MiX VisionTM

Smart camera technology for an accurate inside view of fleet operations

According to the American Trucking Associations (ATA), more times than not, car drivers are at fault when cars and trucks collide. But without visual evidence, it’s difficult for fleets to prove it.

A solution like MiX Vision provides you with footage of what happened before, during and after a crash or other triggered event. In other words, it helps you establish if your driver’s behavior in any way contributed to a crash. If it did, you can implement relevant training to help lessen risky behaviors on the road and if it didn’t, provide evidence of a driver’s innocence when a claim is made.

The two optional, external cameras offered by the MiX Vision solution can be affixed in a variety of positions to monitor activity at the back or sides of a vehicle, around an attached trailer or a fuel tank. This helps prevent fuel theft or fuel wastage and, assists with monitoring distribution and unloading. With this type of footage on hand, fleet managers can improve how quickly and efficiently tasks are completed.

MiX Vision is ideal for companies who want to improve or monitor their crash risk, distribution patterns, health and safety, and driver training results. Eyes on the road help to positively modify driver behavior, encourage drivers to take responsibility for their actions and assist with accident reconstruction for analysis.


In-vehicle camera

The unit houses both a road-facing and infrared driver-facing camera. Simultaneously capture road- and driver-view video footage linked to an event, without risk of tampering.

Optional external cameras

An optional two cameras can be mounted to the outside of the vehicle – the position is up to you. These cameras are water-, dust- and tamper-proof. They can be placed up to 25 meters away.

Event-triggered video events

Choose from dozens of events to trigger recordings. When these events occur, a low-resolution video is uploaded with footage 8 seconds before and 7 seconds after the event occurred.

Audio and text overlay on videos

MiX Vision comes with an accompanying microphone, enabling sound capture on all videos. Furthermore, videos display the date, time, speed and RPM.

High-quality videos on demand

Initially only low-resolution videos are uploaded to save on download time and bandwidth costs. High-resolution video versions of every video is stored and easily available for download. Alternatively, you can choose the MiX Vision HD option. This option gets you two cameras (one road-facing and one driver-facing) that only captures high-definition video footage and supports LTE.

72 hours of video playback

Where supporting footage is needed, you can request high-resolution video slips from the previous 72-hour period of a vehicle being in-trip. These clips are 2:30 minutes in length.

Live streaming

For a play-by-play of driver and vehicle activity, you can live stream from 8 total cameras. You choose where the live footage comes from - whether it’s from 2 vehicles (4 cameras per vehicle) or 8 vehicles (1 camera per vehicle).

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