MiX Fleet ManagerTM Premium

The sophisticated, data-driven solution to fleet management

The only Fleet Management Solution You Need For A Safe and Secure Fleet

MiX Fleet Manager Premium is our advanced data-driven solution for safe and secure fleet management. Featuring a sophisticated onboard computer that collects and transmits valuable vehicle and driver data, MiX Fleet Manager Premium is the full-scale solution for all your operational needs.

Accessible online through our MiX Fleet Manager platform or via our mobile app (for Android or iOS), your data is hosted securely in one of several top-tier data centres. From advanced tracking to journey management, compliance, video telematics and more, managing your fleet has never been this simple and efficient.

Partner With A Global Leader Who Understands Your Needs

Developed on more than 25 years of telematics expertise, MiX Fleet Manager is best-in-class for innovation and data that meets your fleet’s requirements. With our premium solution in tow, all the information needed to manage your fleet is ready, in real-time, for your convenience. What’s more, our advanced insights and data allow you to make informed decisions that ultimately improve your fleet’s efficiency.

Our customers from around the world agree: Whatever the goal – be it to save fuel, improve safety, increase utilisation, or enhance customer service – MiX Fleet Manager Premium is proven to deliver significant results to your current operations.

Mix Fleet Management Premium
Key Features

Fundamental Insights Into Your Fleet’s Performance

  • Live And Historical Tracking

    Live And Historical Tracking

    Access to real-time vehicle tracking and historical data offers meaningful insight into both drivers and vehicles in your fleet.
  • Immobiliser


    With a built-in starter interrupt immobiliser, fleet operators can reduce unauthorised vehicle usage and track misuse.
  • Intergration With Third-Party Software

    Intergration With Third-Party Software

    MiX Fleet Manager Premium offers seamless telematics data integration with an intuitive API platform connector.
  •  Journey Management

    Journey Management

    An easy-to-use online alternative to paper-based systems that ensures all risks relating to journeys are readily visible in real-time.
  • Ai Dashcams

    AI Dashcams

    Drivers and fleet managers get real-time alerts for risky driving with AI dashcams for unsurpassed vehicle telematics’ capability.
  • MyMiX & MyMiX Tracking

    MyMiX & MyMiX Tracking

    Track and monitor driver safety behaviour without any hardware for a cost-effective and easy monitoring solution.
  • Location Management (Geo-Fencing)

    Location Management (Geo-Fencing)

    Locate fleets at any point in time with award-winning technology backed by more than 25 years of telematics expertise.
  • CAN Bus And Fuel Data

    CAN Bus And Fuel Data

    A stable telematics solution can save crucial costs in fuel usage over time with data delivered via an integrated interface.
  • Driver And Vehicle License / Certification Management

    Driver And Vehicle License / Certification Management

    Easily manage driver and vehicle certifications all in one compliant solution that helps ensure your fleet runs safely and efficiently.
  • Task Management

    Task Management

    Effectively communicate and engage with your drivers and mobile field workers with easy-to-use task management tools.
  • Crash Analysis

    Crash Analysis

    Exonerate drivers from wrongful claims in the event of a collision and save on insurance and potential legal costs.
  • Real-Time Driver Notifications

    Real-Time Driver Notifications

    Drivers and fleet managers have access to award-winning driver monitoring solutions equipped for real-time, in-cab alerts.
  • Driver Safety Analysis

    Driver Safety Analysis

    Customised reporting helps improve driving behaviour. With data collected from every trip, operators can coach drivers to be safer and more efficient.
  • Event Monitoring With Real-Time Notifications

    Event Monitoring With Real-Time Notifications

    Increase the visibility of your drivers and fleet, and have greater control over what happens when they are out on the road.
  • Driver Identification

    Driver Identification

    With MiX DriveMate, enjoy driver identification that’s compatible with many existing company ID cards, as well as risky driving alerts with an LED light system.

Benefits Of Fleet Management:

Better, safer and more efficient fleet operations that translate into increased profitability over time.

  • Reduced fuel usage and maintenance costs
  • Increased fleet visibility
  • Enhanced customer service
  • Improved driver behaviour and safety
  • Lower risk and liability
  • Improved utilisation and efficiency
Benefits of MiX Fleet Manager Premium

Fleet Efficiency At Its Best

MiX Fleet Manager Premium offers fleet operators unlimited access to information about their vehicles and drivers, as well as all subsequent journeys. With a host of features, tools and analytics at your disposal, our premium solution maximises return on investment, helping you make thorough, informed decisions through detailed stats and reporting. As the most advanced fleet management solution backed by over 25 years’ of experience, MiX Fleet Manager is fleet efficiency at its best.

Benefits of Fleet Management

How it works

MiX Fleet Manager Premium comes together using vehicle tracking, AI dashcams, driver monitoring, journey management and onboard communication to deliver a sophisticated, all-in-one solution to key fleet management concerns. Using MiX by Powerfleet’ advanced technology, fleet operators have access to risk assessments, compliance checks, driver monitoring and vehicle tracking, allowing for accessible, efficient fleet management.

Additionally, fleet operators can access all management, planning and journey data online in real-time, ensuring that the data you need is available, securely, at your fingertips.

  •  Fleet Management AI Dashcams

    AI Dashcams

    MiX by Powerfleet’ offers a variety of video telematics solutions to assist with the detection and prevention of risky driver behaviour and other journey-related safety concerns. Using AI Dashcams, MiX Journey Management is able to consolidate driving stats to highlight journey-related risks and update journey progress.

    Our AI Dashcam system includes:

    • Road Facing Camera
    • Driver Facing Camera
    • In-cab Facing Camera
  • Fleet Management - Journey Management Planning

    MiX Journey Management

    As part of MiX Fleet Manager Premium, opretators have access to MiX Journey Management. Integrated with MiX by Powerfleet’ GPS tracking technology, fleet operators and owners benefit from reliable real-time tracking solutions. Additionally, advanced insights for fuel consumption, driving hours, licensing, driver behaviour, maintenance, and asset utilisation help operators streamline fleet performance over time, maximising your ROI.

  • Driver Behaviour Monitoring

    Driver Behaviour Monitoring

    A key part of every journey is the driver that goes the distance. With MiX by Powerfleet’ driver behaviour monitoring solutions, journeys are optimised for safety, compliance and efficiency. Fleet operators are privy to data regarding speeding, driver fatigue, seatbelt use, braking, idling and more. Additionally, our Driver Apps support driver wellness, safety, compliance and accountability.

    Our Driver Apps include:

  • Fleet Management - Onboard Communication

    MiX Rovi II

    MiX Rovi II facilitates secure onboard communication between drivers, fleet managers and other operational staff. Drivers stay informed in real-time with the latest updates and changes, including job dispatches, driving alerts, route hazards and more. Additionally, onboard navigation and hours of service assist with driver fatigue monitoring, safety and compliance.

Customer Reviews

  • Borg Manufacturing

    Transport & Logistics

    Borg Manufacturing

    "We have experienced considerable driving safety improvements in the two years since we implemented the MiX by Powerfleet solution. In particular, our crash and associated repair and maintenance costs have dropped considerably ensuring a safer workplace." 

    - Michael Borg, Managing Director, Borg Manufacturing

  • Stabilised Pavements


    Stabilised Pavements

    "MiX technology! cultural game changer.
    Behavioural changes that focus on daily routines to achieve work programs and travel schedules, have been nothing short of amazing. This has been instrumental in consistently complying with the Company's Healt and Safety procedures." 

    - Jason Parrish, Plant Manager, Stabilised Pavements

  • Dunns Earthmoving Equipment

    Oil & Gas

    Dunns Earthmoving

    "A driver behaviour improvement of 98.7% is beyond our expectation. Vehicle maintenance costs have been reduced, and we have experienced a saving of over $40,000 on suspension repairs alone. The ability to identify unruly operator behaviour helps us retain our bigger clients where safe driving habits are paramount". 

    - Trent Ulmer, Operations Manager, Dunns Earthmoving

  • Stabilised Pavements


    Stabilised Pavements

    "The reliability of MiX real-time tracking data has been a positive influence in adjusting attitudes towards rest breaks, speed, fatigue and notable reduction in incidents". 

    - Jason Parrish, Plant Manager, Stabilised Pavements

  • Mader Group


    Mader Group

    "MiX by Powerfleet met all our needs and wants, plus more. What's so attractive to us about MiX is the reliability of equipment and communication". 

    - Leigh Gray, Hse Coordinator, Mader Group

  • Stabilised Pavements


    Stabilised Pavements

    "Due to the remote and varied parts of Australia that our field staff are required to travel to for work, the MiX by Powerfleet technology offers our company peace of mind not previously achieved. The introduction of MiX to our company has given us the confidence that our employees are provided with a level of protection they deserve". 

    - Jason Parrish, Plant Manager, Stabilised Pavements

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