Hours of Service

Driver fatigue is a primary concern for any fleet operator.

Fatigue-related accidents are directly linked to the number of hours spent driving. MiX by Powerfleet’ Hours of Service (HOS) tracking solution is a must-have in your electronic toolkit.

  • Reliable Driver Data

    Monitoring driver behaviour analytics is crucial because the number of hours spent on the road ties into fatigue-related collisions. For this reason driver fatigue management for fleets is essential.

    This enables you to track your assets and unsafe driver behaviours such as speeding, harsh braking, and rapid acceleration and use that real-time insight to help the driver improve their performance, thus improving overall fleet safety. With an ELD and fleet management system that has integrated in-cab video, you get the evidence you can use in accident reconstruction for insurance purposes.

  • Mitigate Risk

    It is estimated that between 10% and 25% of all road accidents are related to fatigue. Not only does this have an impact on fleet safety, it also costs companies millions (even billions) each year in repair, insurance fees and productivity loss. The HOS solution by MiX by Powerfleet enables the efficient monitoring of drivers’ on-duty time. This works in conjunction with our compliance solution, Electronic Word Diaries, and our fleet management software, MiX Fleet Manager. When used in tandem, these solutions allow drivers to remain compliant, and effectively manage and reduce their fatigue, therefore improving safety.

  • Compliance Made Easy

    HOS also helps fleet operators comply with compliance regulations across different states using online methods to simplify adherence to HOS rules. This solution is designed to minimise interference with the driver and enable operators to improve overall efficiency while reducing safety and fatigue risks.

Key Benefits

  • Centralised driver management

    Centralised driver management

    Fleet managers can monitor their drivers’ on-duty hours and activities using fatigue management technology.

    Every time a driver’s daily duty status is updated, this information is displayed in a graph or grid format. MiX’s HOS tracking solution is also tamper-resistant, making your fleet’s security a priority.

  • Safer drivers

    Safer drivers

    This benefits other road users, improves service quality and reduces operational costs.

    Additionally, any malfunctions or errors recorded on the HOS system are detected and updated automatically. This ensures nothing flies under the radar when it comes to driver safety.

  • Less paperwork

    Less paperwork

    As all HOS data is captured, all vehicle data, from ignition, when the engine is switched off and every time the vehicle moves.

    Additionally location data is captured every hour. Switching to electronic HOS tracking solutions saves time, as you’re not sorting through piles of paperwork, which in turn increases efficiency and saves money, ensuring accuracy driver management.

  • Accurate compliance

    Accurate compliance

    Fleet managers can rest assured that their responsibility towards Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) requirements are being met.

    As data can be transferred to the necessary regulatory offices via USB whenever necessary, compliance is made simple.

  • Managing driver fatigue

    Managing driver fatigue

    Optimising the driver fatigue management process allows you to prioritise safety while lowering risk, liability and costs.

    As utilising an e-logging system helps you closely monitor fatigue, it is proven that this helps to prevent collision rates, especially compared to those not utilising e-logs.

    Prioritise Safety With Real-Time Electronic Work Diaries

    Monitor your drivers’ work hours with the digital Electronic Work Diary (EWD) while remaining safe and compliant with the
    Chain of Responsibility (CoR) Regulations.
    • Electronic Work Diaries make recording your drivers’ work hours simple. MiX by Powerfleet has partnered with Logmaster, an EWD solution, which records the work and rest times of heavy vehicle drivers electronically, which is a paperless alternative to Written Work Diaries.
    • Drivers simply log their work and rest periods by pressing a button on the in-vehicle driver screen, saving time in their day from reduced manual paperwork. This joint compliance solution ensures compliance and helps reduce fatigue-related accidents, while being simple to use.

    EWD Regulations

    Fleet management companies across Australia need to comply with transport laws shared under Chain of Responsibility (CoR), ensuring not only drivers, but for all entities are held accountable and legally liable for any breach of road safety regulations.

    It is crucial that fleet operators demonstrate their compliance by effectively observing and utilising driver behaviour monitoring to spot acts like speeding, fatigue, vehicle mass overload or breaches to loading standards.

    Who Needs To Comply With Cor Laws?

    Parties in the Chain of Responsibility include:

    • Company directors
    • Senior management team members
    • Driver employers
    • Drivers
    • Schedulers
    • Individuals responsible for loading and or unloading a vehicle (including any goods in the vehicle)
    • Consignors or consignees
    • Prime contractors for a vehicle (in cases where drivers are self-employed)
    Breaches CoR include:
    • Failure to adhere to fatigue management obligations.
    • Speeding.
    • Exceeding vehicle mass and dimension limits.
    • Not meeting loading requirements.
    • Poor vehicle maintenance wherein the vehicle does not meet roadworthy standards.
    Logmaster EWD is approved by the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator, ensuring fatigue compliance across the entire fleet. Managers can now check, plan and review driver work schedules in real-time, in line with Australian Fatigue Schemes.

    Benefits Of Electric Work Diaries

    • Improve overall safety and compliance of fleet

      Improve overall safety and compliance of fleet

      As EWDs monitor driver fatigue in real-time, they also ensure drivers are taking breaks and resting.

      This helps foster better overall fleet safety as it reduces fatigue-related collisions. It also boosts compliance as driver’s are working outside of their mandated hours.

    • Chain of Responsibility

      Meet Chain of Responsibility (CoR) requirements

      All parties that fall within the road transport supply chain are required to comply with the Chain of Responsibility.

      This law ensures safety in operations for all transport activities in Australia.

      Utlising an EWD ensures fleet operators are able to demonstrate they are meeting the required regulations.

    • Preempt and prevent fatigue breaches

      Preempt and prevent fatigue breaches

      EWDs make it easy for drivers to log work and rest time, helping fleet managers keep their drivers compliant, and reducing fatigue related accidents.

    • Better planning for fleet operators

      Better planning for fleet operators

      Fleet managers having visibility and insight into their driver’s behaviour via real-time allows for immediate course-correction and more efficient route planning.

    • Prompted breaks if vehicle is stationary

      Prompted breaks if vehicle is stationary

      EWD prompt the driver to take a break if a vehicle is stationary or left idle for too long, helping to conserve fuel and save money

      Key Features

      • Centralised driver management

        Access Driver Records

        Access records of real-time and historical driver activity via app or web portal. Geo-tagging provides accurate records of location data.

      • Safer drivers

        Manage Drivers

        Direct linked driver. Contractor drivers. Manual drivers (coming soon).
      • Vehicle Management

        Vehicle Management

        Link vehicles to the application
      • Accurate compliance

        Full statistics

        Know when you can work and rest Track your night rests and 24-hour rest breaks Card-based design to detail each counting point
      • Managing driver fatigue

        Depot Management

        Link drivers, roles, users and vehicles to your depot structure.

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