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Connects the vehicles, protects the operators and provides actionable insights for fleet managers.

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Connected & Protected Vehicles

- Energy Sector Sector -
Iberdrola, including Avangrid in North America and Scottish Power in the UK, selected MiX by Powerfleet after a highly competitive process, including multi-Country practical assessments, due to MiX’s global deployment capabilities, proven super-fleet telematics track record, highly innovative and comprehensive product portfolio and shared vision for safety & sustainability, including progression towards electrification of their fleet.
With a history of over 170 years, Iberdrola is a global energy leader, the number-one producer of wind power and one of the world’s biggest electricity utilities, supplying energy to almost 100 million people.
MiX by Powerfleet

Safety, Efficiency & Sustainability

  • Telecommunications


    Your vehicles and operators are constantly on the move – going from one job to another. With MiX by Powerfleet, you can identify where these vehicles are at all times, determine wasteful or unsafe driving, better manage routes and raise red flags when vehicles encounter mechanical problems. What’s more is the automated compliance software helps you keep up with regulations like Hours of Service.
  • Electricity


    Safeguard all your employees and contractors as they work under dangerous conditions while improving your customer service with clear job and route planning. Receive customized stakeholder reports with recommendations on how to improve efficiency, plan for emergency situations and reduce carbon emissions.
  • Water


    The water sector has a number of moving parts – from business operations to field data collection and response. Thus, efficiency is key. MiX by Powerfleet’ solutions enable you to optimize productivity, reduce operational costs and provide real-time visibility in the field. Easily manage jobs, fuel consumption and vehicle maintenance.
  • Natural Gas

    Natural Gas

    With rising global demand, volatile prices and strict environmental regulations to contend with, MiX by Powerfleet is the go-to fleet management solution to help overcome these challenges. Reduce costs, optimize the performance of assets and lessen your carbon footprint.
  • Recycling & Waste Management

    Recycling & Waste Management

    MiX by Powerfleet’ solutions help you efficiently manage the routes your operators take so they get more jobs done in less time. Keep up-to-date with vehicle maintenance to ensure you reduce vehicle downtime to maintain productivity throughout.
  • Renewable Energy Sources

    Renewable Energy Sources

    The Renewable Energy industry thrives amid rising demand for solar, hydro, wind and other energy sources to foster greener operations. MiX by Powerfleet supports sustainability with all the features and tools a Renewable Energy fleet needs to operate consciously while maintaining efficiency and protecting the safety of workers operating in remote and potentially dangerous locations.

Watch how Iberdrola optimized fleet safety and sustainability using MiX technology.

  • 33% reduction in harsh braking
  • 56% reduction in speeding
  • 32% improvement in meeting KM allowance

Connects The Vehicle Protects The Operator And Provides Actionable Insights For Fleet Managers.

Efficiency & Sustainability

The Connected Vehicle Experience

  • Real-Time Tracking

    Locate your vehicles, assets and operators in real-time with advanced GPS technology . Using accurate location data you can make better decisions with regards to routing and reduce the number of miles your fleet travels, which maximizes operational efficiency and leads to fewer carbon emissions.

  • Optimize Vehicle Utilization

    Keep a complete, accurate record of your fleet’s activities. See exactly how your vehicles are being utilized, proactively manage vehicle lifespans, and reduce maintenance costs. The better the vehicles are operated and utilized, the less fuel they consume and the less pollution they emit.

  • Reduce Fuel And Co2 Emissions

    Certain activities, like speeding, harsh braking, and excessive idling, are known to increase fuel consumption. Track these driving behaviors to see which vehicles/operators are consuming too much fuel and implement actions to reduce inefficient behaviors and decrease fuel usage.

  • Real-Time Maintenance Alerts

    Implement proactive maintenance measures with automated reminders about upcoming servicing. Update your maintenance schedules to match your specific fleet vehicle needs. Increase vehicle lifespan and reduce costs.

GPS Tracking

GPS Tracking

Get full visibility of all fleet activities with expertly installed hardware that monitors movements on a map in both real-time and historically. Gain access to advanced vehicle and driver data by simply logging on to an easy-to-navigate online platform – via your laptop or phone.

Vehicle Telematics

Vehicle Telematics

With either plug-and-play or self-install GPS tracking options, you get full visibility of both driver and vehicle location. These options monitor movements on a map in real-time while offering the opportunity to also look back at historical trips for analysis and decision-making. By simply logging in to a user-friendly, cloud-based platform, you gain access to advanced vehicle and driver data, tracking information and, fuel and energy usage.

Safety Optimization

The Protected Driver Experience

  • Driver ID and Privacy Mode

    Driver ID helps manage driving hours, audit driving infringements and potential damage to vehicles and, implement training depending on individual driver activity.

  • Real-Time Safety Coaching

    In-cab visual and audible alerts allow you to communicate with your operators in real-time whenever they engage in driving events, such as speeding or harsh braking - allowing them to self-correct and actively coach them on how they can improve the way they drive.

  • Driver Engagement App

    Give your operators power over their performance via an app that displays their scores and the associated driving events. Gamify operators’ experience by showing them how they rank against others in the organization to encourage independent improvement of driving style.

  • Fatigue and distraction alerts

    Driver fatigue and distraction are two of the biggest causes of crashes so it’s vital to monitor it to reduce fleet safety risk. Using AI technology, operators are alerted whenever they engage in these activities so they can self-correct and avoid a potential accident.

  • Advanced Driver Assistance Alerts

    ADAS is automated technology that assists in mitigating the risks that come with human error while driving. Some of what ADAS alerts to, is lane departure without signalling, too-close following distance, potential forward collision and much more.

Vehicle Telematics

Vehicle Telematics

With either plug-and-play or self-install GPS tracking options, you get full visibility of both driver and vehicle location. These options monitor movements on a map in real-time while offering the opportunity to also look back at historical trips for analysis and decision-making. By simply logging in to a user-friendly, cloud-based platform, you gain access to advanced vehicle and driver data, tracking information and, fuel and energy usage.

MyMiX App

App-based tracking

A key component of successful fleet management is the monitoring of driving style and recurrent risky driving behaviors. Not only is MiX by Powerfleet a trusted software provider but also a pioneer in the area of app-based tracking. This innovation delivers all the expertise of full-featured tracking technology in a simplified, easy-to-access app.

Dashboard Cameras

Dashboard Cameras

operators and fleet managers receive real-time alerts for risky driving behavior as captured by our road- and in-cab facing dash cams powered by Artificial Intelligence. The road-facing camera detects events like imminent collision, lane departure without signaling and too-close following distance. The in-cab facing camera tracks driver-related events such as fatigue, seatbelt usage, phone usage, distracted behavior and smoking while driving. Our video solution aims to improve fleet safety and efficiency.

Actionable Insights

The SAAS Information Experience

  • Real-time operational visibility

    Get daily, weekly and monthly intelligence reports that highlight all fleet operations to help you see trends and anticipate any issues causing inefficiency, safety threats and more.

  • KPI Dashboards

    Explore dynamic, interactive dashboards that track the key performance indicators that match your needs most. Use the automated KPI data to set goals for your fleet and measure improvement.

  • Fuel And Utilization Cost Reduction

    Track which operators and activities are consuming too much fuel and which vehicles are being under- or over-utilized. Make decisions on how to redistribute resources properly to reduce costs and train operators on how to reduce fuel usage.

  • Preventative Maintenance

    Extend your vehicles’ lifespan, reduce costs and limit downtime with preventive maintenance. Schedule and track repairs and set service reminders to ensure your vehicles are always road-ready and safe to drive.

Vehicle Telematics

Vehicle Telematics

With either plug-and-play or self-install GPS tracking options, you get full visibility of both driver and vehicle location. These options monitor movements on a map in real-time while offering the opportunity to also look back at historical trips for analysis and decision-making. By simply logging in to a user-friendly, cloud-based platform, you gain access to advanced vehicle and driver data, tracking information and, fuel and energy usage.

MiX Fleet Manager

MiX Fleet Manager

Fleet management solutions that offer fleet operators unlimited access to information about their vehicles and operators, with a host of features, tools and reports to help maximize return on investment.

How You Benefit

  • Decarbonization


    Fleet management technology not only helps you easily meet environmental goals but also allows for improved vehicle utilization. Better vehicle utilization and allocation helps you make data-driven decisions towards a greener future, reducing your carbon emissions.
  • Protect Your Lone Workers

    Protect Your Lone Workers

    Do your employees work in remote locations and under potentially dangerous circumstances? With our comprehensive vehicle and driver tracking solutions, you can ensure their safety through real-time monitoring and instant response mechanisms, providing peace of mind for employees and employers.
  • Speed up accurate decision-making

    Speed up accurate decision-making

    Send real-time alerts and instructions to all relevant team members when unexpected events occur to spring into action at a moment’s notice, streamlining communication channels and fostering a culture of proactive decision-making to stay ahead in today’s dynamic business environment.
  • Meet customer expectations

    Meet Customer Expectations

    Keep a record of all trips - from start to finish. See exactly how much time your employees spend at each customer or site, enabling you to optimize schedules, improve efficiency, and exceed customer expectations with timely and personalized service.
  • Reduce vehicle wear & tear

    Reduce Vehicle Wear & Tear

    Driving behaviors, like speeding or harsh braking, directly contribute to increased vehicle wear-and-tear. By identifying and addressing these behaviors through advanced telematics solutions, you can extend the lifespan of your vehicles, minimize maintenance costs, and optimize performance.
  • Achieve objectives

    Achieve Objectives

    Using KPI-focused dashboard, you can set goals and objectives specific to your team. These dashboards utilize the data captured from your vehicles and operators on a daily basis to see how far you are progressing towards your goals and give you practical guidance on what you can do more efficiently to meet objectives.

Ultimate Fleet Sustainability Playbook

Discover the benefits of using telematics technology to meet your sustainability targets. This playbook takes an in-depth look at CO2 emissions, how telematics is supporting the transition to electric-fueled vehicles from alternative fuels and hybrids, and the future trends that will shape the fleet industry and its journey towards sustainability.

industry expert:

Gavin Lancaster
"MiX by Powerfleet provide Utilities with solutions that address their commitment to increasing driver safety and improving sustainability. Many utility companies operate internationally, and having the confidence that a telematics partner can provide a standardized solution to all their teams is often a key factor to help them meet their targets."
Gavin Lancaster, Gavin Lancaster is the operations director for MiX by Powerfleet in Europe and North Africa and a recognized expert in the Utilities sector.


  • Solution alt text

    GPS Tracking

    Simplify the fleet management and tracking process with a plug and play device delivered straight to you that doesn’t require a technician to install and can be activated using a QR code. Monitor and manage the behavior and performance of vehicles and operators. Receive instant mobile and web notifications about driving events and hours to improve fleet.
  • MyMiX Solution Switcher Item

    Vehicle Telematics

    MiX 4000
    AccRobust hardware that tracks the precise location of vehicles using GPS and GSM technology to reach even the most remote areas. Includes on-board accelerometer, geofencing capabilities, driving event notifications, long-life back-up batteries, driver ID and more.
  • MyMiX Tracking

    Driver Tracking

    MyMiX Tracking
    MyMiX Tracking is an app that utilizes cellphone technology to help you accurately track vehicles in real-time while also monitoring all driver behaviors that may be unsafe or inefficient. Send notifications to operators on important events. No hardware installation required and thus no vehicle downtime! Just download and go.
  • MiX Vision AI

    Video Telematics

    MiX Vision AI
    Turn on the power of AI- and
    ADAS-powered dash cams within your fleet. Get intelligent insight into risky driving behaviors, like fatigue, distraction, speeding, seatbelt usage and more, to prevent accidents and reduce fleet risk. This in-cab and road-facing camera solution also includes an in-cab driver coaching device wit which you can communicate with operators in real-time to help them improve their driving style.

Proven Results

MiX by Powerfleet has been in business for decades and in that time we have seen
consistent results across all types of industries with fleets of all sizes:
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Success Stories

How Gamification Can Help Improve Driving Behaviors

Gamification is a term that’s been doing the rounds for more than a decade. Put simply, it’s the application of game mechanics, such as point scoring and rules of play, to non-game contexts – like fleet management.

Why Choose MiX by Powerfleet

For your Utilities Fleet

  • Global Leaders

    Global leader in connected fleet telematics according to ABI Research

  • Unparalleled geographic coverage

    Unparalleled geographic coverage in more than 120 countries

  • Key Vertical Segments

    Specializing in key vertical segments

  • Award-winning SaaS platform

    Leading user experience and user interface via an award-winning SaaS platform

  • 98% customer retention rate

    98% customer retention rate

  • More than 30 years' industry experience

    More than 30 years' industry experience

  • 4000+ global fleet customers

    4000+ global fleet customers

  • 130+ channel partners

    130+ channel partners

  • Connect and Protect Fleet Operations

    We move the world forward by connecting and protecting customers' fleet operations

  • 540,000 tons of CO2 saved

    Technology that helps save 540,000 tons of CO2 annually

  • Cone Icon

    Helping to avert 23,500 Collisions per year

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    Solutions that ahciece safety, sustainability, compliance and efficiency targets

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