MiX IntegrateTM

All of your data in a single, unified form

MiX Integrate is universally compatible. It is suitable for companies of any size, in any industry and works with any software application. Where there’s a need for telematics data, MiX Integrate can be used.

This solution is an intuitive connector that serves as the perfect go-between your applications and MiX-generated data. MiX Integrate extracts vehicle and driver data directly from the source (no middle men) and delivers that data straight to the programs and systems you’re already familiar with, reducing the learning curve required.



This is an API that requires less bandwidth and resources than SOAP-based platforms. You get more bang for your buck and less effort is required to maintain it. It permits a wide variety of data formats and is scalable.

Swagger framework

Swagger uses a common language that is understandable to both developers and non-developers, making it very versatile. It allows for data to be shared internally and to automate processes.

OAuth 2.0 framework

This framework is an industry-standard protocol for authorisation, which helps to increase security. It serves as a way to authenticate and authorise the data that is made available via MiX Integrate before they are passed on to your applications.

Getting started documentation and sample code

The interface is modern and user-friendly. Clear, concise documentation on application set-up and how to get started is supplied along with sample code.


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