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Value Added Services

MiX by Powerfleet offers a range of complementary products to enhance MiX Fleet Manager. Add additional value to your telematics solution with a wide range of accessories and services.

MiX Insight Analyser

An online business intelligence tool that allows fleet managers to use big data in order to answer pressing fleet questions. The platform features a dynamic interface, which is user-driven and cuts through the frustration of static telematics reports. Fleet managers are able to ‘slice-and-dice’ their fleet data, while visualising it in a variety of engaging formats such as tables, graphs, and charts. Using the solution, fleet customers can look forward to significant cost reductions and improved operational efficiencies.

MiX Vision – Eyes on your fleet

In-vehicle cameras capturing video footage, allowing fleet managers to review driving-related incidents. It integrates with the MiX FM Premium device to provide fleet managers with an accurate inside view of their fleet operations, to improve driver safety, increase profitability and have better control of their fleet. Driving related incidents are costing fleet operators millions each year – in fuel, maintenance costs, damages and insurance claims. When an event occurs, it triggers the automatic upload of two videos – one showing the driver and one showing the road. Events include harsh events (like acceleration, braking and cornering), accidents and impact events, critical events (such as panic button pressed, dash tamper or power down), and even seatbelt alerts. Extended high-resolution videos are available on demand, including up to few seconds before and after the event occurred and any specific time that the vehicle was in-trip within the last 72-hour period.

MiX Vision Bureau Service

The MiX Vision Bureau, consisting of a dedicated team focusing solely on this solution, oversees the health service for the MiX Vision camera systems by ensuring that all cameras are in full working order. The specialised team provides regular feedback to clients concerning driver behaviour and the health status of the cameras. This assists clients in obtaining camera footage of requested incidents, helping with all MiX Vision related queries and reporting all faults found on cameras.

MiX Sat Comms - Reliable, global satellite communication

Integrates with MiX Fleet Manager Premium to provide reliable and cost-effective global satellite communication in areas with limited or no GSM/GPRS coverage. By using satellite communication, MiX Sat Comms ensures uninterrupted access to mobile assets, regardless of connectivity outages. Critical event notifications are therefore never missed which improves driver safety and security. High-risk or high-value loads can always be tracked. MiX Sat Comms offers a choice of airtime contracts with one of two satellite service providers: Iridium and Inmarsat.

MiX Track and React Bureau Service – 24/7 control of your fleet

To realise the full benefits of a telematics fleet management system, drivers need to be proactively managed in real-time. The MiX Track and React bureau service is an outsourced control room used to mitigate risk and ensure safety of vehicles and drivers on behalf of the client. This hands-on, critical driving event management service results in fuel cost savings and increased productivity, making the service self-funding.

MiX ReportMyDriving

The MiX ReportMyDriving monitoring solution supplies fleets with a hotline service. Stickers with the hotline number are placed on vehicles, which in turn help increase “eyes on the road” as the public are provided with a helpful, independent method to report vehicles who have caused driving transgressions. This solution keeps drivers accountable for their actions and reduces driving risk, as the drivers become more aware of their driving style.


Driver Management Module

An innovative driver engagement platform that further enables MiX Fleet Manager customers to run safer and more efficient fleet operations. MyMiX gives drivers a tangible opportunity to own the important process of continuous improvement

Task Management Module

MyMiX Task Management is an application for effective communication and engagement with mobile fieldworkers to reduce costs, improve productivity & efficiency.

MiX Talk – Hands-free communication

A hands-free, in-vehicle communications device that reduces driver distraction and communication costs, because drivers don’t need to be equipped with mobile phones. The MiX Talk keypad is programmed with a fixed number of predefined contact numbers in order to control incoming and outgoing calls. It is also equipped with a hands-free microphone and speaker, which ensure optimum sound reproduction. Please note that MiX Talk is a stand-alone solution with its own SIM card and is not integrated with the MiX Fleet Manager platform.

MiX Panic Button

With the transport industry being a high risk environment, it is crucial to provide drivers with the means to alert the control room in case of a hi-jacking or if they are pulled over by an unidentified person or vehicle. The panic button is pushed by the driver in the event of an emergency, which sends a silent alert to the control room, initiating a very serious emergency response.

MiX Driver Identification

The blue driver code-plug, commonly known as the Driver ID tag, is used to control or restrict vehicle access and link drivers to a specific vehicle. The driver tag ensures that each trip undertaken has a driver associated with it, thus enabling you to associate driving violations and events with specific drivers and enabling input into driver training and incentive programmes.
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