MiX Journey ManagementTM

Safety, efficiency and compliance through electronic journey planning and execution.

If you’ve ever had to contend with manual journey management planning, you’ll know how tedious and error-prone it can be.

MiX Journey Management offers an easy-to-use alternative to old-fashioned paper-based systems, allowing for real-time monitoring of journeys that have been pre-approved. 
This solution makes it possible to reduce risk by helping fleets to comply with corporate health and safety policies and reduces the workload on operational staff. It features customisable route planning, flexible workflow management options as well as automated data reporting. MiX Telematics’ vehicle tracking systems monitor vehicles in real-time using both street-level and satellite maps. All exceptions picked up are immediately relayed via a multitude of contact channels including the MiX online portal, email and text. 

MiX Journey Management suits fleet operators from a wide range of industries. It’s especially ideal for those owning or managing a large amount of vehicles that regularly travel long distances and carry passengers or cargo. Not only does MiX Journey Management help deal with the major issue of risk exposure, it also improves safety, customer service quality and compliance. 


MiX Journey Management allows each journey to be challenged, unnecessary journeys to be eliminated and informs risk-based decisions, resulting in several benefits.

  • Lower your risk by prioritising the safety of people, vehicles and cargo while also strengthening reputation.
  • Improve efficiency with better vehicle and asset utilisation, and reduced overall operational costs.
  • Meet high standards. This solution facilitates transparency and compliance with even the strictest Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) policies and procedures.

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