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Lawn Care & Landscaping Fleet Management

Lawn care fleet management software is no longer a nice-to-have, but rather an essential tool for managing daily operations, improving efficiency, reducing costs, reducing risks, and increasing revenue. MiX by Powerfleet can help you increase your fleet’s productivity with real-time tracking, geofencing, and live data streaming.

Customized landscaping fleet management solutions by MiX by Powerfleet can help your fleet run smoothly and safely.

We give you the tools you need to do what you do best: serve your customers.

Landscaping trucks served by landscaping fleet management software

A MiX by Powerfleet solution provides fleet managers in the Landscaping industry:

  • Real-time driver and vehicle monitoring that reduces fuel costs.
  • Driver performance scoring and targeted driver training that helps improve driver performance.
  • GPS verification of vehicle locations that lets you know where all your vehicles are.
  • Reduce downtime and lost hours with on-board technology that lets you track assets.
  • Improve vehicle maintenance with electronic service and licensing alerts.
  • Get better vehicle usage with robust reporting to compare actual and expected usage.
  • Boost fleet efficiency with pre-defined geo-fences, pre-defined for area and time periods.
“We rely heavily on MiX Solution to help us keep tabs on our vehicles and staff, and to ensure everyone is driving safely.”

- Bobby Frisch, co-owner of Frisch & Sons, Demolition, Excavation, & Landscaping

Why choose MiX by Powerfleet as Your Landscaping Fleet Management Solution?

Sending the right vehicle and crew to the right location is the core of your business. This requires knowing where all your drivers are, which ones are available, and which ones are nearest. Shorter trips make your fleet more efficient, which, in turn, translates into more visits each day, happier clients, and more revenue. As simple as that may seem, there’s a lot that goes into running lawn care fleet management.

Challenges facing lawn care fleet management

Although the landscaping business is booming, it faces many challenges. The top three being fuel costs, labor costs, and vehicle acquisition and replacement. A misalignment of any one of these can take a big bite out of your business’s bottom line.

How MiX Helps Cut Down Costs for Landscaping Fleets

If you are wondering how you can cut costs in your landscaping business, consider fleet tracking solutions from MiX by Powerfleet. When you are running a business, every cost matters, and it may not take much – extra fuel costs here, extra time spent at a job there – to blow your budget. With MiX by Powerfleet fleet tracking solutions, you can cut costs where it counts.

We can help you reduce excess fuel usage, optimize your routes so you don’t waste gas, and keep your technicians on time so you please your customers, and get more referrals. In the landscaping business, everything counts, and there is no room for error. We get that, and we help you make sure your fleet runs smoothly. We get your trucks and technicians where they need to be when they need to be there.

Lawn care GPS fleet tracking in action
Boost Your Fleet’s Productivity with Data Insights

MiX by Powerfleet fleet management software gives you the tools you need to make informed and timely decisions that improve your fleet’s performance and boost its productivity. We’ll help you get the right person to the right place at the right time with the right tools.

Efficiently Manage and Utilize Assets

Our telematics solution can help you improve the utilization of your assets in numerous ways. You can track your fleet’s movements minute by minute, see which routes are being taken, keep track of how much time is spent at each location, and establish actual vehicle usage. You get the information you need to know, whether -

  • Your drivers are taking the most effective routes
  • You’ve sent the closest driver to the closest job
  • Your drivers are taking too long do a job or stopping too long at specific locations
  • Your equipment or vehicle usage is optimized
Manage Driver Hours Accurately

Fleets of any size must comply with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) Hours of Service regulations. This regulation governs the daily and weekly driving hours of anyone operating a commercial vehicle. By electronically monitoring driver hours and logs, telematics can help you determine the length of breaks your technicians take and how long they’ve worked in a specific area. You can reduce overtime and timesheet fraud as well as improve your fleet’s efficiency.

Landscaping Fleet Management Benefits

One way to improve lawn care fleet management is through GPS tracking and telematics. That’s where MiX by Powerfleet comes in. We can help you decrease your fuel costs, decrease your labor cost, and reduce excessive wear and tear that leads to vehicle replacement. Our telematics solutions help you increase accountability, an important factor in addressing the top challenges of the landscaping industry.

  • Tracking Truck Performance

    Unexpected truck repairs can put part of your business on hold. Preventative and predictive maintenance keeps every truck up and running on schedule.

    Preventative and predictive maintenance can help you:

    • Schedule maintenance ahead of time so your trucks are serviced on your schedule with no unexpected breaks in usability.
    • Identify trends in the performance of your trucks or parts that can help inform your future vehicle purchases.
    • Support for warranty claims if a part wears out too quickly per the manufacturer’s recommendations. You’ll have proof to back up your claim against the warranty.
    • Prevent a cascade of failures if one part’s damage or wear and tear leads to another part failing.
    • Monitor repairs and maintenance to ensure vehicles are repaired and maintained correctly.

    Time passes quickly when you are managing a lawn maintenance fleet, and before you know it, it’s time for vehicle maintenance or replacement. Electronic monitoring and alerts keep your maintenance on schedule so you won’t have a truck out of commission unexpectedly.

  • Track Fuel Consumption

    At 60% of a fleet’s operating costs, fuel consumption can take a huge bite out of your company’s budget. While you cannot control fluctuations in fuel costs, you can control driver behavior that negatively impacts your fleet’s fuel consumption by:

    • Reducing excessive idling
    • Reducing speeding
    • Eliminating personal or unauthorized vehicle use
    • Minimizing overloading of vehicles
    • Optimizing the use of vehicle and non-vehicle assets
    • Improve maintenance and repair of vehicles
    • Reduce air conditioner or heater use
    • Reduce fuel wastage for non-vehicle assets such as generators

    There are many ways you can improve the fuel consumption of your fleet and spend less on fuel. The more fuel you save, the more money you save, and the more you can increase your profitability. But you can’t do it unless you track it. That’s where MiX by Powerfleet comes in. By tracking your driver’s behavior with telematics data, you can improve it.

  • Risk and Safety Reports

    Poor driving is the number one cause of accidents and crashes. In fact, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) driver error causes approximately 94% of crashes. This makes reducing poor driving behavior vitally important.

    Poor driving behaviors include:

    • Speeding
    • Hard braking
    • Harsh accelerating
    • Not wearing a seat belt
    • Texting while driving

    With MiX by Powerfleet, you can get a detailed report on the behaviors your drivers engage in the most as a group and broken down by individual drivers. The report includes the severity of specific behaviors, such as how far over the speed limit a driver goes and how often. This information helps you make driver training decisions to eradicate these behaviors and improve the overall safety of your fleet, thus reducing risks to your business.

    And after you’ve implemented training, you can use reporting to evaluate driver improvement and use it to motivate or reward your drivers.

  • Optimize Routes

    Optimizing your route can help reduce fuel consumption and wear and tear on your vehicles, while improving fleet efficiency. Even more importantly, it keeps your drivers on time and your customers happy.

    • Saves time by sending drivers to jobs that are close together.
    • Ensures drivers take the best routes to their destinations.
    • Lets you reroute to avoid traffic, poor road conditions, and excess idling.
    • Gives your drivers enough time to get to their job locations, reducing incidents of speeding.
    • Organizes jobs by route for each driver, so they stay within a specific area.

    By optimizing your routes and scheduling drivers to the right routes, you can save on fuel costs, maintenance due to excess wear and tear, and save time for your drivers.

  • Asset Tracking

    Do you know where your trucks are? To keep your lawn maintenance business running smoothly and profitably, you need to know where all your vehicles and assets are, whether they are stationary or on the move.

    With MiX by Powerfleet’ advanced asset tracking for lawn care fleets, you get a real-time view of where your trucks are and which driver is behind the wheel. You can see information relating to driving direction, speed, ignition status, driving violations, and more. Live information streams let you proactively monitor events and send messages to and from the drivers in your fleet.

    Optional services, add-ons, and accessories include:

    • Video recording
    • In-cab navigation
    • Jobs and messaging
    • Satellite communication
    • Driver engagement
    • Hours of Service (HOS)
    • Journey management

Landscape fleets of all sizes can benefit from a telematics solution that helps them keep track of driving hours, overtime, reduce crashes, and improve asset tracking. If your fleet faces any of these challenges, it may time to think about a MiX by Powerfleet software solution. You can choose from easily self-installed hardware and software to more complex feature-rich solutions customized to your needs.

FAQs about MiX by Powerfleet
for Landscaping Fleet Management

  • How do I reduce my fuel costs?

    By tracking your drivers’ habits such as harsh braking, excessive accelerating, speeding, and idling, you can reduce their fuel consumption and your fuel costs. With route optimization, you can ensure your routing and scheduling is efficient, saving on time and fuel costs so you can service more customers on time.
  • How do I reduce accidents?

    Most accidents are due to human error. No one thinks they are a terrible driver, and even if they do, they don’t think their actions will cause an accident. But carelessness is dangerous to your drivers and your business. MiX by Powerfleet tools help your drivers learn to change their behaviors. It assists you in tracking the performance of your drivers, so you know who needs training, and once they’ve received it, whether or not they are improving.
  • How do I track my assets?

    MiX Asset Manager helps you manage your assets with an automatic, electronic registry of your assets, their status, and where they are. You can locate and track them on a map in real-time or historically. This improved visibility and control dramatically reduces the cost of not knowing where your assets are. It also helps you optimize deployment and utilization as your assets move to different worksites.
  • How will I get insights to manage my fleet?

    We offer robust reporting that lets you review and analyze your data in detail in dynamic and customizable formats. You can see truck movement, locations, trips, and usage as well as scoring, fuel, traffic violations, and cost analysis reports.
  • Do I have to download software?

    No, you do not have to download software. An on-board computer collects and transmits vehicle and driver information hosted in a top-tier data center. Your data is accessible online or with a mobile app for Android or iOS.

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