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When your business keeps people connected and communicating, staying connected with your workforce is crucial.

In a business that involves contractors and employees working together on numerous job sites, you need to stay connected with your team. You also need insight into how your team is performing. It's time to let your data work for you.

In a business that involves contractors and employees working together on numerous job sites, you need to stay connected with your team. You also need insight into how your team is performing. It's time to let your data work for you.

A MiX by Powerfleet GPS fleet management solution can help you:

  • Increase visibility into the location of all vehicles and assets
  • Centralize data on assets along with deployment information for each asset
  • Build a safety culture that reduces risks
  • Improve reporting and billing
  • Automate lifecycle management of assets and vehicles
  • Enhance visibility into maintenance, driver behavior, asset utilization, and customer history
  • Reduce vehicle theft, recover assets faster, avoid asset misuse, and improve utilization with geofencing

Save Money with Safer, More Efficient Telecom Fleets

How Telecom Fleet Management Improves Customer Service

The performance of your fleet and your ability to deliver consistent, high-quality, and on-time customer service directly impacts your business' reputation. When your job is to ensure that your customers are always connected, even a small delay can make a big impact. With MiX by Powerfleet, you can manage your telecom fleet in such a way that it is on time, on the road, and keeping your customers happy and satisfied.

Benefits of Geofencing

Geofencing gives you the ability to put a virtual parameter around your vehicles in a real-world geographic area. You can set up alerts, so you'll know when your vehicles enter or exit this area you have defined. Geofencing can help you optimize your vehicles' routes and know when they are on track. It also helps prevent vehicle theft and speeds recovery of stolen vehicles by letting you take quick action.

Increase Productivity and Efficiency

With a telecom fleet management solution, you can lower your labor costs while increasing the productivity and efficiency of your fleet. You'll know where your vehicles are in real-time and quickly reroute them if necessary. You can quickly reschedule to reduce wait times and keep your scheduling on track, so your team arrives as expected, saving your customers time and annoyance.

Improve Fuel Costs

Fuel costs for your fleet can be hard to control. After all, you don't set the prices. But, you can improve your fuel costs by reducing things like excessive idling, aggressive driving, speeding, and harsh braking. All these things cause your vehicles to use more gas than they should. MiX by Powerfleet gives you visibility into your drivers' behavior and helps you give them the training they need to drive more economically.

Route & Dispatch Optimization

With telecom fleet management software, you can optimize your routes and trips to make them more efficient. Rather than driving too fast, you can make sure your drivers take the fastest route. In addition, you easily plan their route so that all their jobs are in the same vicinity. By doing this, you can make sure they reach their jobs on time and also save gas. You can also help them avoid traffic or construction by rerouting them in real-time if needed or if they are lost. With more efficient routing and dispatching, you can serve more customers in the same or less time.

Improve Driving Behavior

If your drivers exhibit aggressive or dangerous driving behavior, not only does it waste gas, but it also increases the odds of causing a crash. With a telecom fleet management system, you can easily monitor aggressive behaviors such as speeding, harsh acceleration, harsh braking, distracted driving, and more. You can set in-cab alerts that tell your drivers when they engage in unsafe or dangerous behavior and give them the chance to self-correct in real-time.

Driver Training Programs

It's one thing to change a driver's behavior in real-time, but you can go further. You can create a driver training program that helps your drivers improve and build better driving habits. You can use gamification to rank and score their performance, and let them see how each one's performance compares to other drivers.

Proactive Vehicle Maintenance

When your vehicles breakdown and are kept off the road, you lose time and money. Regular maintenance will keep them running well and reduce breakdowns. But keeping track of all your vehicles' maintenance schedules can be a challenge. With MiX by Powerfleet, you can automate this process by setting up alerts that tell you when maintenance is due based on time or vehicle mileage. Since the telematics device is hooked up to your vehicles' engines, you can also set alerts based on engine metrics, so you'll know about any problems before they get worse and cause an unexpected breakdown.

Improve Asset Utilization

With telematics, you can track your assets' movements by the minute, know which route they are taking, record how long they are at each location, and more. This lets you measure real vehicle usage against usage reported. Using this information, you can improve the overall utilization of your fleet.

Improve Safety and Save on Insurance

Better driving habits will lead to fewer accidents and improved overall safety for your fleet. This helps keep vehicles and teams on the road working instead of in the shop being repaired. Some insurance companies will lower premiums when they know you are using asset tracking and geofencing. 

You may be able to reduce your insurance premiums by improving your security measures and minimizing risk. If your team drives more safely and gets in fewer accidents, you won't have to claim costly repairs. 

Often, when insurance providers are aware that you use asset tracking and geofencing, it can lead to lower insurance premiums and reduced deductibles because of the increased security.

More Efficient, More Effective Telecom Fleets

FAQs about Telecom Fleet Management

How does telecom fleet management help improve productivity?

By tracking vehicle usage, driver behavior, fuel consumption, idling, and more, you can see trends and take steps to mitigate any negative ones. You can ensure each team member has everything they need to do their job efficiently. You'll know that your vehicles are where they should be, and not sitting idle somewhere when they should be elsewhere. You can monitor utilization and idled time to make sure productivity is optimized.

How does geofencing help my telecom fleet?

Geofencing lets you put a virtual perimeter around a physical location. You can then set limits for authorized hours of use and be alerted when vehicles and equipment enter or leave the geofencing perimeter.

How can telematics help with customer retention?

Customer retention is a challenge in any industry, but especially so for the telecom industry. Telematics help you send technicians where they are needed, in the event of a disruption in service. Real-time location tracking lets you improve routing, reduce idle time, make service calls faster, and increase productivity. You can reach more customers more quickly.

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