‘Database Administration’ on the MyMiX tab.
Step 2

Enable trip classification on the ‘Organization Settings’ tab.

Step 3

Enable trip classification on a driver level in ‘Edit Driver’. There is also a bulk feature available to log multiple drivers at once.

Personal vs Privacy

  • It is important to not misinterpret personal trips with privacy.
  • When classifying a trip as personal it means the trip was done for personal reasons and it is still recorded throughout the system.
  • It does not disregard the trip from being recorded or hidden in terms of privacy regulations.
  • Privacy settings should not therefore not be confused when trip classification is performed.

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