MiX Fleet Manager 

Simple, reliable and affordable fleet management solution for fleets of all sizes.

Simple and Reliable for Fleets of all sizes

MiX Fleet Manager Essential is designed specifically for businesses wanting to boost efficiency. This affordable fleet management solution boasts an indispensable set of features including tracking, vehicle management, and driver behavior monitoring.

Vehicles are fitted with an unobtrusive onboard computer that captures and transmits vehicle and driver data. Users can access this information via the MiX Fleet Manager online platform or using our mobile app (available for both Android and iOS).

MiX Fleet Manager Essential offers you peace of mind by knowing exactly where vehicles are and how they are being driven at any given time. By tracking mobile assets, in real-time and historically, fleet operators can better utilize their assets, manage driver behavior and boost the overall performance of their fleet.


The Building blocks of your fleet's success

  • Intuitive Software Platform

    View all your data on MiX Fleet Manager, a powerful SaaS platform designed to help you stay on top of your fleet.
  • Live and Historical Tracking

    Keep track of your fleet from vehicles and assets to drivers and trip information, in real-time. Make informed decisions on the go, and access historical tracking to identify trends and monitor fleet changes.
  • Location Management (Geofencing)

    Locate your fleet at any point in time with award-winning technology designed by MiX.
  • Event Monitoring with Real-Time Notifications

    Increase visibility and control over your drivers and fleet while they are on the road.
  • Driver and Vehicle Management

    Easily manage driver and vehicle certifications and keep your fleet compliant.
  • Immobilizer

    Manage unauthorized vehicle usage with a starter interrupt immobilizer to prevent incidents from occurring.
  • Integrated Reporting Functionality

    Accessible reporting tools help you organize your fleet data for valuable insights and analysis.
  • Service and Licensing Interval Reminders

    Receive reminders for service and licensing to ensure your fleet is always compliant.


Better, Safer, And More Efficient Fleet Operations Which Translate Into Increased Profitability Over Time

  • Reduce fuel and maintenance costs
  • Improved driver safety
  • Improved utilization and efficiency
  • Improved customer service
Fleet Management Benefits

Designed to Boost Efficiency

Developed with more than 30 years of telematics expertise, MiX Fleet Manager Essential is the perfect fleet management solution to boost your fleet efficiency and take your business to the next level. Partner with a global leader who understands your industry requirements, no matter the size of your fleet.

Our customers around the world agree: whether you’re looking to save fuel, improve safety, increase utilization, or enhance customer service – MiX Fleet Manager Essential will deliver tangible ROI.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does MiX Fleet Manager Essential benefit my business?
MiX Fleet Manager Essential offers several benefits for businesses that operate fleets of any size, including improved vehicle tracking and monitoring, enhanced driver safety, increased efficiency, asset protection, reduced operating costs and more.
Is MiX Fleet Manager Essential compatible with all types of vehicles?
MiX Fleet Manager Essential is designed to be compatible with a wide range of vehicle types. Vehicles are fitted with an unobtrusive onboard computer that captures and transmits vehicle and driver data securely.
How does the driver behavior monitoring feature work?
The driver behavior monitoring feature works by utilizing telematics technology to track and analyze various aspects of a driver's behavior while operating a vehicle, such speeding, harsh braking, excessive idling, and more. The system collects data and assesses the driver's actions, sending alerts to promote safer and more efficient driving practices in real time.
What features are included in MiX Fleet Manager Essential?
With MiX Fleet Manager Essential, fleet managers have access to features such as driver behavior monitoring, geonfencing, live and historical tracking, integrated reporting and compliance reminders.
Does MiX Fleet Manager Essential offer any reporting capabilities?
Yes, MiX Fleet Manager Essential offers reporting capabilities that provide valuable insights into various aspects of your fleet's performance, driver behavior, and overall efficiency. These reports are essential for data-driven decision-making and can help you identify areas for improvement to optimize your fleet operations.
Can I monitor fuel consumption and optimize fuel usage?
Yes, with features such as fuel monitoring, route optimization, and maintenance management, you can monitor fuel consumption and optimize fuel usage for your fleet.

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