The first step in delivering security as a service is to ensure your own operation is secure. And running your business efficiently is also no longer just a luxury.

Fleet Solutions for the Security Industry

Fleets operating in the Security industry rely heavily on vehicle telematics systems to streamline their operations, lower business risk and improve the service they offer to their customers.

G4S in South Africa, for example, were able to lower risk around the delivery of security codes for the vault and doors on their vehicles. The codes only become available to drivers upon arrival at a customer site – in real-time – meaning the window of opportunity in that part of their supply chain was vastly reduced.
Fleet Solutions for the Security Industry

A MiX Telematics solution provides fleet managers in the Security industry with a way to: 

  • Boost security measures.
  • Streamline communication.
  • Optimize routes.
  • Increase vehicle utilization.
  • Reduce fuel consumption.
  • Offer better protection to their drivers, customers and the wider public.

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