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  • MiX Releases Full-Year Results
    Powerfleet & MiX Telematics
    Powerfleet & MiX Telematics Announce Transformative Business Combination.
  • MiX Releases Full-Year Results
    MiX Releases Full-Year Results
    To read about our full financial year results, please click the button below.
  • MiX KPI Manager
    Introducing the newly launched MiX KPI Manager. Set KPI targets and actively monitor progress for proactive fleet management at your fingertips.
  • AI Video Based Safety

    Drivers and fleet managers get real-time alerts for risky driving with road- and in-cab facing integrated AI dash cams that help improve safety.


MiX Telematics develops and implements connected fleet and mobile asset management solutions for customers across the globe. We focus our energy on creating hardware and software that is specific to our customers’ requirements and aim to build long-term partnerships.
No matter how big or small your fleet is, which vehicles or assets you own or in which industry you operate, we have the expertise to solve your unique problems and upgrade your fleet operations using state-of-the-art data collection methods and intelligent reporting.
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Innovators in vehicle tracking, as well as, personal safety, and vehicle telematics. 


Keep your vehicle safe with Beame, an easy, discrete, and affordable vehicle tracker.

Fleet & Asset Management

How can MiX Telematics help you?

  • Keep vehicles serviced and safe for the road.

    Monitor driver fatigue and distraction.

    Monitor driver performance and implement a scoring system.

    Develop and apply targeted driver training programs and customized safety policies.

  • Enhance route planning and real-time delivery scheduling.

    Lessen carbon emissions and environmental impact.

    Reduce fuel costs and usage by identifying and correcting inefficient driver behaviors.

    Optimize vehicle uptime by monitoring licensing and scheduling pre-emptive maintenance electronically.

  • Gain access to accurate electronic records on region-specific compliance requirements.

    Track maintenance and licensing to ensure vehicles are roadworthy and safe.

    Ensure drivers are trained, certified and fit to work.

    Get real-time notifications and alerts regarding violations and compliance obligations.

  • Reduce asset theft and abuse via real-time and historical tracking.

    Implement video monitoring to assess unsafe driver behavior and road risks.

    Identify drivers to protect your fleet against misuse.

    Implement vehicle access control and geofencing.

  • Monitor fuel use

    Fleet management for EVs

    Energy management

    Data management

    Driver monitoring

Latest News

Read the latest news on trending industry topics, innovation and fleet improvement.


Fleet Management

70 %
-60 %
-65 %
-80 %
Frost & Sullivan’s 2020 video telematics white paper cites that video telematics can lower driver distraction by 80%, reduce speeding by 65%, increase seatbelt use by 70% and reduce collisions by 60%.


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Vehicle, Driver and Cargo Monitoring

MiX is rated a global leader by ABI Research

ABI Research, commercial telematics vendors competitive ranking, QTR 3, 2022

For All Fleets

We stay ahead of the curve by listening to the unique needs of our customers and keeping up with the latest technology.
Our offerings include:
  • All-inclusive fleet management solutions
  • Vehicle tracking
  • Mobile and fixed asset management
  • Road-facing, driver-facing and external dash cams
  • Electronic login devices
  • In-cab displays
  • Journey management
  • Hours of service management
  • AI-powered reporting suite
  • Driver engagement apps
  • Other...

Our Customers Get
Tangible Results

See for yourself:
  • Wincanton - Customer Testimonial - Mix Telematics
    Transport & Logistics
    MiX Telematics understood our objective of becoming safer and helped to improve our drivers’ behaviour by providing them with the motivation to change. MiX has a number of tools that help with behavioural change and we’ve seen significant efficiency savings since implementation.
  • Iberdrola - Customer Testimonial - Mix Telematics
    Renewable Energy
    MiX provides Iberdrola Group with a global and comprehensive solution, allowing us to make the most of a Telematics tool by sharing technical and management expertise, professional skills, and operational experience across diverse businesses and countries. Through MiX Telematics intelligence solution Iberdrola has identified the appropriate levers to address vehicle fleet optimization and electrification challenges towards sustainability and reduction of carbon emissions, making it one of the key platforms for achieving our global goals.
    Antonio Collada Banderas, Global Head of Business Services, Iberdrola
  • Nottingham - Customer Testimonial - Mix Telematics
    Public Transport
    The data that MiX Telematics provides gives us valuable insight into driver behaviors. Using this in-depth data, we were able to develop expert training and incentive programs for our drivers. This is without doubt helping us in our aim to carry on being an industry-recognized leader in our field.
  • Dunns - Customer Testimonial - Mix Telematics
    Oil & Gas
    After implementing the MiX Telematics solution, our driver behavior score improved by 98.7%, something that was way beyond our expectations. Our vehicle maintenance costs have reduced significantly, giving us a saving of over $40,000 on suspension repairs alone. For our bigger clients, safe driving habits are of paramount importance and the ability to identify unruly operator behavior with the assistance of MiX’s technology has helped us retain them for continued future success.
  • Cardiff Bus - Customer Testimonial - Mix Telematics
    Public Transport
    Cardiff Bus
    MiX Telematics has added value to our fleet processes, which has enabled us to keep our vehicles on the road and operate a safer, more reliable fleet for customers and drivers alike.
  • ITA Transportes - Customer Testimonial - Mix Telematics
    Rental & Leasing
    ITA Transportes
    By managing safety-related events using MiX Telematics’ technology, we have achieved great benefits with regards to reducing fuel consumption. We have experienced a 14.8% improvement in fuel efficiency since implementation and today the telematics system practically pays for itself with just the savings it provides us each month.
  • H&M Removals - Customer Testimonial - MiX Telematics
    Storage & Logistics
    H&M Removals
    Implementing MiX Telematics’ premium fleet management solution has helped us achieve maximum uptime and given us the ability to produce highly accurate logging and live fleet tracking reports. We’ve only experienced outstanding performance from MiX Telematics and saw no challenges during the rollout of the system. We will continue to rely on MiX Telematics for all our fleet management needs in the future.
MiX Telematics

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All our departments comprise of highly skilled staff that are passionate about customer service and technically familiar with every one of the MiX Telematics products. This includes the entire range of software and telematics services as well as all the hardware devices that MiX Telematics designs and manufactures.
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