Enhance Fleet Security and Minimize Risk

Protect your vehicles, equipment and cargo from theft, vandalism, and damage through security-driven telematics solutions.

Securing Your Fleet:
The Foundation of Risk Management

In every corner of the globe and across diverse industries, fleet security faces potential threats. When significant investments are made in your fleet assets, safeguarding that investment becomes imperative. MiX by Powerfleet offers comprehensive fleet management solutions equipped with features that are tailor-made to secure your vehicles, equipment, and cargo as they navigate various working sites and locations.

Ensuring the security of your fleet is not just a matter of choice – it is the foundational pillar of risk management. Our focus on telematics security and fleet security basics is designed to empower you with the knowledge and tools necessary to protect your valuable assets.

Just as threats to fleet security exist universally, so does the need for a robust strategy to counteract these challenges. Trust in MiX by Powerfleet to be the guardian of your fleet, providing a solid foundation for effective risk management.

Telematics in Fleet Security

Empower your fleet security with the cutting-edge capabilities of telematics. MiX’s advanced solutions redefine the way you safeguard your assets, offering more than just tracking.

Discover the transformative impact of telematics technology on security measures. From real-time monitoring to intelligent insights, explore how it seamlessly integrates into your operations, ensuring the utmost protection for your valuable fleet.

Security Features Of Our Telematics Solutions

  • Tracking


    The main barrier to a secure fleet is a lack of visibility over activities and movements.

  • Data-Driven Security

    Data-Driven Security

    In an era where information reigns supreme, our commitment to data-driven security goes beyond insights…

  • In-cab Communication

    In-cab Communication

    As you’re tracking your vehicles and assets using GPS technology, you can utilize MiX by Powerfleet’ in-cab devices to...

  • Geofencing


    Geofencing is the creation of predetermined virtual fences around specific points of interest or locations.

  • Driver Identification

    Driver Identification

    Driver ID tags are a crucial component of fleet security. With electronic driver identification, you can see exactly...

Video Telematics For Added Security

AI Dashcams have an enormous number of benefits for fleets. Not only does it monitor unsafe and inefficient driving behaviors to prevent accidents and keep up productivity, but it also secures drivers, assets, and cargo as they travel from point A to point B and back.

As cargo is being loaded and unloaded, it can leave individuals vulnerable to theft. Live video footage from external cameras, attached to the outside of vehicles or on trailers, can be monitored during these moments so that assistance can be sent immediately if it’s needed. Additionally, it can help you see where any potential damage to vehicles and cargo occurred, and put preventative measures in place to prevent it from happening again.

Proactive Risk Management in Fleet Security

Delve into best practices in risk assessment and management, providing your fleet with the strategic advantage needed to navigate security challenges. Secure your assets with foresight and knowledge.

Integrating Advanced Technologies for Fleet Security

MiX OEM Connect

MiX OEM Connect revolutionizes fleet management by providing instant, direct integration to powerful telematics data. Say goodbye to the costs and downtime associated with traditional device or hardware installations.

Our cloud-to-cloud system seamlessly integrates with manufacturers across diverse industries. Whether you operate light, medium, or heavy-duty vehicles, as well as assets, trailers, or construction vehicles, MiX OEM Connect ensures a swift and efficient integration process.

Security Solutions For Every Need

  • Vehicle Access Control

    Vehicle Access Control

    Maintaining the security of your sites is crucial to ensuring unauthorized individuals don’t gain access to sensitive areas or expensive equipment. Alongside driver identification, you can get vehicle access control.

    This ensures that barriers to sites or other locations only open for vehicles that are known to the company and have been registered to enter a particular location.

  • Tamperproof Devices

    Tamperproof Devices

    Threats from the outside are not the only concern of fleet managers and supervisors. In-vehicle tracking devices are crucial to you being able to identify who is utilizing your assets, where they’re being utilized, and how they’re being handled.

    However, sometimes there are individuals who do not want their movements to be tracked and they will try manipulating these devices. MiX by Powerfleet’ tracking devices are all tamperproof so that you always know exactly where your vehicles and assets are and don’t have gaps in your fleet data collection.

  • Asset Monitoring

    Asset Monitoring

    MiX by Powerfleet knows that equipment is just as valuable to fleets as vehicles are, so we offer asset tracking – both in wired and wireless form. See where your equipment is on a map in real-time as well as where that same equipment has been historically. You can also check whether a particular asset is on the move or stationary, as well as ignition status, driving violations, driving direction, speed and more.

Staying Ahead: Regulatory Compliance in Fleet Security

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond technology; it embraces compliance to ensure your fleet operates within the bounds of the law.

Explore the intricate landscape of regulatory standards for fleet security with us. Learn how to seamlessly integrate compliance measures into your fleet management strategy, ensuring not just security but also adherence to industry regulations.

From our Industry Expert

"We believe that our solutions deliver the best-in-class for managers that need a secure and reliable telematics system that safeguards assets and fleets with data that provides value."

- Jonathan Bates, Executive Vice President – Marketing Director

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