Continental’s ContiPressureCheck and MiX Telematics Provide Integrated Fleet Management Solution

PORT ELIZABETH, South Africa, 20 March 2019 – Continental has extended the capability of its innovative ContiPressureCheck (CPC) tyre management system with the integration of the MiX Telematics platform to provide fleet customers with optimised tyre monitoring and the transmission of real-time information to fleet managers.

ContiPressureCheck is a continuous tyre pressure monitoring system that uses sensors fitted inside each tyre to provide drivers with information on tyre status via an on-board display. CPC provides a seamless interface to the MiX Telematics on-board computer, which enables the recording and transmission of information received from the tyre sensors to the MiX Fleet Manager system.

“ContiPressureCheck is a leading technology for truck tyres that drives down overall operating costs by ensuring that all of the tyres are operating at their ideal pressures and temperatures,” says Darren Voges, Business Development Manager for the Truck Business Unit at Continental Tyre South Africa. “This helps lower fuel consumption, reduces the risk of tyre-related breakdowns or failures, extends tyre life and maintains the value of the casing for retreading.

“By integrating CPC with MiX Fleet Manager, fleet managers are able access real-time tyre pressure data, as well as critical system alerts relating to tyre pressure, temperature and detection of leaks. This is essential information to keep the truck fleet operating at optimal efficiency, reducing downtime and improving safety,” Voges adds.

The CPC system comprises individual sensors mounted inside each tyre, linked to an external antenna and a central control unit (CCU). Data gathered from the sensors is transmitted to the CCU, which evaluates the information and provides the status of all tyres on the display mounted in the truck cab. Tyre pressures as well as any crucial warnings, such as pressure loss or high temperatures, are thus instantly available to the driver.

CPC is suited to almost any combination including buses, coaches, single axle trailers or even six-axle tractor/trailers with a maximum of 24 tyres.

“MiX Fleet Manager provides fleet owners with vital vehicle and driver data to determine everything from fuel efficiency to driver behaviour and now, tyre pressure monitoring with the CPC integration. This data is an indispensable tool for any business, irrespective of size, industry, or geographic location to help reduce operating costs, improve efficiency and ultimately, enhance the safety of drivers and vehicles,” says Gert Pretorius, Managing Director, MiX Telematics Africa.

The MiX on-board computer is easily integrated into the CPC hardware for recording and transmitting essential vehicle data to the MiX Fleet Manager application. Through the MiX system, data and reports are available 24/7 from any internet-enabled computer or mobile device. 

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