Fleet types and sizes

Solutions for all fleet types and sizes

Telematics solutions are fully customisable to offer you the targeted SaaS you need to optimize operations and cut costs. Read on to find out which solution might suit your needs.
No matter the type or size of fleet, there are telematics solutions to help you boost efficiency and improve your bottom line.

Solutions for All Fleet Types and Sizes

Get Connected, Stay Protected

Commercial fleets of any type and size have much to gain by implementing a telematics solution to help track and trace their drivers, assets, and vehicles. Robust, intelligent reporting allows operators to delve deep into fleet processes to identify inefficiencies of all kinds. Once identified, fleet managers can set KPI targets and implement solutions to help achieve them.

As each customer is different, and their fleet management needs are unique, MiX by Powerfleet’ connected SaaS technology works to actively improve fleet efficiency at every level. 

Types of Fleets

Fleet Enablers 

Fleet enablers category are mainly used for transportation by customers instead of fleet drivers — examples being the rental or leasing industry. With this in mind, the fleet enabler's core concern is providing an efficient and reliable service for their customers and ensuring that their assets are utilised optimally. 

Managers of fleet enablers’ main goal is to function at maximum efficiency, as their vehicles need to operate with as little downtime as possible. This means assets must be regularly maintained and well taken care of. Avoiding regular services can lead to costly repairs in the event of breakdowns, crashes, or general vehicle depreciation — so rather save yourself the trouble and take protective measures. 

Ensuring that your fleet is maintained also carries over into making sure that drivers take the necessary safety precautions, follow the rules of the road and meet compliance requirements. 

A fleet management solution helps operators keep a close eye on vehicle and driver performance. A telematics solution like MiX Fleet ManagerTM alerts fleet managers when their vehicles are due for a service. Additionally, this tool helps foster a culture of safety with drivers as it helps you spot and manage hazardous driving behaviours, like speeding. 

Utilising this technology helps fleet enablers improve customer service by guaranteeing their assets are healthy and efficient, decreasing downtime.  

Grey Fleet 

A grey fleet is when employee-owned vehicles are used for business purposes. This fleet type is rapidly growing as businesses like Uber, Lyft or Deliveroo become more popular, thus requiring more drivers to be added to their fleets. It is estimated that there are 14 million gray fleets on UK roads. 

Driver safety, efficiency and compliance are key concerns for this fleet type. Driver Tracking solutions, like MyMiXTM Tracking, is a cost-effective option that requires no hardware installation and can be easily accessed via a compatible smartphone and the forementioned app. 

MyMiX collects data regarding:

  • GPS positioning
  • Distance traveled
  • Duration on road
  • Max Speed traveled 
  • Notable driver events, like speeding

This data is recorded and accessible by the driver post-trip, helping them identify areas of improvement.

Similarly to fleet enablers, vehicle maintenance is a key aspect of an efficient grey fleet. If the vehicle has minimal downtime, the driver can work more efficiently. 

Core Fleet 

Core fleets are used by an entity on a routine basis, typically operating in the transport and distribution sectors. Examples of vehicles that fall into this category are bus fleets or smaller-scale delivery vehicles. This makes driver behavior, safety, and streamlining operations vital for this fleet type. 

As these vehicles are operated by professional drivers, core fleet operators should knuckle down on ensuring drivers have appropriate training, practice road safety, and are careful yet efficient with the dispatching process. 

Utilising a telematics solution offers real-time monitoring, helping to pinpoint risky driver behaviors that can pose a threat to your fleet’s safety. Moreover, solutions like MiX Rovi IITM offers in-cab coaching which ensures safety, compliance, and efficiency for your drivers. 

Another key point of interest for this fleet is streamlining the dispatching process and making it as efficient as possible. This would involve: 

  • safeguarding all assets and making sure that they’re properly utilised
  • being compliant — be it with company policies, service-level agreements (SLAs), different legislation and abide by the rules of the road
  • being timely and ensuring deliveries are punctual or sticking to your travel schedule. 

Ancillary Fleet 

Ancillary fleets are used as support or supplemental vehicles for a business and are focused on dispatching. An example of an ancillary fleet could be trucks that transport product for one brand, or that carry goods for numerous businesses from time to time. However, ancillary fleets are not limited to one specific type of vehicle and can be dynamic — consisting of bikes, vans, trucks or all of the above. 

As the dispatching is central to this fleet type, occasional drivers operate the vehicles, working on a rotational or proximate basis. Occasional drivers may behave differently from professional drivers and may need to be monitored more closely. 

For this reason, a solution that is best suited for this type of fleet is the MyMiX Tracking app, which offers fleet managers real-time GPS tracking regarding a driver’s behaviour on the road. Having this technology onboard allows for immediate self-correction on the driver’s part, leading to better road safety overall. 

Vehicle health is another primary concern for this type of fleet as your vehicles need to be in tip-top shape in order to remain efficient. Tracking your driving behaviour is also useful in this regard as harsh acceleration and breaking or taking corners abruptly can have a negative effect on your vehicle’s wellbeing. In fact, preventing this can lead to a 20% reduction in maintenance costs. 

What’s more, operators can’t risk high operational costs or vehicles being out of action, as this leads to productivity taking a hit. You can ensure timeous vehicle maintenance with the use of a telematics solution, like MiX Fleet Manager. This technology can assist by alerting fleet managers when they’re due for a service, help them to closely monitor fleet activity and schedule downtime to avoid vehicle strain. 

Operational Mover 

An operational mover is a company that uses its fleet in its daily operations. You could find these types of fleets in manufacturing, construction, agriculture or oil field industries. 

The main use of these vehicles is to assist with the automation of menial tasks, like carrying equipment and transporting technicians around on a building or mining site. Operational movers are considered to be an 'upstream' type of fleet as they’re more involved in manufacturing the goods than transporting or delivering them.

Due to the environments these fleets operate in, safety and compliance are key concerns. At MiX, we offer road and in-cab facing cameras that are integrated with AI technology, like MiX Vision AI, helping guarantee the safety of your fleet from all angles. 

From a compliance point of view, MiX’s Hours of Service (HOS) solution ensures fleets are fully compliant with the electronic logging device (ELD) mandate. This system manages the number of hours spent driving, helping to avoid fatigue-related incidents — something that could be detrimental in high-pressure environments, like construction. HOS sends real-time alerts if a driver violates their specific parameters, allowing for immediate intervention. 

Conglomerates Fleets 

Conglomerates or mixed fleets usually perform multiple functions as they’re employed by large organisations that operate at a commercial level. As these companies are the largest type of fleet, they also make use of a variety of vehicle types that perform multiple different tasks on a daily basis. 

Your fleet’s effect on the environment would be a primary concern for this fleet type. As there are more vehicles operating, fleet managers would have to be cognizant of their fuel consumption and monitor their vehicles and drivers closely to prevent inefficiency and ensure proper maintenance.

Conglomerate fleets are bigger, meaning that they require customised solutions to cater to their plethora of needs. For this reason, a bespoke telematics solution would be the best fit for a fleet of this size. As there are more stakeholders, fleet managers and assets involved at this level, an all-encompassing solution, like MiX Fleet Manager Premium, would be the perfect starting point. From there, your business can pick and choose add-on services that suit your needs.  

Find out which of our fleet management solutions is best suited to your fleet type, here.

Solutions for all fleet types and sizes
Fleet types and sizes
A fully-implemented and supported MiX by Powerfleet solution is guaranteed to improve driver safety and reduce accident rates while also lowering risk, liability and cost.
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