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What Is Mix Journey Management?

MiX Journey Management is an extension of MiX Fleet Manager Premium that allows for real-time monitoring of all journey related data, from requests and approvals to risk management, safety and compliance. An alternative to manual monitoring systems, this fleet management solution is perfect for operators looking to streamline their journey planning and execution. 


    Maximise Efficiency

    When it comes to fleet management, manual journey planning and monitoring can become tedious and unreliable. With MiX Journey Management, fleet operators are able to plan every route within an easy-to-use online system that does the hard work of capturing data for you. Manage requests, approve journeys and monitor risks through readily available fleet data that allows for prompt, informed decision-making. Additionally, MiX Journey Management is fully integrated with MiX Fleet Manager Premium and MiX SafeDrive, allowing fleet operators to maximise their journey planning efficiency.


    Monitor In Real-Time

    Integrated with MiX by Powerfleet’ vehicle tracking systems, including our fleet camera systems and driver monitoring solutions, every journey captured within the MiX Journey Management system is monitored and updated in real-time. Featuring flexible workflow management options and automated data reporting, this solution carefully monitors vehicles using street-level maps and satellite data to ensure safety and compliance during every journey. From driver fatigue monitoring solutions to AI dashcams and live GPS tracking, fleet operators are able to manage journey-related.


    Reduce Risk

    In addition to robust, real-time monitoring and journey planning features, MiX Journey Management also assists with risk assessments and compliance checks, helping fleet operators identify key issues to reduce overall risk with every journey. The burden of keeping up with corporate health and safety policies is also lifted from operational staff, adding to the many benefits of using fleet telematics solutions. Though MiX Journey Management is suitable across many industries, this solution is ideal for those owning or managing fleets that regularly travel long distances and carry passengers or cargo.

    Optimising Your Fleet With Pivotal Benefits

    With sophisticated, fully integrated features, overhaul your journey management and planning to save costs, reduce risks and improve your efficiency with MiX Journey Manager.

    Lowered Risk

    MiX Journey Management helps you identify and eliminate unnecessary risks to help cement your fleet’s reliability on the road. By prioritising the safety of people, vehicles and cargo, your risks are lowered while your reputation is strengthened.

    Improved Efficiency

    Identifying inefficient processes allows for better vehicle and asset utilisation. As such, MiX Journey Management helps to improve output and reduce overall operational costs for your fleet.

    Safety And Compliance

    Helping to facilitate transparency and compliance with even the strictest Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) policies and procedures, MiX Journey Management ensures that every journey meets the appropriate safety and compliance standards.

    Peace Of Mind

    With lowered risks, improved operations and compliance checks in place, fleet operators can rest assured that their fleet runs safely and efficiently with MiX Journey Management.

    How it works

    MiX Journey Management utilises several tools and products within MiX by Powerfleet’ offerings to bring together risk assessments, compliance checks, driver monitoring and vehicle tracking. This allows for accessible, efficient journey management and planning that reduces operational costs and minimises journey-related risks.

    Fully integrated with MiX Fleet Manager Premium to consolidate all your journey planning and fleet management needs, each trip is monitored using collaborative data from our various telematics solutions, including:

    • AI Dashcams

      AI Dashcams

      MiX by Powerfleet’ offers a variety of video telematics solutions to assist with the detection and prevention of risky driver behaviour and other journey-related safety concerns. Using AI Dashcams, MiX Journey Management is able to consolidate driving stats to highlight journey-related risks and update journey progress.

      Our AI Dashcam system includes:

      • Road Facing Camera
      • Driver Facing Camera
      • In-cab Facing Camera
    • Vehicle Tracking Systems

      Vehicle Tracking Systems

      Using MiX by Powerfleet’ GPS tracking technology, fleet operators and owners can count on reliable real-time monitoring of vehicles and assets. Our fleet tracking solutions also provide advanced insights for fuel consumption, driving hours, licensing, driver behaviour, maintenance, and asset utilisation. From fleet tracking for large fleets to smaller commercial operations, MiX Journey Management helps you maximise your ROI through customisable journey reporting based on sophisticated GPS vehicle tracking.

    • Driver Behaviour Monitoring

      Driver Behaviour Monitoring

      A key part of every journey is the driver that goes the distance. With MiX by Powerfleet’ driver behaviour monitoring solutions, journeys are optimised for safety, compliance and efficiency. Fleet operators are privy to data regarding speeding, driver fatigue, seatbelt use, braking, idling and more. Additionally, our Driver Apps support driver wellness, safety, compliance and accountability.

      Our Driver Apps include:

      Electronic Work Diary | MyMiX | MyMiX Tracking

    • Onboard Communication

      Onboard Communication

      Simplifying communication between drivers, fleet managers and other operational staff, MiX Rovi II ensures that drivers stay informed about the latest journey updates and changes, including job dispatches, driving alerts, route hazards and more. The tool also boasts onboard navigation features and records hours of service to assist with driver fatigue monitoring, safety and compliance.

    Key Features

    MiX Journey Management challenges your fleet from journey to journey, helping to identify setbacks and inform risk-based decisions that can improve safety, efficiency and compliance. Every journey is better thanks to several key features, including real-time notifications, journey monitoring, robust reporting, compliance checks and more.
    MiX Journey Management is fully integrated with MiX Fleet Manager Premium and MiX SafeDrive, making its robust features even more convenient for fleet operators and owners. As the first journey risk management system of its kind to integrate with a premium fleet management solution, MiX Journey Management is backed by years of experience in the vehicle telematics industry. The system is a safe, efficient solution for journey management and planning across several industries.
    Working together with MiX’s vehicle tracking systems, each vehicle is automatically monitored from the initial stages of planning through to approval and dispatch. Fleet operators can also monitor various journey stats in real time, including driver safety and road hazards, allowing for speedy identification of safety and compliance issues. Exceptions are generated by the system and instant notifications are relayed to operations staff for further management. Additionally, the system sends progress and status updates while a journey is underway, so operators are always kept up to date.
    MiX Journey Management allows for electronic road hazard assessments to be conducted by approved route assessors. Potential hazards such as roadworks, weight limitations and height restrictions are assessed ahead of a journey. This information is stored on the system for further use, making future route planning even more efficient. The system also enables various static compliance checks to take place, such as licensing and certification for drivers, seatbelt allocation for passengers and vehicle certification for various types of cargo.
    All journey requests and approvals are captured into the digital system, where risks are identified and calculated for each journey. This allows for seamless management of associated risks relating to the driver, environment and assets. A risk rating is given to each journey request based on our telematics data. Fleet operators are then able to follow a flexible approval process, using the risk rating to make informed decisions and ensure safety and compliance throughout every journey.
    Fleet operators stay informed thanks to real-time notifications sent via email, text and our online portal. MiX’s vehicle tracking software issues exception-based notifications, so when there is a deviation from a route plan, operations staff are notified right away. All progress updates, journey statuses and risk-related data are consolidated onto a single landing page within the system, creating an accessible overview of the journey and making light work for operations staff monitoring progress.
    Beyond planning, managing and monitoring journeys, MiX Journey Management also collects data for detailed reporting. For the purpose of Key Performance Indicator (KPI) reporting, fleet operators can access stats such as how many journeys were approved, who approved them, how many were flagged as high-risk, and how many went according to plan. Cube technology also allows for the visualisation of data as opposed to using static reports, so reporting is not only robust but clean, concise and accessible too.

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