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Recovery. Simply Sorted.

Compact, Streamlined and Affordable – Beame Is Your Key to Vehicle Theft Recovery.

Vehicle Security, Simply Sorted

Beame, your discreet and cost-effective wireless solution, comes equipped with a 3-year battery life, ensuring hassle-free installation in any vehicle.

Approved by most leading insurance providers in South Africa, Beame is there in the unfortunate event of vehicle hijacking or theft.

Our dedicated recovery teams, are at your service around the clock, 365 days a year, swiftly and efficiently tracking your stolen vehicle and facilitating its recovery without any extra charges.

For your utmost safety, only our authorised agents can track your vehicle in emergency situations.

Proudly South African

As a South African-born brand, having revolutionised the wireless recovery industry in 2011,
Beame is known for its guaranteed reliability and true convenience.

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The Evolution of Vehicle
Security with Beame

Since 2011, Beame has driven innovation in vehicle security. Their continuous investment in research and development has revolutionised the industry. By using state-of-the-art technology, their advanced recovery devices offer real-time location updates in cases of recovery, providing peace of mind to vehicle owners. This commitment to innovation has gained recognition and adoption globally, establishing Beame as an industry leader. Their dedication to R&D ensures customers receive cutting-edge recovery solutions.

Seamless Transition

Beame and Matrix Integration

Beame customers can now conveniently access all their device information through the new Matrix app. Simply log on to the Matrix app with your Beame credentials to seamlessly monitor your vehicle and your Beame subscription with ease and efficiency.


Lifetime Warranty

Lifetime Warranty

Get a new unit installed at no additional cost when yours needs replacement.


Easy to hide, non-intrusive installation without compromising your vehicles electronics or warranties.
Quick Installation

Quick Installation

Get a new unit installed at no additional cost when yours needs replacement.
National Network Coverage

National Network Coverage

The Beame Stolen Vehicle Recovery device transmits signals to our National.
Matrix Smartphone App

Matrix Smartphone App

The Matrix Vehicle Tracking App makes it easy to check on your Beame unit’s working.

Discover the Advantages of Beame

Wireless Advantage

With Beame, there is no need for any wired connections or complex installations. The device can be easily installed in any vehicle, allowing for a hassle-free experience.

Battery Longevity

Beame is designed to have a battery life of up to 3 years, ensuring long-lasting performance and reliability.

Insurance Approved

Beame is approved and recommended by most leading South African insurance companies, in the event that your vehicle is hijacked or stolen.

Vehicle Security, Simply Sorted

Count on Beame for around-the-clock assistance, whether it’s a breakdown, theft, or any emergency situation. Our dedicated team is always ready to help, providing peace of mind in times of distress.

Behind the scenes, our expert vehicle recovery specialists use advanced tracking technology to swiftly locate and return stolen vehicles. Beame’s expertise makes us a leader in the industry.

We value your personal safety and privacy. Only trained Beame agents can access vehicle tracking, ensuring the security of your information.

Beame is your trusted partner for 24/7 support, efficient vehicle recovery, and personal safety. Your peace of mind is our priority.

Beame Solutions

Beame offers a range of innovative solutions to meet the needs of individuals and businesses alike.
Beame for Me

Beame for Me

Beame for Me is designed for personal use, providing recovery services for vehicles.

With a discrete device installed in your vehicle, you can easily monitor its location within a radius. Beame for Me offers peace of mind for individuals who want to protect their valuable assets and ensure their safety.

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Beame Protect

Beame Protect takes vehicle safety to the next level by offering additional features such as accident and roadside assist, fines assist, pothole assist and windscreen assist.

Read More
Beame For My Business

Beame For My Business

Businesses can also benefit from Beame. By combining the right product, recovery and quality features, Beame covers all necessary aspects for effective recovery at a great price.

Read More

Get Your Beame

With over 250 approved Beame fitment centres across the country, finding a suitable location in your neighbourhood for quick and secure fitment is a breeze.

Selected centres even offer the convenience of mobile fitters, ensuring that you can get your Beame device installed swiftly and effortlessly, saving you time and allowing you to start enjoying the peace of mind that comes with Beame’s reliable vehicle tracking and recovery solutions without any delay.

What Our Customers Have To Say

"You recovered our Toyota Hilux twice in 15 months ... great service and absolute money's worth!!!"

- Jeanne Schutte

"What a fantastic job ... recovered our client's vehicle, after it was stolen early on Sunday morning. Well done, team!"

- Barker Insurance

"... on Saturday morning my Toyota Hilux was stolen and today I got a phone call that my car was recovered. I cannot thank you guys enough ..."

- Markus Hack

"... I dealt with Simone. … friendly helpful, not pushy. A pleasure to deal with."

- Jeremy Dannheisser

"Beame agent, Michael, was incredibly helpful … phoned me every 10 minutes to make sure that I was ok, and to notify me of the location of my car. … I am so grateful ..."

- Karin

"BIG THANK YOU!!! ... Twice in two months you have recovered my car. ... THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!"

- Patrick Tillman

"... you are the best! It was recovered within an hour after I had reported it."

- Bongani Mashile

"... my hero, as a mother trusting Beame to protect her son's car, you came out on top ... #‎gratitude."

- Sandra Struthers Botha

"Beame recovered our Hilux twice in one week. … Thank you, Beame, for awesome service."

- Cindy

"My husband was hijacked right outside our home. … I spoke to Michael, who acted quickly and kept me updated. … with the help of Beame, I got my car back in perfect condition!"

- Asgari Khan

"… three armed men pulled me out of my car, threw me onto the ground and drove away with my car. I had a Beame … it wasn't long before I was notified that my car had been found recovered."

- Clement Tholoana

Personal Vehicle Insurance Requirements

Matrix and Beame are approved by all major insurance providers in South Africa. Please contact your insurance provider to find out which device will be best suited to your needs. High risk vehicles may be required to install multiple devices.

Insurance Providers That Recommend MiX Consumer Products

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