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Know the KPIs to monitor when managing a global fleet
Know the KPIs to monitor when managing a global fleet
MiX Telematics provides fleet management solutions to customers in a wide variety of sectors, operating in virtually every part of the world.
The Evolution of Machine Vision in Event Detection
The Evolution of Machine Vision in Event Detection
Machine vision is a rapidly advancing technology, but how does it apply to fleet telematics?
Reducing Diesel Theft in Fleets
Reducing Diesel Theft in Fleets
Do you know how much fuel theft is costing your fleet?
The Importance of App-centric Telematics
App-centric telematics puts the power to track driver performance, boost driver engagement and optimize fleet productivity, in the palm of a hand.
Actionable Safety Intelligence - White Paper Download
Help your fleet drive safely in adverse weather conditions
When the weather unpredictably changes, it can easily turn a routine journey into an unsafe one, increasing the risk of your drivers crashing.
Actionable Safety Intelligence - White Paper Download
In-cab video monitoring for improving driver behavior and safety
Implementing in-cab video in your fleet is ideal for improving poor driver behavior and, in turn, doing so will decrease the risk of accidents and increase the overall safety of your fleet.
Full-featured ELD - White Paper Download
Why it makes financial sense to invest in a full-featured ELD
The ELD mandate necessitated the use of ELD solutions. With so many choices and the looming deadline, many companies ended up choosing the most basic solution for the sake of getting it done.
Telematics Policy - White Paper Download
The essential elements of a telematics policy
It should be the duty of employers within the transportation sector to take measures that ensure the safety of their drivers.
US Fleet Concerns - White Paper Download
US fleet concerns research study 2018
From March to April 2018, MiX Telematics tasked Bobit Research Services with surveying 145 fleet professionals across the United States.
Gamification - White Paper Download
How gamification can help improve driving behaviors
Gamification is a term that’s been doing the rounds for more than a decade. Put simply, it’s the application of game mechanics, such as point scoring and rules of play, to non-game contexts – like fleet management.
Top 8 KPI's - White Paper Download
Top 8 KPI's fleet managers should be tracking
Telematics produces large volumes of data. Having all of this data at one’s disposal is great, but it must be properly utilized.
Telematics Partner - White Paper Download
You and your telematics partner: why service for life matters
With 68.04 million vehicles worldwide using telematics and the number growing, there is no better time than right now to select a long-term telematics provider for your fleet. But what should you be looking for in a partner?
8 Lesser known benefits of asset management - White Paper Download
8 lesser-known benefits of asset management software
Asset management software improves fleet security by protecting against abuse and theft, but there’s also much more to it than meets the eye.
Machine Learning - White Paper Download
How machine learning is transforming the landscape of telematics reporting
This white paper examines the complex subject of machine learning and, how its application in the telematics industry is changing the landscape of reporting and data analytics. We also look at practical examples of how it is already improving fleet management’s ability to meet specific business needs.
Driver Hours - White Paper Download
4 ways to improve your fleet by managing driver hours
Because telematics is synonymous with location tracking, an often-overlooked feature is its ability to accurately track driving hours.
Actionable Safety Intelligence - White Paper Download
Turning big data into actionable safety intelligence
The term “big data” has been roaming the halls for a while now. It’s a phrase used to describe large volumes of data, both structured and unstructured, generated on a daily basis.



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