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MyMiX Tracking

Ground-Breaking App-Based Fleet Management

Track & monitor driver safety behavior with no hardware

What is MyMiX Tracking?

MyMiX Tracking leverages cellphone technology to enable real-time tracking of drivers while recording, measuring, and enabling the immediate self-correction of risky driving behavior events including speeding, harsh braking, harsh acceleration, distraction, and mobile phone use while driving.

The app-based solution is an extension of MyMiX, a comprehensive driver engagement app that also equips drivers with valuable information and alerts to improve their driving style, including critical, in-cab audible feedback.

Our Winning Formula Allows You To Get Started With Minimal Effort, Tangible Roi And No Interruptions To Your Daily Operations.

How Does MyMiX Tracking Work?

While MiX by Powerfleet’ fixed-installation solutions will always provide the richest data sets, the MyMiX Tracking app provides a practical and cost-effective option to expand management coverage to short-term vehicles or those not owned by the company – without the need to install hardware.

Here's how straightforward it is for drivers to use the app:

  • Phone is mounted on the dashboard for optimal GPS accuracy

  • Driver logs into the app before starting a new trip

  • App runs in the background and monitors the trip

  • Data collected includes GPS positions, distance, duration, max speed and driver events

  • Real-time audible and visual alerts during the trip, e.g., over speeding, harsh braking, and harsh acceleration

  • End-of-trip driving events recorded and fed into driver scoring model

  • Driver scores displayed in MyMiX app to driver post-trip for ongoing targeted improvement, as well as being available to the fleet manager

MyMiX Driver App

The MyMiX Driver App is only available to existing Fleet Management customers & allows users to perform tasks like:

  • Performance Reporting & Task Management
  • Only available to existing Fleet Management customers

MyMiX Tracking

The MyMiX Tracking App is available to new & existing customers. All you need is a compatible smartphone and the app, no hardware installations needed. The MyMiX Tracking App offers features like:

  • Device Tracking
  • Driving event detection
  • Real-time driver feedback

Mobile App-based Fleet Management

By combining the MyMiX Driver and Tracking App, you will have the latest in Mobile App-based Fleet Management Technology. Monitor events like:

  • Harsh Braking
  • Harsh Acceleration
  • Mobile Phone Use

Does Your Company Already Use MiX Fleet Manager?

If you are currently a MiX Fleet Manager subscriber and would like to see how the MyMiX Tracking solution could further benefit your fleet management, contact MiX by Powerfleet for a quote.

How Can I Get The App?

The MyMiX Tracking is available for download. Be amongst the first to get a guided demo from one of our solutions experts by requesting a demo here.

Add Asset & connected mobile phone number on MiX Fleet Manager.
SMS sent to linked mobile phone number. Driver clicks on SMS link.
Driver accepts being tracked & logs into MyMiX app.
Supervisor is now able to track and monitor the driver.


MyMiX Tracking is an ideal fit for a fleet that needs a cost-effective and practical alternative to installing a hard-wired onboard computer or tracking device inside a vehicle, for example:


Get An Immediate Return On Your Investment

All you need is a compatible smartphone and the app to realize the benefits, enabling you to:

Expand management coverage to short-term vehicles or those not owned by the company – without the need to install hardware
Improve driver safety and performance for all drivers through in-cab alerts
Immediate insight into poor driver behavior
Reduce collisions by over 30%
Improve risky driving behavior scores by over 50%
Decrease harsh driving which leads to a reduction in fuel spend of over 10%
Improve driving styles, lowering annual maintenance costs by up to 20%
Lower insurance claim costs by over 15% due to collision reduction
Share aggregated data with insurance providers, which often reduces premiums
Join thousands of MiX customers who commonly see a 1:5 return of investment.

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