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We Are Committed To
Global Fleet

We are committed to reducing CO2 emissions by optimising fleet operations for our
customers to support planet-saving and futureproofing environmental efforts across the globe.

Improve Fleet Sustainability Now

  • Monitoring Fuel Use

    Monitoring Fuel Use

    Fuel inefficiency is one of the biggest problem areas in fleet businesses and can increase the carbon footprint considerably.
  • Energy Management

    Energy Management

    Our fleet management capabilities help our customers monitor their assets and vehicles by providing reliable diagnostic data about utilisation via performance reporting and real-time alerts.
  • Data Management

    Data Management

    Increasingly, the application of machine learning and AI to interpret and synthesise precious customer insights from raw materials and mines.
  • Driver Monitoring

    Driver Monitoring

    Drivers and operators are the heartbeats of fleet-first companies. It is often the first puzzle to solve when fleet leaders are looking to impact tangible change across their operations.

The Complete Guide To Fleet Sustainability

Learn how targeted telematics can significantly reduce operational costs and increase fleet sustainability by helping you to economise on fuel and minimise harmful CO2 emissions.
The Complete Guide To Fleet Sustainability
What you can expect from MiX’s Fleet Sustainability Playbook:
  • Discover how can telematics help fleet sustainability
  • Learn about global challenges and industry trends
  • Take a look at innovative technologies on the horizon
  • See what MiX leaders are saying about fleet sustainability

"We believe in building long-term partnerships that create an environment in which our customers can operate more sustainably by using fleet management technology to reduce their CO2 emissions."

- Stefan Joselowitz, CEO & Founder of MiX by Powerfleet

Learn More About How Fleet Management Can Support Electric Fleets

Delve into the pros and cons of transitioning to EV fleets.
Learn More About How Fleet Management Can Support Electric Fleets

Telematics in The Forestry & Timber Industry

From enhancing timber transport and preventing illegal logging to promoting conservation practices and improving on-site safety, telematics has the potential to transform the forestry and timber industry’s approach to sustainability.

Customer Satisfaction

Our customers play a pivotal role in keeping economies running. We are committed to improving their fleet sustainability by reducing their impact on the environment using fleet telematics. Helping our customers reduce operational costs and deliver on their green goals is one of our key business drivers.

By Partnering With MiX by Powerfleet, Our Customers Have Eliminated Tonnes Of Harmful Co2 Emissions

An Annual Impact Of 540,000 Tonnes Of Co2 Saved Globally Through Mix Sustainability Solutions.

Reduction in Harsh braking
Reduction in Harsh braking
Reduction in Harsh acceleration
Reduction in Harsh acceleration
Reduction in Speeding
Reduction in Speeding
Reduction in Idle time
Reduction in Idle time
Improvement in Fuel economy
Improvement in Fuel economy

Customer success stories

  • DS Smith

    Public Transport

    With the second phase of the project, we are above our 95% target in every single depot.  

    - Kate Dally, General Manager - Fleet, Plant and Projects, DS Smith Recycling

  • European Projects

    Transport & Distribution

    An efficient and fluid driving style saves fuel and is eco-friendly, which is very important for our sector.

    - Jeronimo Franco, Head of R&D and European Projects, SAV

  • Dreams

    Transport & Distribution

    It worked even better than expected and now we cannot live without it. The level of detail that MiX by Powerfleet’ solutions provide is incredible.

    - Nick Lawrence, Fleet Controller, Dreams

  • ITA Transportes

    Transport & Distribution

    By managing safety-related events, we had great benefits with regards to fuel consumption. We have experienced a 14.8% improvement and today the system practically pays for itself with just the savings it provides us.

    - Gustavo Letierri, Unit Manager, ITA Transportes

    Why Choose MiX by Powerfleet To Improve The Sustainability Of Your Fleet?

    • Leading user experience and user interface via an award-winning SaaS platform
    • 98% customer retention rate
    • More than 25 years’ industry experience
    • 4000+ global fleet customers
    • 130+ channel partners
    • We move the world forward by connecting and protecting customers’ fleet operations
    • Technology that helps save 540,000 tons of CO2 annually
    • Helping to avert 23,500 Collisions per year
    • Solutions that achieve safety, sustainability, compliance and efficiency targets
    • Global leader in connected fleet telematics according to ABI Research
    • Unparalleled geographic coverage in more than 120 countries
    • Specialising in key vertical segments

    Information Hub

    Access our insights where we explore and unpack relevant topics.

    Experience MiX by Powerfleet’ Fleet Sustainability Solutions For Yourself

    All our departments comprise of highly skilled staff who are passionate about customer service and technically familiar with every one of the MiX by Powerfleet products. This includes the entire range of fleet management software and service offerings and all the hardware devices that MiX by Powerfleet designs and manufactures. Fill out the form below to learn more ways our experts can help you achieve your sustainability goals with a sustainable fleet management strategy.
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