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Your assets need protection too

Vehicles often take center stage when it comes to fleet management but assets, like on-site equipment, are just as valuable and there are various telematics solutions available to keep these assets secure and protected.
Your assets need protection too

Assets shouldn't play second fiddle to your fleet as their management is equally important to your company remaining efficient and profitable.

If you're reading this, then the likelihood is high that you know all about the benefits of a professional, fully integrated fleet management solution. With it, drivers perform better, fuel savings abound, roads become safer, and everything simply runs more efficiently.

But what if you're in an industry where the assets you possess are just as valuable and important to you as your vehicles and drivers? If something had to disappear or be tampered with, what impact would that have on your business?

Keeping tabs

Telematics companies are perfectly positioned to help businesses manage their assets through the leveraging existing fleet management technology. Unlike manual systems, professional asset management solutions offer automatic, electronic registries of assets, their statuses and whereabouts so that they can be:

  • Located and tracked on a map Ð in real-time or historically;
  • Managed in terms of service intervals and odometer readings; and
  • Billed for accurately when rented out.

This improved control and visibility can dramatically reduce the costs of not knowing an asset's whereabouts. It also has the potential to optimize asset deployment and utilization, which is handy when assets are moved around regularly between depots and various worksites.

No more one-size-fits-all

The types of assets used by companies vary greatly from segment to segment. For that reason, it's important to choose a solution that caters for a wide variety of assets as well as the conditions in which they operate.

MiX's asset management solutions are designed to suit all kinds of assets in any segment, including:

  • Construction: Trailers, cranes, graders, pavers, rollers, mixers, power generators and compressors.
  • Mining: Dump trucks, excavators, loaders, portable site buildings, modular spare parts and portable pumps.
  • Oil & Gas: Frac tanks, portable silos, compressors, fuel bunkers, light plants and chemical dosing tanks.
  • Transport & Logistics: Trailers (flatbed, enclosed, refrigeration or intermodal), containers, cranes and loaders.
  • Utilities: Work trailers, cable stock, waste skips and bins.
  • Agriculture: Tractors, harvesters, planters, irrigation pumps and plows.
  • And many others including Equipment Rental and Food Services.

Even assets that are non-powered can benefit from MiX Asset Manager's wireless, battery-operated or solar-powered options. For assets that are deployed in areas with little-to-no connectivity, there's MiX Tabs, an innovative low-cost option that leverages off of connected vehicles as they pass by the asset to report its location.

MiX by Powerfleet is always striving to offer solutions to all of the challenges faced by our customers on a daily basis, not just those related to vehicles and drivers.

Your assets need protection too
A fully-implemented and supported MiX by Powerfleet solution is guaranteed to improve driver safety and reduce accident rates while also lowering risk, liability and cost.

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