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With our telematics technology at your disposal, you can stay within strict budget requirements, track utilisation, meet green goals, manage vehicles, and much more.
MiX by Powerfleet


A white van driving on a bridge with GPS map and tracking software installed

Track vehicles

Visibility of your vehicles’ movements in real-time is the starting point of improved fleet operations. The most important benefit of tracking is its ability to increase efficiency by providing insights into how much time drivers spend at locations, how long it takes them to get from point A to point B and gives you full visibility of the routes they take. Using this data, you can see where time can be saved and how to improve utilisation.
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Reduce fuel usage

Fuel consumption is one of the largest operating costs for fleets. Telematics technology can provide you data on fuel usage including exactly which vehicles and drivers are using the most fuel, which activities and behaviours are contributing to this problem and your carbon emissions before and after you’ve implemented fuel reduction measures.
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Manage maintenance

Proper and regular maintenance of vehicles can extend their lifespan and save you repair and replacement costs. Telematics offers electronic notifications of upcoming maintenance requirements and data on engine diagnostics, like oil pressure, battery voltage, accelerometer stats, and filters, which could help with maintaining proper upkeep.
Person holding an iPad with a route optimization app on the screen

Optimise routes

Route management can improve your service levels and maximise your output. Telematics technology allows for the strategic planning of routes so you can reduce time spent on planning and scheduling. It provides the opportunity to increase the amount of work that can be done in a single day without the accompanying increased stress on employees. In addition, it can reduce the number of miles driven and that naturally reduces fuel usage and vehicle wear and tear.





    MiX Fleet Manager Premium is a data-driven solution that comprises an onboard computer that collects valuable data from the vehicle and driver. The data is then transmitted and stored for full access via the SaaS platform, providing fleet managers and organisations with the actionable intelligence to improve safety, efficiency, compliance, and fleet sustainability.


    Track journeys from beginning to end with the added benefit of real-time notifications about route deviations, progress, and status updates. This software is ideal for ensuring drivers are taking the optimal routes to get their jobs done on time, every time. Should any issues arise, analysis can be done to plan for future travel more appropriately. In addition, your drivers get the added benefit of receiving road hazard alerts to reduce delays, improve overall safety and increase service delivery satisfaction.


    The ability to track any vehicle in real-time and get alerted to incidents relating to safety infringements can affect successful operations in the public sector. Added to this is the requirement that customers in this sector must be able to access historical data regarding trips and routes driven as evidence-based information when required.

A bridge with cars driving on it with GPS visualeffects


Eliminate guesswork with an accurate view of your vehicles and assets in real-time. Manage your operations with unlimited access to information and a host of features, tools and support.

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Vehicle Telematics

With either plug-and-play or self-install GPS tracking options, you get full visibility of both driver and vehicle location. These options monitor movements on a map in real-time while offering the opportunity to also look back at historical trips for analysis and decision-making. By simply logging in to a user-friendly, cloud-based platform, you gain access to advanced vehicle and driver data, tracking information and, fuel and energy usage.




    AI-based dashcams smartly and efficiently alert to in-cab/in-vehicle and road-facing incidents. On-board cameras provide video-based evidence of events such as distraction, fatigue, smoking and phone use while driving, and safety belt use. In the event of a collision, video-based evidence provides crucial footage that often exonerates drivers from wrongful lawsuits and costly insurance claims. Furthermore, the safety aspect provided by AI dashcams is paramount to detecting and preventing risks to both drivers and passengers.


    Driver engagement can be an essential tool for motivating public sector employees to strive for better performance on the road. MyMiX is an app that tracks driving events, like speeding and aggressive driving, and assigns a score and rank to each driver. Incentives and rewards can be provided based on scoring. Drivers can see exactly what events they’ve engaged in, receive messages from head office and manage scheduled tasks or jobs on the go.

A blue semi truck driving on a highway

Vehicle Telematics

With either plug-and-play or self-install GPS tracking options, you get full visibility of both driver and vehicle location. These options monitor movements on a map in real-time while offering the opportunity to also look back at historical trips for analysis and decision-making. By simply logging in to a user-friendly, cloud-based platform, you gain access to advanced vehicle and driver data, tracking information and, fuel and energy usage.

A person in a car with a face recognitionsystem

Dashboard Cameras

Operators and fleet managers receive real-time alerts for risky driving behavior as captured by our road- and in-cab facing dash cams powered by Artificial Intelligence. The road-facing camera detects events like imminent collision, lane departure without signaling and too-close following distance. The in-cab facing camera tracks driver-related events such as fatigue, seatbelt usage, phone usage, distracted behavior and smoking while driving. Our video solution aims to improve fleet safety and efficiency.

App-based tracking

A key component of successful fleet management is the monitoring of driving style and recurrent risky driving behaviors. Not only is MiX by Powerfleet a trusted software provider but also a pioneer in the area of app-based tracking. This innovation delivers all the expertise of full-featured tracking technology in a simplified, easy-to-access app.




    This solution allows you to plug your existing third-party systems into MiX by Powerfleet’ software so you can consolidate and utilize data from all departments. Filter the consolidated down to a granular level to make informed business decisions. Share the information you gather from your fleet’s activities with other departments for a unified approach.


    Receive daily, weekly, and monthly data analysis on the performance of your fleet and drivers via the SaaS platform where you have control over your organizational goals and can measure performance-based metrics. When you must account for every expenditure, such as fuel consumption, and action, it’s invaluable to have electronic reports to reference and the ability to access data in either a graph or table form to have a bird’s-eye-view of operations.

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MiX Fleet Manager

Fleet management solutions that offer fleet operators unlimited access to information about their vehicles and operators, with a host of features, tools and reports to help maximize return on investment.


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The public sector is often the industry that adopts new technology later than fleets in other fields.
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It’s well-known that the public sector must work with a limited budget and oftentimes fleets within the public sector get neglected due to funds being allocated to other areas.
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It’s important to keep track of all your vehicles and equipment so you can see exactly where your assets are at any given moment.
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Most countries around the world have been implementing regulations, projects, and programs to promote environmentally friendly initiatives and meet green goals.
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Your vehicles need to be roadworthy so that they are safe for your drivers to operate, do not present a danger to others on the road.
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Replacing vehicles before it’s needed is not ideal as that requires using money from an already tight budget.

industry expert:

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"Providing actionable insights and safety-related technology that accurately monitors public sector fleets is what MiX by Powerfleet is striving to provide for its global customers. We continue to demonstrate successful reductions in fuel use, safer driving, and improved efficiency."
Alexandre Fagundes, Product and Marketing Manager, MiX Brazil


A close-up of the MyMiX Tracking App

Driver engagement

Improve how well drivers perform by making them more engaged. The MyMiX app tracks critical driving events, such as speeding, harsh braking, mobile phone use while driving and more. These events are assigned scores that inform fleet managers which drivers are performing well to provide incentives or which drivers require relevant training. Score tracking helps build motivation and give drivers more control over their performance.
A couple of computers with MyMiX Solutions Switcher

Route management

MiX Journey Management
Track trips from start to finish to see where routes can be optimised for improved customer satisfaction and more efficient fleet management. Analyse journeys after-the-fact, receive real-time notifications on driving events and alert drivers to route obstructions to reroute where necessary.
MyMiX Tracking

GPS location

MyMiX Tracking app
An app that utilises cellphone technology to help track flexible fleet vehicles in real-time while also monitoring all driver behaviours that may be unsafe or inefficient. Drivers receive unobtrusive, in-app notifications on important events. No hardware installation is required and no downtime. Drivers simply download, verify their identity, and get moving.
A close-up of MiX by Powerfleet Device

Vehicle telematics

MiX 4000
This robust hardware tracks the precise, real-time location of vehicles using GPS and GSM technology. This solution includes an on-board accelerometer, geofencing capabilities, driving event notifications, long-life backup batteries, driver identification and more.


MiX by Powerfleet are subject matter experts that have been in business for decades. We work closely with those in the Public Sector industry to ensure that workers always come back safely, no matter how remote the locations they operate in, and give them the solutions they need to comply with regulations. Some of the consistent results we see with our customers include:
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Return on

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The Definitive Guide to Successful Asset Management

Successful asset management is the key to operational efficiency and profitability. Learn how telematics technology can help you achieve this.

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