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Reliable, global satellite communication from MiX by Powerfleet

Do your vehicles operate in remote areas with poor GSM coverage?

This can – but shouldn’t have to – lead to a breakdown in communication or high roaming costs, especially for a fleet or HSE manager.
Introducing MiX Sat Comms, a practical yet sophisticated add-on to MiX Fleet Manager that provides reliable and cost-effective global satellite communication in all locations. MiX’s Sat Comms solution provides customers with a cost-effective means of tracking vehicles using the leading iridium satellite system when operating in areas of poor or non-existent GSM coverage.

This ensures uninterrupted access to mobile assets, regardless of connectivity outages.

What’s more is that, as local GSM connectivity fluctuates, MiX Sat Comms automatically determines and switches to the most economical method of communication – either GSM or satellite.

Critical event notifications are therefore never missed. High-risk or high-value loads can always be tracked. And drivers can always communicate back to their offices in the case of an emergency.


  • Global Satellite
  • Least Cost
  • Vehicle
  • Active
  • Commands to


  • Identify and rectify risky driving behaviours.
  • Data communication and costs can be managed via configuration.
  • Vehicle tracking Active in-trip and out-of trip tracking points can be configured and sent via satellite communication using least cost routing.
  • Configure active events to comply with or bypass the daily limit for critical applications like panic alerts.

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