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Fleet solutions for the fast moving consumer goods industry.

top benefits:

MiX by Powerfleet solutions form an integral part of these fleet
operations, helping to:

Track vehicles, drivers and loads in real-time and historically.

Optimize routing, often for multiple vehicles.

Monitor driver behavior.

Minimize wastage and damage to goods.

Reduce business risk and improve safety.

Improve service levels.

why choose MiX by Powerfleet?

For FMCG, where keeping tabs on stock is vital, another important consideration is the security of goods in transit. MiX by Powerfleet systems not only provide customized real-time alerts for violations, but hardware to record incidents and recover stolen vehicles.


Customers like SPAR in South Africa and PepsiCo in Egypt have the unique challenge of transporting perishable and breakable goods – often across long distances and to tight schedules.

Being able to locate vehicles and loads, while optimizing delivery schedules, is therefore key to enabling the success of fleets operating within the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) industry.
Fleet Solutions for the Fast Moving Consumer Goods Industry

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