Engaged drivers equals a safe, efficient fleet

Your drivers are the most valuable assets in your fleet. How they drive your vehicles and perform daily tasks directly impact how safe and efficient your fleet is. So, how do you ensure that their actions are in line with your goals?

The answer is MyMiX, a driver-focused app specifically designed to encourage and improve driver engagement. Drivers can see information relevant to their driving performance as well as the completion of tasks. 

MyMiX provides drivers with direct access to useful information which allows them monitor and manage their performance to ultimately help them drive more economically and more safely, subsequently helping to positively and directly impact the bottom line of your business. 

MyMiX users can see how their driving style compares to their co-workers and identify the areas they need to focus on to improve their driving performance


MyMiX is yet another way that MiX Telematics helps customers to save lives and save money.

  • Safer drivers equal more economical drivers. By ensuring safe driving behaviour, fleet operators automatically facilitate driving habits that promote economical driving and subsequent fuel savings.
  • Easy and direct access to information. Drivers can log into their MyMiX profile 24 hours a day, via the web or a mobile device.
  • Strong performance culture. MyMiX gives drivers the opportunity to own their professional development and contribute to business objectives. Not only can drivers view their own scores, but they can also see how they rank compared to site and organisation averages. This sparks healthy competition which helps operators cultivate a strong performance culture.

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