The world’s natural resources have never been under more pressure. Nor have Utilities companies, whose role is to deliver these to consumers in the safest, most efficient way possible.

Fleet Solutions for the Utilities Industry

Delivering water, electricity, gas and related services to the mass population is no small feat. Utility companies are acutely aware of the high-value of their loads and have a strong sense of responsibility in transporting and providing services for the delivery of these resources.

MiX Telematics partners with companies in the Service and Utilities industry to help them manage their businesses efficiently and safely. Electricity provider Eskom in South Africa, water authority PAEW in Oman, along with a number of Oil and Gas companies in North America, the Middle East and Australia, are examples of customers who partner with MiX Telematics to manage their safety, efficiency and compliance goals.

In a highly competitive marketplace, these companies face the constant challenges of rising fuel prices and high costs associated with government regulations and customer compliance.

Fleet Solutions for the Utilities Industry

Our solutions help these businesses to:

  • Track and protect their vehicles, drivers and high-value high risk loads.
  • Improve customer service through things like more on-time deliveries.
  • Reduce their fleet sizes.
  • Better plan routes and optimize fleet utilization.
  • Lower fuel and fleet operating costs.
  • Improve safety levels and lessen overall risk.
  • Alter driver behavior and implement training and incentive programs.
  • Adhere to strict and changing government and customer compliance demands.


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