Effective Kpi Management

  • Introducing MiX KPI Manager - set KPI goals, customise dashboards and proactively meet your quarterly targets.
  • KPI Manager is available for all existing MiX Premium fleet customers who have access to the integrated KPI management module on the platform.

Actionable Insights. All In One Place

Built to leverage MiX’s powerful embedded fleet data, MiX Insight Dashboards, now with MiX KPI Manager, provides full customisable self-service analytics - allowing you to visually track your performance on specific issues impacting your fleet’s risk, safety, efficiency, and sustainability.

Managing your KPIs against organisational goals has never been more effortless. With KPI Manager, you can access and action your KPIs daily, taking proactive steps to reduce fleet management risk.

Manage Your Fleet Data
More Effectively

Accelerate the time it takes you to view reports and see your ROI. Reduce risky driving events with MiX KPI Manager by defining your targets and then automatically receive easy-to-use updates every day that allows you to effortlessly manage your fleet and drivers.

How It Benefits You

Remove The Hassle Of Reporting

With MiX KPI Manager you can view risky driving events, set goals for improvement, as well as manage and track the progress daily, weekly, and monthly.

How It Works

Set A Goal
Set a goal that matters, like ‘reduce speeding events by 10%’.
Define A Date Range
Define the date range to evaluate e.g. annual, financial quarter, monthly, weekly.
View Progress
View charts that show how you track against your goals. Drill in deeper to get to the core of the problem. All in one place.
Manage Problem Areas
Easily view and manage problem areas. Take fast action to mitigate reputational and financial risk.
Reach Your Goals
Take corrective steps and reach your fleet targets effortlessly.

Watch our video to learn more

Our explainer video explores MiX Insights Dashboard, an easy, fast and effective way
to spot fleet performance problems and take action.
Watch Our KPI Management Video

A word from us

“Never has it been easier to set a target and monitor progress whilst seeing where action is needed.”

- Erika Schoeman, MiX Product Owner

The Problem

“Currently, our fleet averages over 30 speeding events per 100mi.

We need to reduce this over the next quarter to 20 events, or less, per 100mi and we need a way to monitor and manage it more effectively.”

The Solution

“MiX KPI Manager is the answer! Every day you’ll get an update about tracking against your target, where the problem areas in your fleet are occurring, and the driving events that are adding to your risk.

With the right information, you can preemptively coach drivers to increase the likelihood of meeting your targets"

The Problem

“We need to save on our fleet costs and our fuel costs contribute most towards our total costs. We need to focus on unnecessary mileage and keep idling as low as possible to reduce our fuel expenses.

Our excessive idle is 40/100mi and to do frequent enough analysis to ascertain where the problems lie is very time-consuming.

We have to get the excessive idle per 100mi down by 50% by the end of this year.”

The Solution

“MiX KPI Manager is the solution for you! Track your excessive idling KPI chart to see if you are tracking to your goal and easily see where (at which sites) the problem is more prevalent and with which drivers.

This will give more insight on where to take action and easily and put you in control of your expenses and target achievement.”


MiX KPI Manager and Insights Dashboard are powerful tools for any fleet manager who wants to streamline operations. It saves time, minimises effort, and reduces risk with full access to data all in one place, and actionable steps to quickly address problems as they arise.
  • Easy access to operational performance
    Easy access to weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual operational performance — all in one place.
  • No manual reporting
    No manual reporting or preparing data to determine performance.
  • Easily view your data
    Easily view your data and drill deeper for
    more insights.
  • Instant view of all KPI performance

    Instant view of all KPI performance
    against targets.

  • Instant view of problem areas

    Instant view of problem areas in your
    business units.

  • Take daily action against operational targets

    Take daily action against operational targets, increasing fleet efficiency and productivity.


    • “With no effort at all, our solution makes sense of the data and provides insights to customers on how they are progressing and where they need to focus their attention.”

    • “We are excited about this innovation and so are our customers. It delivers compelling value in a very simple and easy-to-use interface.”

    - Catherine Lewis, Executive VP Technology and Managing Director

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      Existing Customer
      If you’re an existing customer, please contact our support team where your customer success manager will assist you with your company’s KPI set-up and demo the reporting capability.

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