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MiX Fleet ManagerTM

Fleet Management solutions for effortless, tangible results.

Connected & protected fleet

Fleet management solutions offer fleet operators unlimited access to data on their vehicles and drivers, with a host of features, tools and reports to maximise return on investment.

The solution comprises a sophisticated onboard computer, which collects and transmits valuable vehicle and driver data. This data is hosted in one of several top-tier data centres, and information is accessible online or via a mobile app (for Android or iOS).

Our customers from around the world agree: Whatever the goal – be it to save fuel, improve safety, increase utilisation or enhance customer service – MiX Fleet Manager is proven to bring about guaranteed and significant results.

A Solution that brings you results

Vital Tracking Functionality

The tracking module provides a real-time view of a vehicle or asset’s position – whether it’s stationary or on the move – and which driver is behind the wheel. It also shows information relating to speed, driving direction, ignition status, driving violations, past trips and more.

Live Information Streams

Live streams are user-defined and contain information about events and messages to and from the connected asset and/or driver.

For priority trips, a stream can be undocked and kept open while navigating the rest of the application.

Powerful Reporting Suite

The solution’s reporting capability enables data to be reviewed and analysed in detail or in dynamic and customisable formats.

Reports include information on:

  • Movement
  • Location
  • Trip and utilisation reports
  • Driver scoring
  • Fuel usage
  • Event violations
  • Cost analysis

Flexible to your Needs

MiX Fleet Manager Premium is compatible with a flexible range of services, add-ons and accessories by MiX by Powerfleet.

Depending on specific operational goals or regional requirements, customers can tailor their solution to fit their business’ needs.

What can our fleet management solutions do for you?



MiX4000 provides a bird’s-eye view of your fleet operations by tracking the precise location of vehicles using GPS and GSM technology.


Seamlessly tailored to meet the unique needs of your business, our comprehensive platform empowers you with the tools and insights to drive efficiency, boost productivity, and maximise profitability.

From real-time tracking and advanced analytics to streamlined maintenance scheduling and fuel optimisation, our solution puts you in the driver's seat of your fleet operations. With an intuitive interface and customisable features, managing your fleet has never been easier.


Track vehicle location in real-time and historically

Create virtual geographic boundaries

Detect misuse by drivers

Gather vehicle diagnostics

Manage trips from start to finish for improved efficiency.

Recover stolen vehicles more easily.


Ribas® Display

When it comes to the safety and comfort of passengers or the monitoring of risky driver behaviour, it’s easier to correct a problem once you’ve pinpointed it.

In-Cab Display, Providing Real-Time Feedback on Driving Style

The RIBAS® Display from MiX by Powerfleet is an innovative in-cab driving aid that puts drivers in control of managing their driving style, empowering them to prevent any violations and related repercussions. As a result, operators are now able to improve driver and vehicle performance – often without any intervention at all – and, in turn, reduce fuel consumption, carbon emissions, and accident rates.


Various configuration options

The unit can be configured in a number of different ways to provide customers with the most effective method of delivering alerts to a driver.

LED indicators and audible warnings

In addition to the LED indicators that will shine amber for a warning or red for a violation, there is also an internal buzzer that will issue an audible warning for amber and red alerts

RAG scoring and reports

Drivers are scored according to their driving behaviour in the areas of over-revving, excessive idling, harsh braking, harsh acceleration and over-speeding. (R) Red indicates a violation, (A) amber indicates a warning and (G) indicates a favourable state.

Driver behaviour self-management

Thanks to instant feedback provided about their driving style, drivers are encouraged to correct unfavourable driving habits before an event is recorded.

Solution add-on

The RIBAS® Display works in conjunction with a MiX by Powerfleet fleet management solution that offers vehicle tracking, real-time notifications, downloading of data and more through its advanced software platform.

Robust reporting

The solution’s reporting suite enables data to be reviewed and analysed in various formats. In addition to driver scoring, other reports include movement, location, and trip and utilisation reports, as well event violations and cost analysis reports.


MiX Rovi Mini

MiX Rovi Mini is the next-generation touch screen in-cab driver feedback device that tracks driver location in real time and enables you to set speed limits via geofencing technology.

MiX Rovi Mini is an in-cab colour display for presenting live driver feedback (RIBAS) and preventable maintenance events from the vehicle CAN bus. Empowered by these real-time insights into driving style, MiX Rovi Mini simplifies driver coaching, resulting in safer driving and cost saving.


Colour LED display with touch screen

Driving Alerts (RIBAS)

Maintenance Events

Estimated RAG Score at end of trip

RFID Driver Identification

Audio and Voice Alerts

Anti-Tamper Lock


Mix DriveMate

MiX DriveMate is an ingenious little in-vehicle driver display offered as an extension to MiX Fleet Manager. Not only does MiX DriveMate promote safe and efficient driving while drivers are on the clock, but affords them the privacy they require when off the clock too.

Safety and efficiency are equally as important, but hard to gauge when vehicles are used for both personal and business purposes. This is particularly true for fleets of company cars, as well as those operating in the Service, Utility, Delivery and Construction segments.

The use of MiX DriveMate within fleets makes it easy to identify and expose at-risk drivers and take corrective action before a crash occurs. Addressing key behaviours that negatively impact driver’s performance helps drivers reduce the occurrences of risky driving behaviours without much intervention or consequence.


Live driver feedback

Through a system of seven LED lights that illuminate from green (safe) to amber (warning) to red (violation), drivers are notified in real-time if they speed or accelerate, brake or corner too harshly.

Event recordings

Should a driver not self-correct when warned, an event will be recorded in MiX Fleet Manager for viewing and reporting purposes by the authorised person.

Driver identification cards

MiX by Powerfleet will issue a driver identification card to each driver, which is scanned by MiX DriveMate for driver identification purposes. MiX DriveMate is also compatible with many existing company ID cards.

Personal and business modes

Drivers can switch from “Business” to “Personal mode at the touch of a button, which helps categorise mileage for tax purposes. Managers can still obtain reports on business or personal usage based on the driver or vehicle.

Alarm button and buzzer

For lone workers, a panic button can be configured to send out an alert if a the driver finds him/herself in trouble. The button can also be configured for other events, depending on segment requirements.

Flexible fitment options

Because it is small and unobtrusive, MiX DriveMate can be positioned in various places in a vehicle’s cab, therefore catering for many different vehicle makes and models.

MiX Fleet Manager EssentialTM

Simple, reliable and affordable management solution for fleets of all sizes

MiX Fleet Manager Essential is designed to boost efficiency with features like tracking, vehicle management and driver behaviour management.

MiX Fleet Manager Essential is affordable and accessible to fleets of all types and sizes. It’s the perfect choice for fleet managers and owners who want to know exactly where their vehicles are and how they’re being driven with an indispensable set of features, including tracking, vehicle management and driver behaviour monitoring.

Vehicles are fitted with a small on-board computer that captures and transmits vehicle and driver data. Users can then access this information online, via the solution’s web-based software platform. Both web and mobile interfaces are easy to navigate and are compatible with multiple browsers and operating systems. So, data and reports are available 24/7 from any internet-enabled computer as well as from smartphones and/or tablet devices.

MiX 2000 ON-Board Computer


  • Vehicle Management
  • Location Management (geofencing)
  • Basic driver management
  • In-depth reporting capabilities
  • Event monitoring with real-time notifications
  • MiX Fleet Management Mobile for app access to data
  • Service and licensing interval reminders


Improved operational efficiency, with the integrated reporting suite delivering reports via email.
Enables fleet operators to speed up arrival times and provide customers with more accurate estimated times of arrival.
Fuel savings and improved safety due to driver behaviour modification, through real-time driver information and event notifications.
Service and licensing reminder feature ensures assets are kept operational through the efficient management of maintenance schedules. This ensures fewer unnecessary costs and unexpected breakdowns.
Reduced risk and unauthorised vehicle usage. Knowing where mobile assets are and being notified about their operational statuses enables customers to reduce mileage, defend false accident claims and ensure that their vehicles are not being used outside of authorised hours.
Improved driver behaviour with basic driver management by configuring various event alerts including speeding, harsh acceleration and harsh braking.

    MiX Plug and Play (OBDII)

    An easy-to-use plug ‘n play device that you can self-install. Track fleet activities and get daily notifications about fleet performance to manage trips, lower fuel costs, monitor driver behaviour and more.

    Connect device to OBDII port with easy installation One flat subscription fee No installation cost

    Self-Install Fleet Management. Made Easy


    • Easy self-installation
    • See driving events
    • Trip distance and duration
    • Location visits
    • Location duration
    • Live tracking
    • Alerts and notifications
    • Tamper alerts


    A powerful tracker that feeds all your fleets’ data into one, easy-to-use dashboard
    Quick and easy setup

    Quick and easy setup

    Don’t worry about fooling around with complicated hardware and software setup, Plug ‘n Play makes it easy.

    Easy-to-use Dashboard

    Easy-to-use Dashboard

    Access an interactive dashboard that makes it easy to see the information you need.

    Optimise Your Payroll

    Optimise Your Payroll

    Correct, efficient, and accurate payroll depends on precise reporting of driving hours, especially over time.

    Reduce Fuel Usage

    Reduce Fuel Usage

    Poor driving directly impacts how much fuel your fleet uses. Consider this: idling can use up to a half gallon of fuel per hour.

    Prevent Time Theft

    Prevent Time Theft

    Easily validate drivers’ shift details by setting up geo-fences for locations such as work sites, popular lunch spots, or a driver’s home.

    Increased Vehicle Utilisation

    Increased Vehicle Utilisation

    If you’ve ever wondered if you have the expected number of vehicles on the road at certain times, we can help.

      Sign-up is as easy as 1-2-3

      The Plug ‘n Play tracking device simplifies the fleet management process and is delivered straight to your door.

      Installation is easy with a straightforward QR code activation process. No training is required for you or your drivers/operators. The device can be plugged into an OBD II port that’s easily accessible in most vehicles.

      MiX by Powerfleet

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      All our departments comprise of highly skilled staff that are passionate about customer service and technically familiar with every one of the MiX by Powerfleet products. This includes the entire range of fleet management software and telematics services as well as all the hardware devices that MiX by Powerfleet designs and manufactures.
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