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We’ve compiled a set of answers to your most burning questions. If you don’t find an adequate answer here, then please contact a MiX by Powerfleet team member who will assist you further.
Is there a “remember me” or “remember my password” feature so that I do not have to log in every time?

Auto login is implemented on the MyMiX mobile app. If the user explicitly logs out, they will need to log in and check the relevant box again.

What devices are supported by the MyMiX app?

We support Android devices running Android 4.0.3 and higher as well as Apple devices running iOS 11+ and higher.

What languages are supported?

The MyMiX app supports the following languages; Arabic, simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, Croatian, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Norwegian, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, and Spanish.

Please note that some languages may not have been fully translated following the first release of the mobile application.

How can driver’s check their average data usage per month?
Data usage, internal storage size, and memory usage can be viewed on the driver’s Android phone or iPhone in the Settings menu.
Can the app work with no internet signal?
The app requires internet connectivity to function optimially, but it is able to cater for short periods of signal loss. Driver score and mobile tracking data will not sync while offline but will update once the network is restored.
How is driver ranking calculated for the leaderboard?

Driver scores are collected and calculated across a 7-day period (excluding current day), and then ranked in order of best to worst.

If two drivers have exactly the same score, their rank will be determined according to how the sort algorithm has sifted the data. Therefore, one may be 2nd and the other 3rd. Keep in mind that the sort algorithm goes into decimals so exact scores are possible but highly unlikely.

Drivers are only ranked against other, currently active drivers. For example, if a driver is on leave the number of active drivers will be less in terms of the group against which the driver is ranked.

What range of data is looked at to determine leaderboard ranking?
Data is taken from the last 7 days (excluding the current day) and is calculated up to the end of the previous day at midnight.
What would prevent a driver from receiving a ranking?

No trips. In other words, the driver has not travelled any amount of distance during the 7 day time period.

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