Elevating Fleet Safety
with Proactive Solutions

Improve road safety with our fleet management solutions, which vigilantly oversee and report on unsafe driving, uphold safety standards, and guarantee the roadworthiness of your vehicles.

Prioritising Fleet Safety

Recognising the importance of fleet safety, MiX by Powerfleet is fully committed to reducing accidents and safeguarding your investments. By prioritising safety, you not only protect your employees and others but also significantly reduce operational costs.

With decades of experience, MiX by Powerfleet boasts a well-established track record in enhancing safety for fleets of varying sizes across a multitude of industries.

Safety Features Of Our Telematics Solutions

  • Driver Behaviour Monitoring

    Driver Behaviour Monitoring

    Our tools gather precise "Actionable Safety Data" by pinpointing risky driver behaviours based on years of fleet experience.

  • Real-Time Driver Coaching

    Real-Time Driver Coaching

    MiX by Powerfleet' in-cab coaching monitors and notifies drivers of critical driving events in real-time, fostering immediate self-correction and heightened awareness.

  • Driver Engagement And Scoring

    Driver Engagement And Scoring

    MiX by Powerfleet offers driver-focused solutions that track performance, allowing drivers to identify areas for improvement and compare their rankings with peers.

  • Visual Evidence

    Visual Evidence

    Our dashcams use AI technology to monitor unsafe driving behaviours, including distractions, fatigue, seatbelt non-compliance, phone use, speeding, and harsh driving.

Video Telematics For Added Safety

Dashcams prove invaluable in elevating fleet and driver safety. They proactively monitor and mitigate unsafe driving behaviours, diminishing accident risks and sustaining operational efficiency. Moreover, these cameras play a pivotal role in safeguarding drivers and valuable assets.

By prioritising the enhancement of driver behaviour, dashcams significantly contribute to accident prevention and overall safety.

MiX Vision AI

Safety Solutions For Every Need

Fleet Compliance

Fleet Compliance

Ensure your fleet operates within regulatory guidelines effortlessly. Our hands-on experience has allowed us to develop tools that assist in developing customised safety policies.
Vehicle Maintenance

Vehicle Maintenance

Keep your vehicles in peak condition. Our compliance tools help you maintain vehicles appropriately to always keep them serviced and safe.
Safeguarding Your Fleet

Safeguarding Your Fleet

Prioritise safety with MiX, helping to identify and report unsafe driving behaviours and which areas within your fleet are high risk.

Proven Safety Track Record

Some of our customers’ safety results over the years:
  • 83% reduction in at-fault fatal road crashes
  • Accident rates reduced by 70%
  • 80% reduction in accidents
  • 80% decrease in collision rate within 6 months of telematics solution implementation
  • Driver safety score improvement from 81.70 to 96.46 (maximum score is 100)

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