MiX Fleet Manager EssentialTM

Simple, reliable and affordable fleet management solution for fleets of all sizes.
MiX Fleet Manager Essential is specifically designed for businesses wanting to boost efficiency. This solution boasts an indispensable set of features including tracking, vehicle management and driver behaviour monitoring.

Vehicles are fitted with an unobtrusive onboard computer that captures and transmits vehicle and driver data. Users can access this information via the MiX Fleet Manager online platform or using our mobile app (available for both Android and iOS).

MiX Fleet Manager Essential offers you peace of mind by knowing exactly where vehicles are and how they are being driven at any given time. By tracking mobile assets, in real-time and historically, fleet operators can better utilise their assets, manage driver behaviour and boost the overall performance of their fleet.


The building blocks of your fleet’s success

  • Intuitive software platform
  • Live and historical tracking
  • Location management (geofencing)
  • Event monitoring with real-time notifications
  • Driver and vehicle management
  • Immobiliser
  • Trip and position recording
  • Integrated reporting functionality
  • Service and licensing interval reminders


Better, safer and more efficient fleet operations which translate into increased profitability over time.

  • Reduced fuel and maintenance costs
  • Improved driver safety
  • Improved utilisation and efficiency
  • Improved customer service

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