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During an initial six-month trial, AVBOB achieved a 27% reduction in fuel costs and a drastic decrease in maintenance costs.
""After an initial six-month trial during which Avbob was able to cut fuel costs by 27%, the leading burial services company acquired a comprehensive MiX by Powerfleet fleet management solution through channel partner Hyper Auto.""

Avbob has since been able to track its vehicles (even in rural areas throughout South Africa) and reduce each vehicle’s running costs by monitoring instances of speeding, excessive idling and general misuse.

The technology at the core of the solution includes an on-board computer system, FM Tracer, and an online software platform84. Working together, these systems provide real-time fleet data, advanced reporting and fleet analytics, helping Avbob take the necessary corrective action to improve its fleet’s efficiency.

Apart from reducing costs, the solution has helped Avbob to reduce the number of kilometers travelled each month, simplified operational procedures and reduced fleet downtime.

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Nashika Soni

02 December 2019

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