Fleet Management for Field Service Businesses

Nothing is more crucial to your field service business than your reputation of on-time service. Keeping your mobile workforce on schedule—where it needs to be when it needs to be there—is the first step in customer satisfaction.

MiX Telematics field service fleet management solutions can help you keep your fleet on time and at the right place. First impressions are hard to change, so when you are a service company, you need to make sure your technicians and experts show up on time. Many service companies, such as plumbers, towing companies, and locksmiths are often called out to emergencies. You can't afford to be late.

Even if you're not sending someone out on an emergency call, chances are your customers have set aside time to be home when they expect you. Not showing up on time will negatively impact your reputation.

What Is Field Service Fleet Management Telematics?

With GPS fleet tracking from MiX Telematics, you can keep your fleet on time for every job.

Unexpected delays can be accounted for and, should there be a problem, you can send a different employee with minimal impact on your customers. You'll know where all your vehicles are and be able to reroute the closest one to respond to a call the quickest.

Fleet Solutions for Emergency Services

MiX Telematics field service fleet management solution helps you to:

  • Keep drivers on time to improve customer service.
  • Plan routes for better fleet utilization.
  • Improve fuel efficiency and reduce fuel costs.
  • Track and protect assets from theft or unauthorized use.
  • Lessen risk and improve fleet safety levels.
  • Improve driver behavior with in-cab coaching and alerts.
  • Reduce maintenance costs with improved driving habits.

Benefits of MiX Telematics Field Service Fleet Solutions

Your customers expect you to be on time, no matter what. They have schedules and expect you to respect that. Field service management solutions from MiX Telematics can help you keep everyone on schedule. You can quickly reroute when things go awry, or when someone finishes sooner than expected. This way, you'll avoid customer complaints about missed service calls, saving your reputation. Even more importantly, you'll sleep better at night without having to worry about potential lost revenue.

Types of Field Service Companies That Benefit from Fleet Management Software

If you have a fleet of at least five trucks or other vehicles, we have a field service management system for your business, including:

  • Pest Control
  • Landscaping
  • Plumbing companies
  • Electrical repair companies
  • Solar panel installers
  • AC & heating service and installation companies
  • Food delivery
  • Telecom repair

Why Is MiX Telematics Field Service Fleet Management Different?

If you've been in fleet management for any length of time, you know you've know you've always had the ability to collect data. The difference is that MiX Telematics technology lets you track your vehicles and monitor your drivers remotely.

This means no more log sheets, no more trying to decipher someone's handwriting (or your own). Rather than depending on paper recordkeeping, devices installed on your vehicles gather and send data to your dashboard where you can see what is happening throughout your fleet.

Top Five Reporting Features
for Field Service Fleet Managers

While each service industry fleet has its unique challenges, some seem to crop up more frequently. With the right telematics solution (and partner), these challenges can easily be overcome.
  1. Efficiently Manage and Utilize Assets
    Improving your asset utilization improves the efficiency of your fleet, cuts operating costs, and even increases customer satisfaction. A telematics solution can help you do all of this. You can track your vehicles and assets minute by minute, see which routes they are taking, record the time spent at each location, and accurately track vehicle usage.
  2. Train Drivers to Behave Safely on the Road
    Aggressive or dangerous driving behavior is not only unsafe, but it can cost you money in excess fuel and maintenance costs. With telematics, you can manage risky driving behaviors with in-cab technology that sends audio and visual alerts when drivers are speeding, idling too long, harsh braking, or driving distracted. This gives them the chance to correct their behavior in real-time. You can also score and rank your drivers, and use these scores to gamify their training.
  3. Accurately Manage Driver Hours
    Telematics lets you monitor driving logs and gives you real-time insights. You can reduce overtime and send the right driver to last-minute calls based on their hours and location. You can also more accurately keep track of hours for payroll. And lastly, you can run a utilization report to improve your fleet's efficiency.
  4. Proactive Vehicle Maintenance
    Proactive vehicle maintenance can save you money and reduce vehicle downtime due to unplanned service. You save on fuel when your well-maintained vehicles run more efficiently. And they are less likely to be in accidents caused by equipment failure. However, it can be challenging to keep track of the maintenance records on all your vehicles. That's where telematics for field service fleet management comes in. You can set up mileage or time-based alerts that let you schedule maintenance when it is convenient for you and doesn't negatively impact your day-to-day operations. In addition, because MiX Telematics devices hook up to your vehicles' engines, you'll be alerted when there is an emerging problem. This lets you take care of it before it a breakdown happens.
  5. Transparent Journey Management
    When you send your fleet out to service customers, you need to know what jobs they are on, who is doing them, and how much time they take to complete them. With GPS tracking, you'll know exactly where your vehicles are. By putting a task management system in place, you can monitor your fleet's journeys from start to finish. You can use two-way messaging to communicate with your drivers, letting them know about route changes, job changes, and more. And they can let you know about any delays they encounter while on the job. You can also use remote data capturing and paperless job dispatching to create a streamlined and transparent journey management system that increases productivity, saves time, and improves service levels.

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