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Understanding ELDs

An electronic logging device (ELD) is a system designed to automatically log driving time in commercial motor vehicles (CMV).

According to the ELD rule mandate set out by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators (CCMTA), commercial motor vehicles in both the USA and Canada must be fitted with Electronic Logging Devices to comply with road safety regulations.

The mandate requires that commercial fleet drivers move away from paper logbooks, which are prone to human error.

ELDs assist drivers with their compliance to HOS rules, ensuring that they have appropriate working hours and rest periods to mitigate fatigue on the road.

With accurate digital logs, fleet operators can also better manage their compliance obligations, driver safety and operational costs.

Streamline Your Operations with our ELD solution

The adoption of ELDs has become paramount for fleet management. Our Next Gen ELD solution not only streamlines operations but also ensures compliance with regulatory standards. Here's a look at how our new ELD solution impacts fleets:
Improved Driver  Experience

Improved Driver Experience

From simplified navigation to intuitive features, our platform enhances every...

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Seamless Hours of Service (HOS) Compliance

Seamless Hours of Service (HOS) Compliance

Achieve unparalleled compliance with Hours of Service (HOS) regulations effortlessly…

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In-App Driver Support  and Guidance

In-App Driver Support and Guidance

Navigate effortlessly through regulatory compliance with in-app driver support and…

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Enhanced Vehicle Maintenance

Enhanced Vehicle Maintenance

Stay ahead of maintenance schedules and mitigate unforeseen breakdowns with...

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Reduced Vehicle Off-Road (VOR) Time

Reduced Vehicle Off-Road (VOR) Time

Optimize fleet uptime and minimize Vehicle Off-Road (VOR) time with our proactive…

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Effective Planning and Management

Effective Planning and Management

Streamline fleet operations and enhance decision-making with our robust…

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Minimal Driver Training = Less Time Lost

Minimal Driver Training = Less Time Lost

Simplify onboarding and training processes with our user-friendly interface…

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Flexibility to Add Apps

Flexibility to Add Apps

You can unlock endless possibilities with our flexible platform, offering seamless…

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Multilingual Support

Multilingual Support

Break down language barriers and cater to diverse workforce demographics…

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Putting Drivers First:
Tailored Solutions for Success

Our ELD solution provides in-app support features that allow drivers to access assistance and resources directly from their mobile devices or onboard systems. Whether it's troubleshooting technical issues, seeking guidance on regulatory compliance, or accessing training materials, in-app support ensures that drivers have the assistance they need at their fingertips.
Improved Driver App For a Seamless Experience
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Log Editing
ELD Solutions
Setting Duty Status Away From Vehicle
Special Driving
Available Hours
Offline ELD With Bluetooth Connectivity
Improved App UX Designed With Driver, For Drivers
Remote Driver Log out
Driver Log Editing
Special Driving Conditions
Available Hours Notifications
Offline ELD With Bluetooth Connectivity
ELD Solutions
Quotes From Drivers

From Drivers

“I like that the app takes drivers through proper form and manner. It’s one of the biggest citations I see”
“Everything is right there”
“You’ve just got to play with it and learn it”
“You have more control over your logs”
“Logging out of the vehicle remotely is the biggest thing”
"After seeing but never using the ELD, I think I'd be able to navigate it and be legal from the start."
“The forced workflow is great - it’s one of the hardest parts of training drivers”

Unlocking Efficiency:
Core Features

Our ELD solution is designed to revolutionize fleet management by offering a comprehensive suite of features that streamline workflows, ensure compliance, and enhance operational efficiency. It offers improved driver experience, deployment flexibility, and highly efficient workflow management.
Deployment Flexibility
Fleet leaders can choose between a BYOD or end-to-end managed service. Both of these provide an ‘open environment’ where adding additional applications to the device or integrating with third-party systems is easier than ever before.
End-to-End Workflow Management
From dispatch to delivery, our ELD solution offers end-to-end workflow management capabilities, enabling fleet managers to orchestrate every aspect of their operations seamlessly. From load assignment and route optimization to tracking and reporting, our solution streamlines processes and improves overall efficiency.
Approval of Admin-Initiated Log Edits
Fleet managers can initiate log edits when necessary, such as correcting errors or addressing discrepancies. Our solution allows for efficient approval workflows, ensuring that all edits are properly reviewed and authorized before being reflected in the electronic logs, maintaining data integrity and compliance.
Flexibility to Add Other Apps
Our solution offers flexibility by allowing the integration of third-party applications to meet specific business needs. Whether it's integrating with accounting software, fuel management systems, or telematics platforms, our solution adapts to the unique requirements of each fleet, maximizing functionality and efficiency.
Tracking Unidentified Driving
Our solution includes advanced tracking capabilities to monitor unidentified driving events, such as instances where the driver is not logged into the ELD system or using a non-compliant device. By identifying and addressing unidentified driving, fleet managers can maintain compliance with HOS regulations and enhance overall safety.
Our user-friendly ELD app provides drivers with an intuitive interface for logging their hours of service, managing duty status changes, and accessing essential information on-the-go. With real-time synchronization and robust data encryption, our app ensures seamless compliance with regulatory requirements while maximizing convenience for drivers.
Roadside Inspections (DOT Exports)
Our solution simplifies roadside inspections by providing DOT-compliant exports of electronic logs, ensuring that drivers have access to accurate and up-to-date records during inspections. With seamless integration with roadside inspection systems, our solution expedites the inspection process, reducing downtime and minimizing disruptions.
Driver License and Endorsement
Our ELD solution includes features for managing driver licenses and endorsements, ensuring that only properly licensed and endorsed drivers operate commercial motor vehicles (CMVs). Fleet managers can easily track and verify driver credentials, enhancing safety and compliance across the fleet.
Deployment Flexibility
Our ELD solution supports deployment flexibility by allowing fleets to bring their own devices (BYOD), or opt for a managed service where our team takes care of the end-to-end integration. Whether using smartphones, tablets, or ruggedized devices, our solution seamlessly integrates with a wide range of devices, ensuring compatibility and ease of use.
Malfunction and Diagnostic Monitoring
Our ELD solution includes built-in diagnostics and monitoring features to detect malfunctions or issues with ELD hardware or software. By proactively identifying and addressing potential issues, fleet managers can minimize downtime, ensure data accuracy, and maintain compliance with regulatory requirements.
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ELD for Fleets - MiX by Powerfleet
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Frequently Asked

ELD for Fleets, Managers, and Drivers
  • How can drivers access support and resources?

    Our ELD solution provides in-app support features for drivers, allowing them to access assistance, troubleshoot technical issues, and seek guidance on regulatory compliance directly from their devices.

  • How does the ELD solution help drivers manage their available Hours of Service?

    Our solution sends notifications to drivers about their available hours of service, helping them manage their driving schedules effectively, avoid violations, and plan rest breaks and driving shifts more efficiently. Drivers also oversee available driving hours on their dashboard when they log into the app.

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Technical requirements and exemptions

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