Leading Brazilian passenger transport group expands sustainable partnership with MiX Telematics

São Paulo, Brazil and Boca Raton, Florida – March 17, 2022 - MiX Telematics (JSE: MIX, NYSE: MIXT), a leading global SaaS provider of connected fleet management solutions, is pleased to announce the expansion of 2,000 new subscriptions to its integrated fleet management technology for an existing Brazilian-based Bus and Coach customer in the country's southeast region, taking their fleet coverage with MiX to 4,015 subscribers.

The company’s core focus and the reasons for expanding services with MiX Telematics are to improve its safety, sustainability, maintenance, and fuel-consumption targets across a wider fleet base.

The customer has already seen strong improvements in these metrics, including a 15% fuel reduction across the currently equipped fleet, and seeks to continue this successful trajectory. Covering more than 8 million driving miles per month, the considerable fuel reduction generated by the MiX solution on the currently equipped fleet has an estimated beneficial impact every month on carbon dioxide emission reduction equivalent to the ecological role performed by 9,435 trees.

“We are particularly proud to be associated with a national company of this stature and the trust that they have instilled in our fleet management technology bears testament to our commitment to consistently provide valuable insights and customer service to match. MiX is dedicated to helping this customer see even better results across their operations”, states Luiz Munhoz, Managing Director, MiX Telematics Brazil.

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