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When fleet operators are properly equipped, the result is a guaranteed increase in profitability.

The importance of telematics and GPS tracking for fleet vehicles is clearly recognized, and you may already be looking at or have a fleet management system. But what about your non-vehicle assets? Assets such as trailers are just as valuable as driver and vehicles, and often harder to keep track of.

At MiX by Powerfleet, we know that your trailers are just as important, and the same rules should apply. Our solution? MiX Asset Manager. Simply install the GPS trailer tracking device, and you will know the whereabouts of all your assets on all your jobs.

A fleet equipped with GPS trailer tracking devices

MiX Asset Manager gives you superior GPS fleet tracking for trailers that is easy to implement and use. Unlike manual trailer tracking systems, with MiX Asset Manager, you get automatic, electronic registry of your assets with asset trackers, updates on their statuses, and their location so that you can:

  • Find and track them on a map both historically or in real time
  • Manage their service intervals and odometer readings
  • Bill more accurately if you rent out these assets with asset trackers

This improved control and visibility can dramatically reduce the costs of not knowing where your trailers are at all times. You won’t have to call around to see where they are. In addition, you can use the information to help to optimize their deployment and utilization.

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Asset trackers are is not new, but advances in technology have made it much more accurate and much more useful. It’s never been easier to track and protect you from trailer theft and other events that may keep them out of service and negatively impact your business.

  • GPS tracking to locate lost or stolen trailers
  • Increased visibility to reduce risk of trailers assets being stolen
  • Automatic tamper alerts let you know when an event occurs
  • Set service intervals and odometer readings to reduce maintenance costs


MiX Asset Manager is designed to suit all kinds of assets, including trailers. This makes it the obvious choice for businesses such as construction, transport & logistics, utilities, landscaping, and more. Being able to locate, track, and manage your trailers translates into many tangible benefits for your business.


With better visibility and insight, your risk of losing or having a trailer stolen is reduced. MiX Asset Manager lets you set tamper alerts and then replay your trailer’s movements, the distances it travels, and other events that may cause damage to it.


Knowing where your trailers are at all times, and when they are available, can help to improve trailer planning, efficiency, and utilization.


MiX Asset Manager devices are easy to install, and you will see little-to-no downtime at all. In devices that are battery operated, the batteries have a good lifespan but will indicate when it's low battery. With these GPS trailer trackers on your trailers, you can also reduce the costs of manually checking where each one is.


The solution offers the functionality to manage various aspects relating to an asset’s day-to-day running by electronically capturing asset details, service and licensing information, and fuel entered.


Everyone, even your most reliable, trusted, and responsible employees make mistakes. When these mistakes result in a loss of your business’s property, they can end up costing you money. Trailer tracking software does more than just show you where your property is.

By installing a GPS trailer tracking device on your trailers, you will know if they are moved when they shouldn’t be or when they move outside a geographic boundary or geofence that you define. If these events occur, you will be alerted by email, text message, or another preferred method. This lets you quickly identify your trailer’s theft and let the authorities know exactly where it is, and if it is on the move, making the chances that your trailer will be recovered undamaged much more likely.

We do more than show you where your trailers are, we give you improved visibility and peace of mind. By alerting you to potential theft, fraud, or misuse, these devices do more than assist in the recovery of lost trailers, they help keep them from getting lost in the first place.


When your trailers are on the road, it isn’t easy to track mileage. Using GPS tracking for trailers allows you to monitor driver activity, speed, distance, and mileage traveled by your trailers. This gives you information you can use to find ways to reduce labor, conserve fuel, and cut costs. It also helps you to bill clients more efficiently.


Do you worry about your trailers and the equipment they contain? You are not alone, vandalism and theft of unattended equipment occur all too often, costing you time and your business money. Every business that uses trailers knows the risks of leaving them unattended, where they may be stolen or used without our permission. With MiX Asset Manager, you get the peace of mind that comes with knowing exactly where your trailers are and knowing that you will be alerted of any unauthorized use.

The power of trailer trackers puts you in control of your non-mobile assets. Imagine what you would do if your trailer was stolen and you had no way to find it. Chances are, it would be stripped, painted, and the VIN number removed before you had a chance to do anything about it.

With a trailer GPS tracker, you will know almost immediately that something is amiss. That is the beauty of this new technology. You can get the alert, call the authorities, and find your missing trailer all through your mobile phone or desktop.

Designed to monitor and protect your trailers, our trailer trackers give you a cost-effective, reliable tracking solution for any size and type of business. You can protect your valuable trailers and gain visibility into their movements with live streaming. You can review historical GPS data and see where you can increase efficiency and usage.

And because MiX Asset Manager can be accessed from your phone or desktop, you can get the information you need wherever you are. You won’t be tied to your desk or have to continuously monitor your smartphone. By setting up geofences and alerts, you get real-time updates about your assets. Let our trailer tracking system do the work, so you don’t have to.


No matter the size of your fleet, MiX Asset Manager can help you keep track of your trailers

  • Landscaping
  • Construction
  • Handyman
  • Tile and Flooring Installation
  • AC & Heating Repairs
  • Transport and logistics
  • Utilities


Our trailer tracking devices can be easily setup on all types of trailers, including:

  • Flatbed trailers
  • Enclosed trailers
  • Equipment trailers
  • Open auto trailers
  • Specialty trailers

No matter the size of your trailer fleet or the type of business you have, MiX by Powerfleet has the flexibility to adapt to your business’s size, needs, and requirements. We can customize a solution that improves the security of your assets.

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