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Value-added services

Amplify Fleet Efficiency

In-Cab Coaching Aids

Improve Driving Style And Performance

MiX by Powerfleet is a leading provider of fleet management solutions to many of the world’s top passenger transport, as well as logistics companies, so we understand how important it is to help deliver the very best service to customers by improving efficiency and passenger comfort.
To do just that, we offer three in-cab coaching aids that assist drivers with improving their driving style and performance.
MiX DriveMate

MiX DriveMateTM

MiX DriveMate is an in-vehicle driver display, offered as a driver performance feature on the MiX Fleet Manager platform. It alerts drivers to their driving habits through a system of seven LED lights.

If a driver does not self-correct their behaviour, a buzzer sounds to notify them and the associated event will go on to be recorded in MiX Fleet Manager for an authorised person to review.

Not only does MiX DriveMate promote safe and efficient driving while drivers are on the clock, but it also affords them the privacy they require when off the clock too.

MiX DriveMate can also be integrated with the MyMiX app to enable drivers to track and monitor their driving performance and scores.

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MiX DriveMate

Driver Coaching

Keep drivers engaged with an app that tracks driving performance against company objectives.

MyMiX is a driver-focused mobile app designed to encourage safer driving habits and improve driver engagement through alerts and driver scoring. The extension of MyMiX Tracking allows the mobile phone to be used as a tracking device.

MyMiX provides drivers with direct access to helpful information that allows them to monitor and manage their performance.

This ultimately encourages them to drive more economically and more safely, subsequently helping to positively and directly impact your business’s bottom line.

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Rovi Mini

Rovi Mini

MiX Rovi Mini is an in-cab colour display for presenting live driver feedback (RIBAS) and preventable maintenance events from the vehicle CAN bus.

MiX Rovi Mini simplifies driver coaching, resulting in safer driving and cost saving.

By delivering real-time feedback on driving style, it facilitates ongoing operational improvements, promoting safer driving practices and contributing to cost savings.

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Hours of Service

Safeguard Your Drivers

MiX Hours of Service is a telematics solution and electronic logging offering that covers the entire operational business process of driver fatigue management; helping you maintain your Operators licence or industry-specific compliance standard by keeping track of your fleet maintenance, electronic logging of driving hours, all while undergoing constant testing and plugging into the DTCO.

Integrated Solutions

Access Integrated Fleet Data To Simplify Decision-Making

Telematics data is invaluable to the safety, efficiency and compliance of your fleet. It helps you identify poor driver behaviour, monitor fuel consumption, improve fleet utilisation, and implement driver training.

However, organising this crucial data should be done in a meaningful and accessible way.

MiX Integrate is an intuitive API platform connector that extracts your driver and vehicle data straight from the source and plugs it directly into any third-party system or program of your choosing, allowing you to use your telematics data outside of MiX Fleet Manager.

Using in-depth filtering options and a wide variety of data points, you can select exactly what information gets uploaded to which business system, simplifying fleet-related decision-making.

Strategic Partnership For Maximised Benefits

Effectively realising your ROI goals through telematics implementation is just the beginning. To ensure ongoing and substantial improvements that lead to enhanced financial savings, MiX by Powerfleet offers embedded consultancy services, fostering a symbiotic relationship between organisations and our dedicated Customer Success Managers (CSMs) for continuous telematics data management support.
Dedicated MiX Customer Success Manager
True Understanding of Your Business
Data Management Support
Guaranteed Long-Term Progression

Transform Your Fleet With A Proven Telematics Solution. Boost Safety, Cut Costs And Drive Success.

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MiX by Powerfleet

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All our departments comprise of highly skilled staff that are passionate about customer service and technically familiar with every one of the MiX by Powerfleet products. This includes the entire range of software and telematics services as well as all the hardware devices that MiX by Powerfleet designs and manufactures.
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