Oman Oil Company Exploration & Production LLC

Oman Oil Corporation Exploration & Production LLC (OOCEP) is a subsidiary of Oman’s national petroleum investment company.
ITA Transportes - Public Transport
The company’s fleet includes 72 vehicles, which the company uses to transport oil and related equipment throughout the region.
"Following an assessment, OOCEP discovered that some driving behaviours, such as excessive speeding and hard braking, were causing an alarmingly high rate of ‘near-miss’ events, putting the company, its drivers, and other road users at needless risk. The corporation needed to handle this as soon as possible and limit unlawful trips."

A MiX solution for driver safety

In January 2013, OOCEP signed a partnership agreement with MiX by Powerfleet channel partner in Oman, FMSi, and opted for driver behaviour monitoring through MiX by Powerfleet. Over eight months, FMSi installed MiX units across OOCEP’s fleet while working with the customer on the importance of making the solution a day-to-day part of their business. Rather than perceiving the technology as an “on-board policeman,” drivers were trained on how the solution may improve safety and empower them to become better professionals.

MiX SafeDrive is a solution that combines an In-Vehicle Monitoring System (IVMS) and a web-based fleet management platform. It detects and alerts drivers of potentially dangerous driving manoeuvres, namely speeding, harsh acceleration, or braking, and provides them with the tools to change their driving style in real-time. The solution also incorporates MiX Vision, a MiX by Powerfleet in-cab video monitoring system that provides video footage of both the road and the driver cab in the event of an incident.

OOCEP maintains fantastic safety results, thanks to a partnership with MiX and FMSi

Potential accident rates dropped from 70% in early 2013 to 0% within one year after the MiX SafeDrive technology was implemented. It includes a significant decrease in speeding violations: from 700 in early 2013 to zero one year later. In addition, Geo-fencing was successfully implemented to regulate speed limit adherence in various places.

Major violations such as speeding, harsh braking and acceleration fell from over 3,000 in early 2013 to 137 at the end of 2015 — a three-year decline. It indicates that owing to the MiX system, OOCEP achieved and maintained an incident rate close to 0%. They are delighted to be able to maintain this excellent driver safety standard.

Managers at OOCEP reported that the technology made it simple to offer feedback and coach drivers. As a result, they were also better positioned to enhance the management capability of vehicles while improving driver attitudes toward safety and compliance..

The number of ‘red band’ or ‘high-risk’ drivers surpassed the number of ‘green band’ or ‘safe drivers’ in early 2013. In barely three months, the number of ‘green band’ drivers surpassed the number of ‘red band’ drivers. After one year, 90-100% of drivers were classified as ‘green band,’ a percentage maintained three years later.

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Nashika Soni

02 December 2019

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