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Frisch & Sons

Frisch & Sons is a family-owned landscaping and construction company in the US using MiX Solution’s GPS fleet tracking feature to save costs and, find ways to make driver behavior safer and more effective.
Frisch & Sons has provided demolition, excavation and landscape installations to a loyal customer base for over two decades within Orange County and South Los Angeles County.
"We rely heavily on MiX Solution to help us keep tabs on our vehicles and staff, and to ensure everyone is driving safely."
Bobby Frisch, Co-Owner, Frisch & Sons

MiX by Powerfleet is helping the company increase driver and vehicle visibility through GPS tracking in an effort to decrease unnecessary overtime, reduce fuel costs and improve driver safety.

Frish & Sons is a 13-person operation which runs eight vehicles, ranging from pickups to dump trucks. The company’s main aim was to use GPS tracking so that they can know where their staff and vehicles are at all times and if they are where they’re supposed to be. In addition to this, they wanted to track unsafe and inefficient driving behaviors such as speeding, harsh accelerations, excessive idling and more.

The company adopted MiX Solution, a self-service fleet software specifically designed for small businesses that run on tight margins. MiX Solution immediately identified a variety of issues that were resulting in the company paying for unnecessary overtime and wasting fuel. As a result, Frisch and Sons are now saving thousands of dollars a week. Tracking driving behavior specifically has also contributed to these savings as drivers are now acting more conscientiously on the road, reducing fuel-wastage and vehicle wear and tear.

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Dennis Ferreira

November 11, 2019

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